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Silver Surfer/Sailor Moon: "Scrier's Disciples"

fan fiction series by Joshua Jones.

Editor’s note:

This story takes place shortly after the Sailor Scouts defeat the Wise Man, and return Reenie to her own time. This is before they have the meeting discussing leadership, and the inner senshi. This story also takes place according to the Sailor Moon animated series, in which Jadeite was not destroyed, rather entrapped by Queen Beryl.

This story also takes place immediately following the events in Silver Surfer #146, which has the Surfer romantically involved with Alicia Masters.

Sailor Moon created by Takeuchi Naoko in 1992.

Silver Surfer created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966.

Joshua Jones, author/illustrator

Current Chapters

Chapter 1: The Resurrection of Jadeite
The mysterious Scrier crosses dimensions to revive the defeated Jadeite, but to what end?   It looks like Jadeite has some catching up to do, especially with augmented powers!

Chapter 2: The Test of Silver
The Silver Surfer is approached by Scrier and sent into the Sailor Moon Universe!  But what are Morg, Terrax, and Super Skrull doing there?

Chapter 3: Cherry Hill Trouble
The Sailor Scouts are confronted by their long since defeated nemesis Jadeite!  Let's hope the Surfer can arrive in time to help out!

Chapter 4: The Silver Imperial Surfer?
Jadeite plots a new strategy in space while the Silver Surfer and the Sailor Scouts get to know each other.  But why can't the Surfer and Tuxedo Mask get along?

Chapter 5: Ami's Cosmic Adventure
The Silver Surfer takes Sailor Mercury out for a cosmic joyride!   Too bad they're about to miss Jadeite's ultimatum!

Chapter 6: Divide and Conquer
It's all or nothing as the Silver Surfer and the Sailor Scouts walk into Jadeite's domain!   The hunt is on, but who's hunting who?

Chapter 7: One Shot
With the Silver Surfer down and out, can the Sailor Scouts prevail?  Don't get your hopes up!

Chapter 8: Denouement
The Silver Surfer vs. Jadeite!  'Nuff said!

With Jadeite defeated, can Scrier shed some light on the Surfer's dilemma?  it doesn't look too good!

Be sure to also check out the Scrier's Disciple Picture Gallery!


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