In August of 1998, Warren Entros, nicknamed Azmodi, introduced us to a fan fiction saga called the Twilight War, a massive cosmic event starring most of the known Marvel Universe. Readers loved it! Each week they came back for another installment, until all 24 chapters were up. We received scores of feedback and, to this day, still get the occasional praise, as anything we ever publish on this site is compared to it. When the saga was complete, they were promised a sequel… and now it has arrived.

The Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group proudly presents Foundations Forged Before Nightfall, written by Warren "Azmodi" Entros and edited by E.A. Morrissey, with the logo created by Lord Thanos and web design by James Pedrick.

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - Prelude

"Raging flames danced to a demented tune, the mind of their master, who sat upon his wicked throne and was pleased. The reek of brimstone was a familiar scent to the Lord of Lies Mephisto, and the comfort of his abode well worn. He smiled with pleasure as he took up a silver goblet from a mutilated servant and gulped its bloody contents down his throat in a single sweeping gesture..." Click here for the rest of the Prelude

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - Chapter 1

"Booted feet clamped 'cross the shining metal floor, glinting silver as if a speck of dirt had never fallen upon the panes of steel in all the centuries since they had been laid. Light streaked across the expansive observatory, gleaming out from the mottled blue and white globe, which hung half-revealed in the curving window that dominated the chamber. The ceiling, that too silver, arced high above the head of the armored scientist..." Click here for the rest of Chapter 1

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - Chapter 2

"'Ikaris strode into the throneroom of Olympia, and has he had for the past two days past beheld the awesome sight of the assembled Fifth Host holding court in the Alaskan mountains. The positions of the towering Space Gods had shifted not a hint to his keen eyes; they remained as stoic and unchanging as ever before, as implacable as the Fourth Host had been during its visit.
The Eternal strode quickly across the great chamber, one of the largest in a city formed of impressive halls and homes, and soon stood beside the throne of Thena, current unopposed ruler of the golden city. She favored him with a slight smile, the best she could manage under the circumstances, and then turned back to pondering the image of the Celestials.
Click here for the rest of Chapter 2

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - Chapter 3

"'They are surprised, fellow Avengers!' the Thunderer shouted, barely heard above the winds now roaring, 'Mjolnir shielded us from their sights! Strike!'
Coming over a slight rise, the answer came not in words but a blitzkrieg of force. Repulsor bolts shot across the sky from armored palms, a thin beam of searing might flew from a forehead-mounted gem, and a cobalt blast of might was launched from another hammer forged of Uru steel..."
Click here for the rest of Chapter 3

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall - Chapter 4

"Well struck, Atum." Wylig said, watching as the Approver's hand crumbled to shards.
The child of the Demiurge nodded, though his features betrayed surprise that the target had been felled so easily, "What you said is true. The Celestials are far weaker than any of us had thought."
"A fact I plan to use to our distinct advantage, Hawk God." the Dark Watcher replied, studying the Celestials' reaction to the attack. So far it seemed non-existent. His gaze turned to the Uni-Mind, and a small smile touched his infantile features, "The Eternals move to aid us. Excellent."
Click here for the rest of Chapter 4

The story continues in the Twilight War trilogy, War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight, available now!

Foundations Forged Before Nightfall is a continuation of The Twilight War and a prelude to War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight.

Be sure to also check out Azmodi's Tales of the Timeless in the pages of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, a weekly fan fiction fanzine by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group.


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