Galactus is dead... for now!

The Devourer


in Fantastic Four 2001 & Fantastic Four #46-49


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THIS JUST IN!  GALACTUS RETURNS, AS DOES... NOVA!  WELL, SORT OF... Galactus' head has landed on earth!  And so has Nova (Frankie Raye).  Has Galactus died again?!  Sort of!  Be sure to check out Fantastic Four 2001 and Fantastic Four #46-49... who knows?  This could solve a lot of questions surrounding Galactus' death and his role in the universe!  Stay tuned for further details...

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WOW! Despite its controversial ending, 55% of more than 200 respondants to our poll said Galactus: The Devourer was excellent.  19% said it was Above Average, 9% said it was Average, while only 3% said it was Below Average and only 13% said it was Poor.

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WARNING! All reviews and picture pages contain major spoilers!

Reviews, Previews & Interviews on Galactus: The Devourer

Resources and Pictures on Galactus and his heralds

Fan Fiction Starring Galactus: Devourer of Worlds

  • THE COSMIC UNION - by Silver Surfer Message Board.  Galactus is one of many characters in this dynamic saga starring all of your favorite cosmic characters of the Marvel Universe.  The adventures of Galactus and the heralds continue in POWERS COSMIC at the POTU Archive Page!

  • JLA/Galactus - by DJ Ferris.  Featured at the Marvel/DC Archive Page is JLA/Galactus: Worlds Collide, as DC's greatest heroes take on Galactus: The Devourer!

  • GALACTUS: STAR WARS - by Mike O'Brian.  What happens when the Devourer of Worlds makes Darth Vader his herald?   How can this new partnership lead to an even greater union?  Starring: All your favorite characters from Star Wars and Galactus himself.

  • Silver Surfer: Playing God - by Rick Lundeen.  A futuristic tale of the Silver Surfer's final encounter with Galactus and the fate of Silver Surfer's new home.  Starring Silver Surfer, Galactus, a new herald to Galactus, and many other new characters!

  • Silver Surfer: Encounters - by Renee Langan.  The Silver Surfer finds himself between two cosmic entities: Galactus and a being whose powers rival that of the Devourer of Worlds, in a battle which two universes lay in the balance of.  Starring Silver Surfer, Galactus, a new character who looks much like Nova, and a new character whose power rivals that of Galactus!

  • Silver Surfer: Volume 1 Issues #19-29 - by Matt Hamilton.  The Silver Surfer attempts to break away from the barriers Galactus has set upon him on earth.  But when he escapes, he puts Galactus and the whole universe in danger.  Starring: Silver Surfer, Galactus, Terminus, Magneto & The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, The X-Men, and a brand new herald of Galactus.

  • Firelord: Destinies Embrace - by Adam Funk.  The heralds of Galactus seek to find Galactus and return him to his proper place and rescue him from another dimension.  Starring Firelord, Silver Surfer, Terrax, Air Walker, Galactus and many other cosmic beings!

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