CoverGalactus: The Devourer #6
Published by Marvel Comics, Feb. 2000
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Writer: Louise Simonson
Penciler: John Buscema
Inker: Bill Sienkiewicz
Colorist: Christie Scheele
Letterer: RS & Comicraft
Assistant Editor: Brian Smith
Editor: Bobbie Chase
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $3.50

History Behind Issue: Continued from Galactus: The Devourer #5 of a 6-part mini-series, this marks the final issue.

Preview by AnotherUniverse.Com: Virtually every heavyweight hero stars in this planet-shattering conclusion! The Avengers, the Starjammers, the Imperial Guard, the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer make their last stand to save the Shi'ar homeworld! If they succeed in destroying Galactus, the universe will be saved... or will it?!

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Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

Issue #6 continues where #5 left off, with Galactus hungering once more and coming down to the Shi’ar’s Homeworld to devour it. Earth’s heroes have come to fight off Galactus, alongside the Shi’ar’s forces, the Starjammers, and the Silver Surfer. They’ve come to the conclusion that Galactus must be put to death, because he has become out of control, desiring only to consume life-forces.

As they ready, the Silver Surfer mentions to Alicia how he saw her appear in issue #4 and suddenly disappear. He thought she could not stand the sight of him any longer, perhaps at seeing him as Galactus’s herald or alongside Mantis. Alicia says it wasn’t that, but that she had to return to earth to seek help.

The Thing then comes into the conversation and apologizes for not being able to keep Alicia on earth. Alicia then claims she has the right and duty to use her new power and armor for good… and that she understands that they want to keep her safe…. But that she feels compelled to help.

At that, Mantis then shows up… revealing that she did not die in issue #4. She and Alicia then introduce themselves to each other. Alicia then thinks to herself that oddly she does like Mantis, despite seeing her in the Surfer’s arms in issue #4.

Liandra then explains that Mantis traveled to the Shi’ar homeworld to warn them of Galactus’s condition and that they were prepared because of her. Mantis then tells that she has also brought many reinforcements from other planets to help fight Galactus.

At that, Liandra hands over command to Reed Richards, even though Gladiator is clearly against it. Reed then talks to all the ships, which have come to fight on behalf of the universe. He explains that Galactus has gone mad and is now devouring only the life-forces of sentient beings, which does not calm his hunger. He goes on to explain that he has a plan to stop Galactus, the first part of which is to attack Galactus’s ship, which is pouring out destructive energies like acid.

In response to the ships’ attacks, Galactus puts up shields… which stopped Galactus from destroying the city with the energies pouring down. Captain America and Vision then enter a ship to disrupt the field. Reed then explains to the remaining heroes on earth, that he noticed Galactus’s ship was vulnerable to an overload of its own energies and that he created devices to clog the ship’s siphons, which they’ll deploy once the ship is down.

After preventing Human Torch from getting into the battle prematurely, Reed has the Scarlet Witch use her control of chaos energy to weaken the force field. Back in the ship, Cap and Vision spot a weakness in the field. When they find one, they send it to the other ships, which attack Galactus’s ship. They manage to destroy the field, but many ships and lives are destroyed. Back on the ground, Invisible Woman wraps a shield around the heroes to save them from the blast, as they fear Cap and Vision, as well as the Starjammers, may have been too close to the explosion.

Meanwhile, Silver Surfer travels to space with one of Reed’s weapons for his part of the battle, while Galactus sends more energies from his ship, consuming life-forces below him to feed his hunger. From space, the Kree watch the Silver Surfer leave the homeworld, and the captain of the ship gladly watches the Shi’ar crumble.

Back on the homeworld, Galactus remains focused on the ships, which he is consuming, while Reed sends five heroes (Alicia, Human Torch, Thor, Gladiator, and Iron Man) with his devices to attack Galactus’s ship simultaneously. The devices are deployed and explode, tearing the ship apart. The ship crashes, tearing up the city, with the heroes barely escaping.

But Galactus was not in the ship. He exited it, absorbing all of its energies first. Galactus then lowers himself into the densest part of the city, where he is attacked again. Earth’s heroes and Liandra’s forces then attack. Invisible Woman tries to disrupt Galactus’s personal field, but fails. Scarlet Witch then creates a zone of vulnerability using her chaos powers.

They continue their attack, as Silver Surfer arrives to Galactus’s Worldship. He finds he is locked from entering it and then attacked by several Robot Defenders, which Galactus has made immune to the Surfer’s power blasts. The Silver Surfer struggles in pain, as he throws the device on the ship, which grows into a large virus, taking over the Worldship’s programs.

Meanwhile, earth’s heroes continue their fight. During the course of the battle, Galactus’s devouring energies eats Alicia’s armor. She is unconscience and caught by the Thing. Up in space, the Kree ship’s captain watches the Shi’ar forces continue to fail, when the other Kree aboard knock him out and take over the ship. Despite their hatred of the Shi’ar, they feel they must help attack Galactus… but their ship is quickly destroyed in battle by Galactus.

Back in space, the robots are no longer immune to the Surfer’s powers, as Galactus’s programs are overridden by the virus. The Silver Surfer destroys them and enters the Worldship. There he questions what to do next. He knows that Galactus is necessary to the continuation of the universe, but that he must be stopped. Silver Surfer then speeds around in circles, warping space. Galactus notices the new rip in the fabric of space at his Worldship. The Silver Surfer then appears to Galactus, telling him he has lost control of his ship. Galactus attempts to hit the Surfer, but instead he only goes through the Surfer, since it was an illusion. The Surfer says he would have noticed if he was in his right mind. Galactus responds by blasting at the city.

The Surfer then knows what must happen. Energies come down from the Worldship and take Galactus, transmuting his molecules into energies and bringing him into the warp, which closes behind him. The Silver Surfer then comes to Galactus’s dying side. He apologizes for what he had to do… but Galactus explains that he saw this moment coming for eons, and that he chose Norrin Radd to be his herald for this reason. He allowed everything to take place so that he would have the means to do what must be done. He then warns that this is just the beginning… that a greater horror and purpose have yet to come.

Galactus then dies, but his energies remain and looks like a star, the "true form of Galactus."

The Surfer leaves, saddened, but the heroes on homeworld rejoice… including Captain America, Vision, and Starjammers, who all made it safely. In the aftermath, the Shi’ar rejoice and hold a celebration for earth’s heroes… but the Surfer and Reed are absent. The Surfer tells Reed of Galactus’s warning.

As the heroes leave for Earth, the Silver Surfer stays behind, saying goodbye to Alicia, telling her he must mourn his former master’s death alone, when he truly plans to investigate the evil behind Galactus’s madness.

The mini-series closes with the Watcher’s final notes… that the ending was inevitable, but that we will be very, very sorry of a universe without Galactus!


Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This was a great ending to a great mini-series, and a great beginning to a much bigger story. Louise Simonson did a great job with writing, and was able to give each character a major role in defeating the World Devourer. It also left some very interesting openings. Will the Silver Surfer return to Alicia’s side… or maybe Mantis’s? Will the universe cease to exist without Galactus? And what evil is behind Galactus’s madness and ultimate destruction? This issue also saw a strong improvement in art. John Buscema has continued to improve with each issue, though #4 seemed a bit stronger on the art side than #5. This issue proved to be the best drawn of the series. Buscema does an awesome job drawing all of our favorite characters, including an incredible Mantis and a very nice Galactus.

Can’t wait to see the next mini-series. Look for it around Summer or Fall of 2000 and updates at the Silver Surfer Website and Galactus Web Page!

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