The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter I - A renown woman, a leader's wife, did foresee the conflict that would happen between her Heathen Brethren and the Christian Missionaries.  The missionaries are coming to Iceland in the year 948AD.  'Twas foretold by her master and God, Thor (Hlorridi) the Lord of Lightning! The Foretelling told of a battle that will ensue between the God of Thunder and the Christian God the "Son of the Three!"  Below check out this new story starring the mythical legend of Thor!

Chapter II - Bartholomb is an Abbott, a religious Zealot who is on his way to convert the Heathens! He's a man of purpose, a man who, as a child saw his father Murdered by the Vikings! All of them (the Icelanders) will pay for the Murder of his father but on the way to Iceland he and his conclave run into weather troubles.

Chapter III - The Thunder God has tasked the Young man who is a "Sender" to return to the "Grove".  As of the Morrow will he have a new beginning or an ending? Those are his thoughts because only one who's pure of heart can gain entrance to the "Grove," all others are struck by the Thunderers Wrath!

Chapter IV - Thor is told of the Future by the fates! The Sender is reanimated for Thor's purpose; to help the young man on his journey, he is taught the words of Thor's father.

Chapter V - The Heathens and Christians finally meet! The abbot saw at first hand the powers of the Witch Wife, for she was insulted by a "Brother" who knew not of what he said!

Chapter VI - T'orston the "Sender" starts his journey, and a select few witness the Confrontation between the Last God of the Heathens and the God of the Christians!

Epilogue - The finale to The Law Givers "Witch Wife"

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Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group
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