The Ultimate NullifierProfile of the Ultimate Nullifier


First Appearance: Fantastic Four, Vol. 1 #50

The Ultimate Nullifier is an artifact of unknown and unimaginable power that is kept aboard Galactus's starbase, Taa II. Its existence came to light when The Watcher dispatched the Human Torch to Taa II to commandeer the device when Galactus Threatened Earth for the first time. To regain the deadly device, Galactus agreed to leave Earth.

In an alternate reality once described by the Watcher, The Ultimate Nullifier was shown to be capable to nullify or obliterate the existence of any thing the wielder of the device could fully conceive of. The Nullifier could be used by a single entity only once, however, since the act of nullification destroyed the wielder as well as the target.

The Ultimate Nullifier clearly possesses sufficient power to invoke fear and awe in even the mighty Galactus! It has only been used twice in this reality. Once by Quasar against The Magus in The Infinity War, issue #5 and most recently by the psychopathic herald of Galactus, Morg, The Executioner, in Silver Surfer #109 vol.3. The Silver Surfer and Morg escaped but Tyrant and Galactus were caught in the blast! The results of the explosion upon either of the near omnipotent beings or the rest of the universe is still unknown!

Written by Lord Thanos
Image created by Lord Thanos



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