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Welcome to the new homepage for The Twilight War Saga.  The Twilight War was a fan fiction written by Warren Entros, the famous Azmodi, and published jointly by the Silver Surfer Website and Thanos: Mad Titan Website.   Each chapter came out weekly weekly, accompanied by images taken from your favorite comics and then redesigned by J.S. Johnston a.k.a. Lord Thanos and Randall Lilly a.k.a. Corvus.  And now for the chapters which make up The Twilight War... enjoy!

Introduction - Before reading, check out this introduction to the series by writer Warren Entros, and see what you can expect to find in this fan fiction saga and why it was developed.

Twilight War: The Prelude - (added August 15th, 1998) Thanos sets out to test his new abilities before beginning his quest in earnest. But, even with his experimental powers, how will the Titan fare against the All-Father, Odin, who is more than willing to send him straight to Hel?

Twilight War - Chapter 1 - (added August 21st, 1998) "In this short installment, Thanos' scheme begins in earnest. But what intentions does he have towards Tyrant's derelict space fortress?"

Twilight War - Chapter 2 - (added August 30th, 1998) "Thanos' scheme kicks into high-gear as he comes to earth looking for a clandestine ally. But will he be able to get by the enraged former Herald of Galactus in his way?"

Twilight War - Chapter 3 - (added September 6th, 1998) "Thanos sends his new ally on a mission to both Four Freedoms Plaza and the Avengers mansion. But what, or who, is he looking for?"

Twilight War - Chapter 4 - (added September 14th, 1998) "Off in space, Thanos investigates the ruins of the world once called Paradise Omega. But what does he hope to find there...and why?"

Twilight War - Chapter 5 - (added Septermber 20th, 1998) "The Titan barters for a very familiar object. But once this task is done, who awaits Thanos on the planet below?"

Twilight War - Chapter 6 - (added September 27th, 1998) "Mordrin travels to Helheim in search of the Destroyer, but will Hela let him leave as easily as he arrived? And, what is Thanos doing at the Nexus of Realities?"

Twilight War - Interlude - (added October 6th, 1998) "In this break in the action, we see the reaction of the Marvel Universe's cosmology to the events that occurred in Chapter Six."

Twilight War - Chapter 7 - (added October 11th, 1998) "Mordrin takes control of Thanos' spacefleet, but what is the Titan doing with a fledgling Black Galaxy, and how is it related to the Destroyer?"

Twilight War - Chapter 8 - (added October 18th, 1998) "The Destroyer appears on earth, but can even the combined might of the Avengers and Spider-Man stop it?"

Twilight War - Chapter 9 - (added October 25th, 1998) "Mister Fantastic does his best to examine the Destroyer, but is interrupted by an unexpected guest. And, can earth withstand a full-scale invasion from the stars?"

Twilight War - Chapter 10 - (added November 2nd, 1998) "The tense confrontation with Eson continues as Mordrin's fleet begins its attack. But can even thousands of starships hope to match the power of the Celestials?"

Twilight War - Chapter 11 - (added November 8th, 1998) "In orbit, the pitched battle between Thanos' fleet and the Celestials continues. But back on earth, how can the heroes hope to stop Dyriad now that Johnny has incinerated them?"

Twilight War - Chapter 12 - (added November 15th, 1998) "In the midst of earth's chaos, Thanos' true scheme nears completion. But for exactly what gain has all his planning and manipulation been undertaken?"

Twilight War - Interlude - (added November 22nd, 1998) "Away from the action, several cabals of villains plot to steal the power of the Infinity Equation from its new owner, Thanos. Eternity too is concerned, but who can aid him in unravelling the Titan's plans?"

Twilight War - Chapter 13 - (added November 30th, 1998) "The effects of Thanos' ascension to godhood are felt by the heroes on earth, and Warlock is forced into uneasy alliance with them. Meanwhile, Kang and his allies launch their attack on the Titan and his Infinity Equation."

Twilight War - Chapter 14 - (added December 6th, 1998) "In Asgard, Odin seeks the help of two of his greatest enemies. But how does his adopted son, Loki, fare in his efforts to relieve Thanos of his divinity?"

Twilight War - Chapter 15 - (added December 13th, 1998) "The heroes gather at Avengers Headquarters to discuss Thanos' threat, and how to neutralize it. But how do the Shi'ar fit into those plans? Plus: the origin of the Infinity Equation."

Twilight War - Chapter 16 - (added December 20th, 1998) "The heroes begin to gather their forces for the desperate assault upon the approaching Thanos. But what does Gaea, Mother-Earth herself, seek from Doctor Strange?"

Twilight War - Chapter 17 - (added December 27th, 1998) "The Mad Titan engages the multa-planetary spacefleet, as the heroes look on with concern. But why does Deathurge lurk nearby?"

Twilight War - Chapter 18 - (added December 31st, 1998) "Warlock learns of Eternity's plans while the heroes jet towards their confrontation with Thanos. But what small figure has already beaten them to their foe?"

Twilight War - Chapter 19 - (added January 4th, 1999) "The heroes fight desperately to save their planet from destruction. But will they all survive the confrontation?"

Twilight War - Chapter 20 - (added January 10th, 1999) "In orbit around earth, the cosmic beings launch their final assault on the Mad Titan. Can even omnipotence stand against the collective might of the entire cosmic pantheon?"

Twilight War - Epilogue - (added January 17th, 1999) The final conclusion to the one of the greatest fan fiction sagas ever to hit the World Wide Web... or is this just the beginning...

Check out the new Twilight War Picture Gallery with art created by Lord Thanos and pictures drawn by Pat Loika

The Twilight War continues in Azmodi's Foundations Forged Before Nightfall and then War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight!

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