Welcome to the Silver Surfer Website, the largest Silver Surfer website on the Internet. This is a great place to find information, images, and interactive talk on the Silver Surfer and other cosmic characters through out the Marvel Universe for both hardcore fans and newcomers to the Silver Surfer. This website was founded in February of 1996 and has quickly multiplied into a larger collection of resources ever since.  It is produced by James Pedrick, Mark Byrn, and J.S. Johnston, with contributions by dozens of others.  If you are interested in contributing to this site, e-mail marvelite@aol.com  If you’re new to this site, you may be wondering where to start. Below is a list of the different components that make up this site:

News/Articles - The latest news and information concerning the Silver Surfer and other cosmic characters from the Marvel Universe, also includes editorial articles on characters, creators, and comics and interviews with many creators. Updated weekly.

Surf Watch - A preview of the latest Silver Surfer products and comics for sale or coming to a store near you. Updated weekly.

History of the Silver Surfer - If you know nothing about the Silver Surfer, but would like to learn more, read this brief description of the Silver Surfer’s thirty years of history.

The Origin of the Silver Surfer - Also good for newcomers to the Silver Surfer, a 14 panel comic written by Ron Marz, pencilled by Ron Lim, and originally published in a Marvel Comic, which explains the origin of the Silver Surfer as told by his creator, Galactus.

Profiles - Profiles on the Silver Surfer, his foes, and allies with great images of each character as well. Future profiles being added each month.

Galactus The Web Page - A section dedicated completely to Galactus, with profiles and pictures of him and his heralds, reviews and interviews about his new mini-series, and fan fiction.

List of Appearances - A detailed list of every Silver Surfer appearance ever published, along with a description of the book, its writers, pencillers, and value.

Reviews - A growing list of over 50 reviews of Silver Surfer comics with a complete description of the story, credits, and opinions of each issue reviewed.

Picture Galleries - Several picture galleries from Lord Thanos’s Picture Galleries of his favorite drawings created into new eye candies for your computer to the favorite covers and favorite pinups of others.

Fan Fiction - Silver Surfer fan fiction, featuring not only the Silver Surfer but many of his greatest foes and allies, including weekly Silver Surfer sagas.

Cartoon Central - The place for information, reviews, interviews, and pictures of the past Silver Surfer cartoon.

Message Board - Talk to other Silver Surfer fans and readers, including some of the most knowledgeable Silver Surfer fans around at the Silver Surfer Message Board. A few comic professionals have even stopped by!

Book Store - Links and descriptions to different Silver Surfer related products available at Amazon.Com


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