Bobbie Chase is the editor of the new mini-series, Galactus: The Devourer.  I have asked her a few questions about this new mini-series.  Be sure to also check out my interview with writer Louise Simonson, where she reveals how the mini-series got started and all the set backs it went through before being known as Galactus: The Devourer.

First, how did the Galactus: The Devourer mini-series get started and how did you become the editor of it?

It came out of the Surfer title. GTD was supposed to be a series within the regular series -- a big special event. But the sales for Surfer were dwindling, and our Sales Department thought it would be stronger on its own -- as its own book. Jaye Gardner was the original Editor of the Surfer and GTD, but he left the company last fall, and so when I came back from Maternity leave last February I got the title.

What is your favorite thing about Galactus: The Devourer?

One favorite? Don't do that to me! 1) Working with Weezie. 2) Working with the team supreme of Big John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz. 3) Editing the Surfer again, and 4) Playing with the rest of the characters in the Marvel Universe all at once. This is a huge event!

What is the editor's role in the production of a comic book?

That question is an interview in itself. The Editor is in part the Hollywood equivalent of a show runner -- keeping all the plot lines running smoothly through all different writers and offices. We hire the art teams on each book (Marvel Editors do about 5-6 books a month). We deal with the schedules, and coordinating deadlines. We deal with the long timelines of each book, work with the comics code, deal with the color separators, act as proofreaders, talent scouts, book promoters, etc, etc, etc,...

After looking at early sales figures, what are the chances of seeing the sequel to it or even a Silver Surfer regular series down the road?

Pretty good, actually, even though the sales were low. Weezie and I have
been discussing an event for next year.

Are there any other Silver Surfer or Galactus projects in the works you can  talk about?

See above! More on that in a few months, I hope.

As you may have seen, we have several fan fiction writers of various ages with various styles... what advice do you have for a writer who wants to get  into the industry?

Go to the Marvel Website and get a copy of the Submissions Guidelines.  It's full of practical info, like: Dont come in as a new writer pitching a new character or book. We don't employ untried writers with new books. Try to fill a niche (for example, when I edited the Hulk, I used to get a ton of submissions for a Hulk fill-in. I worked with Peter David, who had one fill-in in 12 years! Consider your odds!) Don't change continuity that will impact on what a writer is currently doing. Submit fill-in ideas to the Editor who handles the book you are writing about. And so on!

More Questions & Answers Coming Soon!


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