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We are always looking for fan fiction writers interested in having their stories published at Cosmic Powers.  The only guidelines we have is that your stories feature Marvel characters (though crossovers are accepted).   We have no limit on how many times a character can be featured in a story, since there is no continuity through out all of our stories.  We also have no limit on how small or big a story is and on what happens in an event. 

We have four forms of publishing your fan fiction.   Average fan fiction receives 50-250 visits the first week of its publication and 10-80 visits each following week, so your fan fiction will be seen.

  1. Publishing it in our upcoming Cosmic Powers Unlimited fan fiction fanzine, which will feature three to four stories per biweekly issue

  2. Publishing a series of story arcs on an ongoing basis (like Silver Surfer Volume 1)

  3. Publishing your story in a saga form, with chapters being published on a regular basis until the saga is complete (like the acclaimed Twilight War)

  4. Or publishing it as one story by itself (like The Largess of Memory)

Please tell us about your project idea, how you feel it should be published, and any other important information below.


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