Below are my favorite scenes from Galactus: The Devourer Issue #1, on sale now!  Be warned, however, that images and text do contain spoilers.  Be sure to also check out my review and issue summary of Galactus: The Devourer #1.

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I love the way Louise Simonson describes the "myth of Galactus" at the beginning and the images by Jon J. Muth aren't bad either.  I just wish we got to see a little more of the "Cosmic Farmer, Wrath of God, Cosmic Tinkerer, Random Hand of Fate, Uninvited Dinner Guest," as Louise Simonson describes her.  But the lack of appearances only makes the anticipation for next issue that much more.

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One of my favorite scenes is when the boy, who the Silver Surfer saved from a falling crate, asks the Surfer for an autograph and the Surfer responds by signing his skate board with the Power Cosmic.

Click here for larger version.Another favorite of mine occurs at Alicia's Heroes for the Millenium where an art critic is looking at the Silver Surfer and mistakes him for one of Alicia's sculptures. He comments, "...Not as lifelike as Masters' other studies.  Here on the Surfer piece she's missed the jawline completely."  The Silver Surfer then turns around and says, "I"Ll be sure to inform her of her error."

Reed and Sue Richards watch and comment that the Surfer must be getting a sense of humor now that he's happy.  Meanwhile, Thing and Surfer share words.   For those of you not familiar, Thing used to be the Alicia's boyfriend.  Thing says, "So... how come she didn't make you wear a monkey suit?"  And the Surfer replies, Because I'm not a monkey...?"

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I'm not the biggest fan of the relationship between Surfer and Alicia, but I liked their relationship in this issue.  Here, Norrin offers to transform himself into a more human look, but Alicia says she is proud of him just the way he is.  Although she may be blind, she can see people for a lot more than most, which is why the Surfer fell in love with her way back in his first appearance to earth.

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I don't like Alicia Masters when she's in her new armor from the Macroverse.  With it, she can see, she can fly, and she can shoot blasts... but not every Marvel character needs to be a super hero or heroine.

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The Silver Surfer phases through walls and sees through buildings here...

Click here for larger version.But the Silver Surfer can not withstand impact with a falling spacecraft.  Somehow I doubt this impact would knock out the Sentinel of Spaceways.
Click here for larger version.Inside that spacecraft was an alien being, who was trying to warn earth's heroes of an incoming threat, but he was attacked before being able to do so by some mysterious being and could only say, "he's coming..." before dying.

Who's coming?

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It may be Galactus that is coming and his new herald, Red Shift.  But it looks like we'll have to wait until next issue to learn more about where Galactus has been, who his new herald is, and why Galactus has such a large cosmic appetite that he would still be hungry after devouring a whole planet.


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