The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey


Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

That was the second to last time that I saw them, I became a wanderer. Many times did I consult Thor for guidance? On the end did they vote for acceptance to Christianity? Old very Old did they become, Roksva and Thorolf. It had been a long time since Thorolf give up his Mantle AS a Lawgiver but to that day did the Lawgivers come for guidance. Roksva stopped being a Witch-Wife to become a teacher and tender the Grove since Thorolf never returned.

For Fifty years did I search for Erik's' Son and did I find HIM at the All-thing the last of this millennia, his name day was Leaf and friends did we become. We voyaged to "Green Land" and the land of plenty but I run to fast.

The All-thing ended and Thorolf and Roksva had done their task, all the strength had left them, it was a time to lay down and die. Quietly did they walk away to their home but I noticed them and followed. I was present and so was Thor when thy laid down to reset, holding hands did thy smile. Thor put his hands on their foreheads and took them away to that shining place he knew so well. Before Thor left he turned and looked satisfied. All he said was to make the journey for now is thine own time?

So did I journey to the land of green, to the land now called the Americas? That story will not BE told by me, some other I know not? Many sons did I have and roam the continent I did, to rest in southern California.

It is now the year of 1962. Old, old Am I. MY final resting place with the Cahuilla tribe, this day did I teach the words of the Skald to my last son and much did he learn. It is his place to see the world now for this is my last breath, my story told and I lay my head to sleep.

AS his father took his last breath, his son held his hand. Thor Appeared and said "Well satisfied am I, come with me my stone, for a better land awaits you. He died with a smile on his face.

Thor turned to the boy. "Make a journey to my Grove at the last All-thing, for I have a task for you." But that is another story.



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