For many fans the first volume of 18 issues of the Silver Surfer are the best comics the character has ever starred in. Created by the fabulous team of writer Stan Lee and artist John Buscema, the 1968 series featured a Silver Surfer trapped on earth with a humanity that feared and hated him, even though he had given up his entire freedom to save it. Though the series is now considered a comic book classic, higher prices (though for more pages of cosmic fun) and more intellectual topics than what most readers were used to, caused the series to be canceled, after a series of failed guest appearances by "popular" characters. The series ended with a Silver Surfer angry at the world and wanting to seek revenge, but nothing ever came of it. Now, Matt Hamilton, writer of the fan fiction stories Lost Knights and Straight Lines brings you Silver Surfer: Volume 1!  A new fan fiction series continuing the tales of the Silver Age's Silver Surfer and disregarding all continuity there after.   Now, check out the new continued adventures of the Silver Surfer.


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