The Twilight War

Twilight War -
Chapter 1

Written by Warren Entros, edited by James Pedrick
and above logo created
by J.S. Johnston
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Click here for larger version!The craggy spires of Tyrant's abandoned ship dominated Thanos' view port. The size of a small planetoid, it truly was a sight to inspire awe, and terror. It effected the Titan not in the least. An opportunity, and a tool. That is what it was.

Thanos touched a glowing panel on his armrest. His body shimmered, and was gone.

He reappeared in a blackened chamber, air stagnant and a sticky fluid coating the floor. The Titan's suspicions had been correct; the fortress could not function without Tyrant's presence for a long period of time. Thanos formed an energy bubble, surrounding it with a thin shielding. Floating, it illuminated a good part of the room.

Walls made of a mix of mechanical and biological technology and with a ceiling that went up and up until lost in darkness as it grew narrower, and darkened monitors arranged throughout, this was obviously the nerve center of Tyrant's former home.

Taking a small metallic card from his belt buckle, Thanos inserted it into a nearby slot, its function of no import. Silence reigned. Thanos watched silently, arms folded.

After a seemingly endless wait, monitors flickered on, and bright lights bathed the chamber in a harsh, sterile glow. In the distance there was a rumbling, dormant systems powering up. The Titan smiled.

"Please specify commands." a cold, dead voice announced.

Thanos responded, "Set engines for maximum burn. Destination: star system Coriolis 2. Engage on my command."


Tyrant hadn't even bothered with security codes. He truly had been an overconfident fool, thinking that no one could have penetrated this far into his floating palace. This was turning out to be far easier than the Titan had dared anticipate.

"In addition, all commands will only be taken from a being exactly matching my voice and appearance. Security code 'Lagoon' must be included with all major commands in addition to my voice identification."


"All inhabitants of this vessel will attack any intruders not matching my appearance and voice patterns."


Walking to the center of the chamber, "Upload contents of all data banks to orbiting vessel Demeter."

"Working...Data transfer complete."

"Engage engines as soon as my bio-readings are not onboard. Security code: Lagoon."


"Demeter, teleport to bridge."

Thanos' large form disappeared from the control center in a shimmer of light, and immediately the distant rumble became a deafening howl, engines long dormant now screeching to life.


The Titan watched impassively as the gigantic fortress of a ship shuddered, then took off. A horrible design for space travel...

"I should curse myself for planning things so tightly." Thanos said to himself, sitting in a command chair dominating the bridge. Various sleek droids went about their business, tending ship functions. He continued, "But, then again, a challenge makes victory all the sweeter."

He looked to a nearby by droid, "Set course for Earth, maximum speed."

"Yes, master." the construct replied, its voice tin.

So many things to do, so little time. He smiled.


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