The Twilight War

The Twilight War is a continuation of the mythos Jim Starlin began so long ago, when he created one of the greatest villains of our time: Thanos of Titan. As the story opens, we find Thanos preparing to embark upon his final quest for power undreamt of before in the annals of history. His myriad voyages and byzantine plotting will bring him into conflict with beings of immeasurable power as he seeks his goals.

The Twilight War features a large supporting cast of characters, including the Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four. The storyline is also "continuity exempt," meaning it takes place during no specific time period, making it accessible to everyone. The most obvious events that "have not happened yet" or "will ever happen" in the Twilight War universe include: the destruction of Asgard, Heroes Reborn and Heroes Return, the Ultraverse Affair and all related storylines, along with Thanos' recent appearances in Ka-Zar and the Hulk/X-Man Annual.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy this tale of the Titan scheming at his very best.

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