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First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #48
Origin Issue: Origin Issue: Super Villain Classics #1


Real Name: Galactus (the being he once was, known as Galan)
Other current aliases: None known
Former aliases: None
Dual Identity: None
Current occupation: Devourer of Worlds, Third Force of the Universe
Former Occupation: None, though Galan was a space explorer
Citizenship: None, Galan was a citizen of Taa however
Place of Birth: The known universe
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives: Eternity (father/brother/son), Death (mother/sister/daughter/wife)
Known Confidants: Eternity, Death
Known Allies: Nova, Firelord, Terrax, Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four, other cosmic beings such as Eternity
Major Enemies: Rom, (the Space-Knight once tricked The Devourer of Worlds into trying to consume a planet that didn't have the appropriate life energies to sustain Galactus, but "repulsed" and "tricked" are two different things!), the Fantastic Four, Thanos (with Infinity Gauntlet), Tyrant
Usual Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe, The Worldship: Taa 2
Former Base of Operations: None
Membership: None
Extent of Education: Unrevealed


Height: 28’9” (variable)
Weight: 18.2 tons (variable)
Eyes: Variable
Hair: Variable
Other Distinguishing Features: Galactus’ appearance is different and unique to every species


Intelligence: Immeasurable
Strength: Immeasurable (variable)
Flight speed: Warp Speed
Endurance: Godlike (variable)
Durability: Totally Indestructible (variable)
Agility: Metahuman
Reflexes: Metahuman
Fighting skills: Galactus is not known to have ever participated in purely physical combat.
Special Skills and Abilities: Omniscient and all powerful world devourer.
Superhuman Physical Powers: Besides the above listed attributes, Galactus can tap, transform, and direct vast quantities of cosmic energy for whatever purpose he desires. Galactus can teleport within and between dimensions under personal power. Galactus has shown he can allow his “Hunger” to consume entire mutliverses, plus he has all the abilities of his heralds, to a greater degree, and then some.
Superhuman Mental Powers: Galactus has demonstrated psionic abilities, the limits of which are unknown.
Special Limitations: He must devour entire worlds to survive.
Source of Superhuman Powers: Galactus simply is, his nature is beyond the comprehension of mortal ken.


Costume Specs: Alien materials which contain and control his Power Cosmic and Hunger
Transportation: Teleportation, telepathic, the Star Spanning Sphere, and sometimes Taa 2 itself.
Personal Weaponry: Ultimate, Unlimited Cosmic Power.
Special Weaponry: Worldship can destroy and siphon planetary energies, within it is the Ultimate Nullifier, a device capable of destroying the universe entire, which Galactus safeguards.
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Built by Galactus himself, also see History for more information.
Favorite Quote: "No matter how many worlds I devour... how many civilizations I destroy ... it is my destiny to one day give back to the universe -- infinitely more than I have ever taken from it. So speaks Galactus!"
Died In: Galactus was presumed dead in Silver Surfer vol. 3 #109, which, as the Marvel Universe itself continued to exist, was utterly impossible. Fantastic Four vol. 1 #414 showed that Galactus is in an other-dimensional flux, and has found an endless supply of cosmic energy in Hyperstorm, the grandson of Sue and Reed Richards. In What If? 81, Galactus was killed by Age of Apocalypse X-Men survivors. This utterly ridiculous issue also had Wolverine slashing open the Silver Surfer, which has got to be the single most inane thing I've ever seen in comics (and I've seen plenty of inane things in comics, believe you me). It has been well established that Galactus is a fundamental component of the Marvel Universe, and that the Marvel Universe ceases when Galactus ceases, so one assumes that the AOA Universe simply stopped one panel after the end of that forgettable story.


Galan was born on the planet of Taa, the most advanced planet in the history of its Universe. Galan matured into one of that planet’s foremost explorers and greatest minds. His civilizations main goal to search out new knowledge. On one of his many journeys he was witness to a “creeping plague” that was apparently killing all multi-cellular organisms of that universe, Galan desired to warn his planet of the coming plague. When he returned, it was too late, the plague was already nearing Taa. Once on Taa, and with all of that planet’s resources at his disposal, he realized that the “creeping plague” was a form of radiation, now engulfing the entire universe, resulting from the universe’s nearing end and entropy.

He realized that there was no hope for survival, so he gathered his faithful crew, boarded a mighty starship, and raced for the Cosmic Egg of the universe, the source of the radiation. They wished to die in a blaze of glory, a death befitting the last sons of Taa. As they rocketed into the heart of the universe, his ship was immediately engulfed. All of his crew fell instantly, but Galan remained, feeling a new life, an infinite presence, bursting from within the center of his being. In what seemed like days the sentience of that previous universe spoke to Galan, it said “Hear me last son of Taa! I am the sentience of the universe. As I mark time, I shall draw all the matter in the cosmos into my bosom and collapse beneath my own abysmal weight. Though we both must die, we need not die without an heir. Come, surrender yourself to my fiery embrace, let us become as one, let our death throes serve as the birth pangs for a new form of life!”

