Galactus is becoming just as popular as Star Wars in the Marvel (and DC) Universes.  He's popping up all over the place with appearances against the Fantastic Four and Superman, Wolverine, and the X-Men!  Don't worry, there is no spoiler information below.

Superman/Fantastic Four Cover
Superman/Fantastic Four

Story: Dan Jurgens
Art: Jurgens & Art Thibert
Color: Greg Wright
Cover: Jurgens & Alex Ross

Plot: What if Galactus, the World-Eater, made a snack of Krypton? What if Superman found this out, just as the Devourer was making his way to Earth? What if Kal-El were made his newest herald? What if the FF chose as their ally—the Cyborg Superman? Why, heck then we’d have one whopper of a slug-fest filled, oversized comic then, wouldn’t we?

Comments: The story and art in this book is awesome!  Jurgens and Thibert do a good job with the pencils and inks, and the color is fantastic!  The book is also in a larger format with high quality pages, worthy of Galactus.  Though the bigger book brings larger pictures, it also makes it difficult to keep with your comic collection.  Also with the larger format comes a higher price of $9.95, for a comic book!

Wolverine #138 Cover
Wolverine #138

Story: Erik Larsen
Pencils: Jeff Matsuda, Steve Scott, & Yancy Labet

Plot: Galactus has come for the Collector's prison planet, and boy is he hungry! Can one mutant named Wolverine stand up to the power cosmic? He can't and that's the simple truth.

Comments: Don't worry, fellow Galactus fans, this book actually does good toward Galactus.  You don't see Wolverine beatin' up the Big G! (Thank God!)  Instead, they do a good job at portraying his power, making a good read.   You may also want to check out issues #132-137 leading up to this issue which guest-star Collector and carries a very cosmic theme.

X-Men #90 Cover
X-Men #90 and
Uncanny X-Men #370

Story & Art: Alan Davis
Script: Terry Kavanagh

Plot: The X-Men find themselves caught in the past on a different world.  Even worse, they find themselves on the Skrull homeworld, just before Galactus's dinner.  Can Professor X ward off the cosmic power that is Galactus?

Comments: Marvel continues to pay homage to Galactus... and they're doing a good job paying respect to the mighty power of Galactus.

The above items are all on sale now, so go to your local comic shop and pick up a copy today... or go to AnotherUniverse.Com and do a search for Galactus to find these great items, as well as older appearances.


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