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Chapter One, The Coming.

Rough Sketch of MysteryA lone figure of a woman soars freely through the space ways in search of a planet in need of her mistress' healing. Her golden body shimmers like a newborn star and her hair, made of the hottest flame, shines as a beacon of hope to those stranded upon dying or dead planets. Her name is Galaxy, gentle herald of the powerful being known as Mystery. This star flies happily for her mistress, anxious to lead Mystery to planets in need of another chance at life. After all, is that not why she agreed to serve Mystery?

It does not take long for Galaxy to spot a planet that no longer has a life force inside of it but it also has a large population of intelligent life trapped on its dead body. She uses her keen

eyesight to look deeper into the planet and it's inhabitants. The creatures on this dead world must be deserving of Mystery's gift for to give renewed life to a planet whose own inhabitants are responsible for its death is unheard of in the eyes of her mistress.

With a close inspection, Galaxy determines that the death of this planet is not the fault of its creatures but of another, more powerful being. Through the inhabitant's eyes, Galaxy sees a large ship of the same incredible size as Mystery's, attacking, absorbing all of the planet’s life energy. Galaxy is stunned. Never has she even heard of such a being that would kill an entire planet and leave its inhabitants to suffer a slow death. It is a good thing that the inhabitants of this world need no air to breathe or they would all have perished at the same time the planet did. She must bring her mistress here. Mystery is a creature of unmeasured age and should be able to tell her what did this unthinkable thing.

Galaxy stretches her arms above her body and summons all of her power. She then fires a beam of energy so massive, the inhabitants of the dead planet claim it to be a lost star, skimming across the sky. In mere seconds, her mistress' large craft, the Orion, arrives in the planet's orbit and Mystery emerges.

Mystery chooses the appearance of that of a woman standing about four stories in height. Galaxy knows that this is not her mistress' true form. Mystery's actual appearance is that of a living bundle of raw energy. A sight that Galaxy has only seen once in all her centuries of service to the powerful woman. Galaxy now watches as her mistress inspects the planet with a more critical eye than that of her herald's.

"Galaxy, sorrow has indeed struck this world. I have only once ever encountered in another universe a being that would do this to a flourishing world," says the great woman with dread, "If this creature is here, then this will not be the last world you shall find in such a state."

"Mistress, can you save this planet?" asks Galaxy.

"Sadly, I cannot. With other planets there is at least the smallest spark of life within the core to sustain the energy I give it but with this world there is nothing. It is empty. Incapable of ever

living again." Mystery looks down upon the planet, thinking. "These creatures must be moved to another planet if they are to survive. I will do this myself. There is another task I wish for you to perform."

"Yes. Anything, my mistress," replies Galaxy, bowing to the powerful woman. Mystery begins to gather energy within her hand.

"Galaxy, you must go into the universe where this being once lived and find his former herald, the Silver Surfer. I believe that he might hold the answers to how and why this creature came to be here," Mystery continues, "Bring him to me. If he fails to come, I will have no choice but to destroy this invader."

"Mistress, you say that as if destroying this creature was a bad thing. I fail to understand why you would wish for such a creature to live. It is obviously unworthy of living if it causes senseless

destruction of innocent living things."

"Perhaps, but to kill this intruder would mean the death of an entire universe and I have no wish to be responsible for the death of an unmeasurable amount of lives." Mystery looks scornfully in the direction that the creature must have went. "Make no mistake, though, I WILL NOT HAVE MY UNIVERSE THREATENED!!!!"

Mystery throws the ball of energy in her hand at an unseen target in space and a doorway to another universe opens. "Go, my herald. Find the Silver Surfer. Whoever it is that brought this danger to my universe must take it back where it belongs, and the Silver Surfer will know who that creature is."

Galaxy takes one last uncertain look at her mistress, then flies through the doorway into an unknown universe. She looks about her confused. Galaxy knows nothing of this universe. How can she hope to find a stranger in a strange place? She is hoping that maybe the disruption the doorway caused will bring this Silver Surfer to her. Galaxy will wait her for a short time and see.


Far across the endless space, the Silver Surfer does notice. His cosmic senses picked up the doorway as soon as it opened. Knowing not what this strange disturbance was, the Surfer immediately changes his direction and heads toward the odd energy signature. He continues toward the signature even after if disappeared. The Silver Surfer knows from experience that though the disturbance may be gone, the thing that created it may still be in nearby space.

The Surfer is expecting Mephisto or another one of his cosmic enemies but finds something he could have never prepared himself for. Next to where he detected the strange energy signature is a woman. A woman whom he thought he would never set eyes upon again. Every fiber of the Surfer's body tells him that it could be another trap but in his heart he knows that she is the real thing. SHE IS REAL.

"Nova," he whispers.

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