Below are my favorite scenes from Galactus: The Devourer Issue #2, on sale now!  Be warned, however, that images and text do contain spoilers.  Be sure to also check out my review and issue summary of Galactus: The Devourer #2.

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John Buscema does a good job of portraying the Silver Surfer with his friends, the Fantastic Four.

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Red Shift looks like a very promising new herald of Galactus.   And like most of the heralds before him, he has a weapon... actually two of them: swords which he uses to cut into space itself.

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Louise Simonson does something you don't always see in comics these days.  She writes characters that actually use their intelligence with their powers.  Here Red Shift takes a blast shot at him by the Silver Surfer and sends it away from him and to Alicia Masters instead.

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Here, Norrin Radd uses his brain.  He shoots a blast of energy above Red Shift.  While Red Shift thinks the Surfer has poor aim, the shot was really to send Red Shift toward the Silver Surfer and the both og them into a portal leading to a black hole, which was created by Red Shift.

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Here the Silver Surfer is trying to into a portal Red Shift creating, but the portal is quickly shrinking in size... so the Silver Surfer shrinks to the Microverse, where he is smaller than an atom and able to make it through the portal before it closes.

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It is easy to see once again that this comic was written for the Silver Surfer and not for Galactus, as Galactus does not see much time in this comic.   But he does appear at the very end, when he has arrived on earth... making issue #3 a very interesting one and making the wait even harder.

See you in thirty!


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