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Surfer's Main Title Appearance List

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Greetings!.. I am the Silver Surfer ... Sentinel of the Spaceways and former Herald of Galactus.  The story of my origin is complex and sad.  I was once a man by the name of Norrin Radd who lived on a distant planet called Zenn-La.  One day a great threat entered our solar system,  Galactus -- the Devourer of Worlds.   I offered to become Galactus' herald, in return for the promise from Galactus to spare my home world, Zenn-La,  from his destuction.  Galactus agreed and transformed me into the Silver Surfer!  I was forced to leave my one true love, Shalla-Bal,  on Zenn-La and search the spaceways for planets that Galactus could feed on.

Now, who knows how many years, decades, or centuries later, I am free from his servitude.  Zenn-La has been destroyed, and I now call the planet Earth my home.  But how can any planet be called home to a being such as me.  I am the Silver Surfer ... created to be a Skyrider within the vast Spaceways of the universe.  It is my destiny to soar and search the expanse of space ... alone.

This site is dedicated to the hobby of collecting Silver Surfer related comic books. This includes all appearances or cross-overs into other comic book titles.  If you are in searching for information and appearances of Silver Surfer, look no further for you have found the most complete listing available anywhere in the world.  Features on this site change periodically; however, this site will always be dedicated to providing  a complete listing of all of the Silver Surfers' appearances with brief descriptions, price values, and info on who made each issue. Of course, with something like this there are bound to be errors, so e-mail with any updates or feedback you may have concerning this site.


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