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A Cosmic Treasure Hunt - by Alex Soto and Mark Rosendorf.  A cosmic version of Marvel vs. DC, starring the more powerful characters of both universes.

The Cosmic Union - a story by various authors that helped launch our new webzine Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  This story features a large collection of cosmic characters as they must pick sides in the wake of a new Cosmic Union.  Perhaps one of our greatest cosmic sagas yet.  It also leads into the Protectors of the Universe series of stories.

Cry of a Goddess - by Alex Soto.  Silver Surfer, Thor, Adam Warlock, Quasar, Thor, and many cosmic beings, both new and old, star in this cosmic mystery by Alex "Mystic" Soto.

Destinies Embrace - by Adam Funk.  This story stars Firelord, with the rest of the former heralds of Galactus, and features the origin of the character in the most cosmic adventure Firelord ever experiences.  Features an illustration by J.S. Johnston.

Elders Quest - by Mystic.  This story is a sequel to the classis Thanos Quest by Jim Starlin, except this time the Elders are out for revenge against Thanos.  Now the Mad Titan must use the help of others to defeat the Elders in the game which follows.

Encounters - by Renee Langan.  This story takes place in a whole universe new to the Silver Surfer, featuring the return of Nova and a battle between Galactus and his opposite from another universe.  Features illustrations by Renee Langan.

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - by Warren "Azmodi" Entros.  The first sequel to the very successful Twilight War and leads into the much bigger War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight.

Galactus: Star Wars - by Mike O'Brian.  What if the Devourer of Worlds crossed over into the Star Wars universe?  What if he took Darth Vader as his herald?  And what even greater union would form as a result?  Find out in the mind-blowing adventure!

Hlorridi's Gamble - by E. A. Morrissey.   This is a sequel to E.A. Morrissey's mythology fan fiction, The Law Givers "Witch Wife."

Largess of Memory - by Ben Miller.  The Silver Surfer learns an important lesson when a mysterious new being gives him a tour of a place so strange, yet so familiar.

The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - by E. A. Morrissey.   A mythological tale taking place in 948AD, which depicts the conflicts between Christian missionaries and "heathens" of Iceland, who worship the God of Thunder.

Lost Knights - by Matt Hamilton.  Drawn into a trap by an old adversary, the Surfer encounters a lost member of a long-forgotten group of heroes. The only problem: This one believes that Norrin is his enemy!  Features an illustration by Matt Hamilton.

Playing God - by Rick Lundeen.  Story takes place in the future, and shows the final confrontation between the Silver Surfer and Galactus.  Features many new characters created by Rick Lundeen.  Features illustrations by Rick Lundeen.

Protectors of the Universe - Many titles by different authors in one continuity that branched off of the Cosmic Union Saga, these titles include the Powers Cosmic starring the former heralds of Galactus, the Star Masters featuring many of Marvel's other cosmic characters, the Spinsterhood a group of Marvel's finest cosmic women, Tales of the Timeless about a group of individuals thrown into time, and the Defenders about Marvel's most popular characters who are set in an alternate future to defeat alternate versions of themselves.

Silver Surfer/Sailor Moon: Scrier's Disciples - by Joshua Jones.  Through Scrier, Silver Surfer comes into contact with the Sailor Scouts and must help them defeat Jadeite in an unprecedented crossover which features artwork with each chapter by Joshua Jones and various other artists.

Silver Surfer Volume 1 - by Matt Hamilton.  A new fan fiction series which takes place directly after the first 18 issues of the Silver Surfer's first volume, as the Silver Surfer tries once more to escape his imprisonment on earth and the fear humanity has against him.  Features illustrations by Matt Hamilton.

Straight Lines - by Matt Hamilton.  The Elders of the Universe return in a saga in which the entire universe lays in the balance.  Also starring many cosmic beings of the Marvel Universe.  Features an illustration by Matt Hamilton.

Twilight War - by Warren Entros.  Thanos once again tries to gain omnipotence, and gets farther than he ever imagines, in a fan fiction saga which stars the entire Marvel Universe.  Featuring images by J.S. Johnston and Pat Loika.

Recent stories added through our new Cosmic Powers Unlimited Fanzine can be found at the Cosmic Powers Unlimited Archives Page.


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