And so the embodiment of the previous universe became one with Galan, and formed the all-powerful World Devourer, Galactus! As the old universe died, collapsing upon itself, the Big Bang formed and erupted, creating the current Marvel universe, and sending the metamorphic Galactus and his ship hurtling, uncontrollably, through space for an untold of number of eons.

One day, however, the ship carrying Galactus came to orbit a planet, and this planet was the outpost of one of the star-flung race of beings known as Watchers. The Watcher caught sight of the ship who had taken orbit around his planet, and with his own prodigious telekinetic powers forced the ship to crash on the planet’s surface. The Watcher immediately investigated the wreckage and as he happened upon Galactus, he claimed, “That hand! [Galactus’ hand] Energies beyond comprehension course through it! What in all the cosmos could have birthed such a being?!” So, the Watcher decided to study the rapidly changing being who possessed energies beyond even the Watcher’s ability to understand. However, Galactus awoke before the Watcher could do much, restored his ship, and left the Watcher’s outpost.

The ship roamed universe for centuries until it finally came into orbit around a planet called Archeopia. Within the ship, Galactus labored, creating his armor and transforming the ship itself into an incubator, which would allow him to attain mature and attain mastery over his awesome power. The inhabitants of Archeopia were curious as to the incubators contents, but dared not disturb it, for fear of releasing the “unknown”. There it remained in orbit for centuries until an intergalactic war brought an enemy armada to Archeopia. The fleet, seeing Galactus' incubator, believed it to be a massive weapon of Arheopian origin, so they shot at it, awaking Galactus. Galactus quickly emerged from his slumber and destroyed the fleet with a gesture. He then realized he now had an uncontrollable Hunger, and instinctively engulfed Archeopia with that Hunger.

Galactus saw the carnage he caused, and it moved him to despair. He began to ask philosophical questions about his very nature, which would one day be answered, as we all know. So, with his incomprehensible power, he sought to surpass the glory of Taa from the ashes of his first act of destruction. And so, Worldship was born, the construction of which took a millennia. Worldship, also known as Taa 2, was so large that entire planet’s orbited it! Galactus still must roam the universe seeking out new planets to satiate his Hunger however, for it is his cosmic duty and ultimate tragedy that is Galactus. And this is how Galactus, all-powerful devourer of worlds, came to be. Woe to all the worlds he shall encounter!

Now, however, we must address Galactus' history “in” the Marvel Universe. His history is long, and spans the Marvel Universe from it's very beginnings. Before Galactus came to Earth, he tried to feed on the planet Zenn-La, wherein a brave and noble soul, known as Norrin Radd, gave himself to Galactus and served as his herald, so long as he would spare his home world of Zenn-La. Galactus accepted the offer, and has kept his word. Recently, it was revealed that Zenn-La was destroyed and drained of it's life energies by the alien race known as the Other, and Galactus returns to rejuvenate the husk that was once the Surfer's world. The Surfer then led Galactus to Earth, where he almost had a hearty feast, if not for the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer (who had learned the error of his ways), and Uatu the Watcher. Reed Richards (who saved the devourer's life one time), leader of the Fantastic Four threatened Galactus with the Ultimate Nullifier, which in turn forced Galactus to retreat. Galactus' anger over the Surfer's treachery forced him to erect a barrier where in the Silver Surfer, who possessed the Power Cosmic, would remain trapped on Earth, unless he chose to remove it.

Galactus had many heralds after the Surfer. Airwalker, Firelord, Terrax, Nova, and most recently, Morg. All these heralds have turned on him at one time or another ("E'en a mighty devourer of worlds cannot get good help these days!"). But Galactus is no common villain. He has been known to help the champions of the universe at times, such as in the Infinity Gauntlet ordeal, and the Infinity War. There is no good or evil for Galactus. Galactus lives on logic, and balance. He stands between Death and Eternity, and is necessary for their continued existence. Galactus is currently roaming the universe, feeding on worlds to satiate his hunger, and preparing to fulfill his promise one day. What promise is that? The promise that he will give back what he has taken...and exactly how he does it remains to be seen!

The new mini-series, Galactus: The Devourer, will answer the questions of how Galactus can remain so important to the existence of the universe, why Galactus created the Silver Surfer, and what his need for a herald is?  It will also bring along a new member to the number of heralds Galactus has had, named Red Shift.

Written by Thanos, Kyle503, Red Norvell, Galactus3, and Marvelite
Image created by Lord Thanos


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