Silver Surfer: ENCOUNTERS starring the Silver Surfer

Welcome to the Silver Surfer Website's new WEEKLY fan fiction series, Silver Surfer: Encounters, written by Renee Langan.  This new series will introduce new characters (even a new universe!) as well as bring back some old faces!  Below are our current issues available:

Issue #1 - "The Coming"
Our first 7-part saga begins, as Renee Langan introduces a new character that looks oddly familiar to the Silver Surfer, and the introduction of a new being, with power capable of matching that of Galactus.

Issue #2 - "Confrontations"
The saga continues, as more is revealed about Galaxy and her mistress, Mystery and what universe they came from.  And the beginning of a confrontation which could cost the entire existence of a universe!

Issue #3 - "Mystery"
Silver Surfer learns more about Galaxy and who she really is and how she became the herald of Mystery.  Plus, Silver Surfer strikes a deal with Mystery in return for his service for her.

Issue #4 - "The Birth of Galaxy"
At last, the origin of Galaxy revealed.  Answers to how Nova returned from the dead, lost all her memories, and became herald to Galactus.  Note: this issue is smaller than our past issues, but hey, they come out weekly so you don't have a lot of big reading at a time!

Issue #5 - "Differences"
It's all come down to this.  The Silver Surfer must convince Galactus to leave Mystery's universe or the end of both universes could soon be near.  Don't miss this climactic turning point in this seven part storyline!

Issue #6 - "In Steps Lady Fate"
The conclusion to this dynamic saga.  How will it all end between Galactus and Mystery?  And what will be of both universe by the time it's all over?  This edition opens a new chapter in the Silver Surfer's life.

Issue #7 - "A New Beginning"
The final issue of the first saga, as the Silver Surfer begins a new beginning.  But what will this new beginning be?  Will we see the return of Zenn-La?

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