The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter VI

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick


"This is all for naught, we could argue all night, AS you suggest, I will take heed, Let us settle our difference tomorrow.

'Twas a sleepless night for all, though It passed quickly. Red Beard and the son of the three visited there peoples, giving assurances, indecision's were cast aside, 'Twas a time to remember.

In the Morn before the cock crowed the peoples of the god assembled and made there way to the grove. There was three to bear witness for the peoples of Thor and five for the "Son of the three."

At the forty-ninth pace did they stop? The Three looked with genuine concern for the "Five." Roksva said' "Abbot turn thy minions' aside, you must BE present 'Twould BE a waste of life to lose your four.

"Fear not Witch-Wife, my men ARE pure of heart, conviction do they have and I thank-you for your concern, one and all.

At the Twenty-ninth, the first of five was struck down; little did he know for that we could BE merciful for. At the thirteenth did the second of the five perish? Now there was Six in all, three of each to bear witness for what is yet to come.

At the "first" they stopped, Thorolf, Roksva, T'orston, Bartholomb and the two minions, they looked at each other. Pensive were they, one more step and henceforth the future would not BE known. They didn't take that step willingly; a gust of wind pushed them forward to their destiny. The spores came along and engulfed them all except T'orston, this was surprise to Roksva and himself.

They walked like zombies guided by T'orston, for he knew the way. In the center of the grove did the "Son of the three" and Thor stand together, both smiled when the six made their entrance.

Thor talked they all listened. "Eons, time lone gone was this fated to BE. On this day do I pass the Mantle on to Thee "Jesus" the son of the Three."

The shock to the system brought Roksva out of her trance, "But."

"Hold thy tongue daughter of mine." Looking at Jesus again Thor spoke, "Thou camest into this world AS the 'Lamb of God who took away the sins of this world.' Whence thou returns shalt thou BE the Lion, whence this happen shalt thou have a Avenger at thy side." 'Twas at the end shalt thou BE tested for this shalt I return."

Thor stretched out Mjolnir he didn't let go and so did Jesus take hold of the stake AS well, Thus the Hammer and the "Cross" became one and the same. Jesus let go of the Sacred Hammer, with that Thor and Mjolnir disappeared.

The reaction of the six was different, T'orston knew better, the husband and wife were in disbelief and the "Three" were like roosting Cocks ruffling their feathers. Jesus turned to the Three. "Penance shall you make for this was no victory, the Mantle was passed, it's happened before and It may happen again. This is the way of things, begone and think on my words."

Jesus turned his attention to T'orston. "T'orston, you know what is to BE done, continue to do your Master's bidding." After he said his good byes he turned and left but within his mind's eye he continued to see what happens.

The remaining two, the husband and wife were crying, "what Am I to do, all that I Am is gone, there is nothing for us to do but Die." Roksva said.

"Before he left, Thor had a task for you. He wishes that you partake in the transition, to make it smooth, guide your peoples and have that purpose, thou shalt not die until then." On that did their resolve come strengthen did it.

Continued in Epilogue

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