Cosmic Powers Unlimited is a weekly/biweekly fan fiction fanzine, which publishes five to six new stories, featuring comic characters in cosmic adventures every week. These stories usually continue from one week to another for a limited or ongoing period of time. Currently, most of our stories star Marvel characters, however, we are also expanding to the DC and Malibu comic characters. Many of our stories do not take place in one unified continuity, meaning the events in one story are not limited and do not effect the events in another. We do this so that anything can happen in our stories, with events as large or as small as the writer wants.

We also, however, have a series of stories that take place in a continuity, which we have dubbed the Cosmic Unionverse. This continuity was formed from our still ongoing saga, The Cosmic Union, and features much of the Marvel Universe. Even though that storyline is still being told, we have already begun publishing titles featuring teams, which were formed in the aftermath of the event (though we are careful not to reveal any of the Cosmic Union’s secrets). These new teams, together called the Protectors of the Universe, include the Powers Cosmic, Spinsterhood, Star Masters, and the Timeless (as well as some other whose stories are not yet being told).

We feel both our stories taking place in and out of this Cosmic Unionverse continuity are very exciting, and we would appreciate it if you’d give us a shot by reading some of our stories. Hopefully, you’ll agree and come back for more each week to come.

And, if you are a writer or an artist, we’d be interested in having you on our staff. There are no limits to the characters and size of events that can happen a writer can use in their stories, since there isn’t an ongoing continuity through out our stories. They can create large epics or small one-shots or ongoing series. So, if you are interested in joining our staff, see our Submissions Page. We are also looking for artists to design covers. So, if you feel you have something to contribute and would like to be a part of an amazing experience with other cosmic fans, let us know!

Welcome to Cosmic Powers Unlimited, I hope you enjoy your stay.  You can start by accessing any of our past stories at the Archive Page.   And be sure to leave us comments of what you think below or at the bottom of each story!

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I would like to join the CPU staff and help write or edit stories and/or create covers!

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