Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Hlorridi's Gamble is a mythology-based fan fiction written by E.A. Morrissey.  It is a sequel to E.A. Morrissey's The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle.

Dedication: This Short Story is dedicated to my Father who, at nighttime read Greek Mythology. One day, as a small boy I asked if there were Gods and Heroes from our Ancestry? That was how I got involved and became to love Thor as a character of myth and more! 

Also, Walter Simonson! Whereas Kirby and Lee may have brought the God of Thunder to the masses, it was Walter who wrote the finest collection of Thor comics. This man is the writer who all writers of Thor will be compared too! This Man brought the Pulp Character closer to the mythological aspect of the Thunder God. The Man has impressed me, for that I will hold dear for the rest of my life!

Prologue - T'orston died in 1962 when Thor took him to the place "he knows so well" Is there a life after death? 'Twould seem so because what he did in life he continues to do in the afterlife!

Chapter 1: No Choice! - The son of T'orston witnesses his father's cremation, shortly-there- after he is forced by a rather enigmatic character to start a journey, one that will prepare him for his meeting with the Thunder God at the grove!

Chapter 2: Gateway from Another World - T'orston meets a few of his old friends and a few new ones! One of the new friends is an unwelcome guest from the nether reaches!

Chapter 3: Gone Fishing? - Aspects regarding the Daemon or God are learned; T'orston Learns more about his gift! Odin pays his "Last respects" to his Son giving him the "Lay of the Land."

Chapter 4: Baiting The Worm! - Thorolf, the son of T'orston has found his way in life, and at this moment is chilling out doing some fishing! Thor couldn't resist, for he needs to see how his link to Earth is doing! That was the excuse anyway because Hlorridi loves fishing and both of them by day's end will tell a fantastic "Fisher-mans tale!"

Chapter 5: Out of the Frying Pan Into... - From Hlidskjalf did T'orston Jump… into the nexus of realities… a continuum of sorts! Did Odin rape his mind with good intentions or for hisoth own purpose?

Chapter 6: When in Rome... - T'orston used his gift to see where the "God or Daemon" had come from; he was a wanderer after all! Of all his years as a wanderer, never has T'orston come upon a place as "Smelly" as this!

Chapter 7: ...Do As The Romans - Thorolf gets a history lesson and his Vacation is cut short!

Chapter 8: "You’re a better Man than I"… "Oblivion has no responsibilities!" - Shaitan is a devious entity… his first phase completed… Letting Sutur know that Thor was alive, the second phase is to be completed but a certain wanderer is getting in the way! Time to make amends… To the Looser, Oblivion!

Chapter 9: "How Fares the Wailing Wall?" - Odin meets the Master of the Last realm who loves to play chess! The game is set… the Stakes are negotiated, who will win? Thorolf is told what he must do… the only problem is can he handle such a monumental task?

Chapter 10: The wrapping is nice but the Surprise is something Else! - Thorolf is responsible to keep all the religious "Heads" from each other's throats and to keep them alive! Unfortunately the secret is out and a low yield nuke is on the way! Who wins the game of chess? Odin or Eternity! The outcome of the game affects what happens in reality!

Chapter 11: Theology 101? - To save the peoples Thorolf takes them to the grove, whilst Sutur musters his army!

Chapter 12: If The Sun Rises, It Will Set, Won't It? - Thor prepares for his battle whilst his Wife is a very bad Girl! To love… "Yes"… To honor… "Yes"… and obey… "Well maybe, depending on the situation!

Chapter 13: Men Can Be Gods, Can't They? - The Grove is attacked… is Thorolf "man" enough for the Job? A new game of chess ensues!

Chapter 14: A Sword Can Die, Can't It? - Will the Child of destiny finally win? It seems so, since there is only Thor who stands in his way! Eternity wants this creation to End… All he has to do is win a game of chess, overcome Creations Advocate and a very agitated Hammer?

Epilogue: This creation needs a balance, Eternity makes amends!


Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group