Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 2: Gateway From Another World

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

As massive as the "place that Thor knows so well" is its tenants are teemed up to share rooms to have moments of respite and or rest. Believe me, the dead require sleep also. Its amazing, to come to that conclusion can be difficult or easy, the choice is yours. When you are dead for a short time you think as if you were still alive! There is no physical presence to draw strength from only the mind and believe me there is precious little reserves to draw from. Earlier today (if there is such a thing) I wandered the Hols, many people did I meet from my days of being alive but the greatest surprise was meeting Roksva and Thorolf "the most." There they were in the middle teaching a group of students discussing the meaning of life, Philosophy, Theology, and the Sciences. Many of the Students were learned in there own right and giving very complex reasoning to the three fundamental disciplines of life! I smiled, for Roksva could hardly contain herself, headstrong was she! Roksva almost berated a rather stubborn student but she caught herself, It was at that time she must have noticed me because she turned and finally recognized me. With her usual flair she split up the group into two sides, those who stand for the naysayer’s and those for the sayers! Thorolf and Roksva let them have at it and walked in my direction!

 "So the wanderer has returned?" he smiled as I waited for a hearty embrace. Thorolf hugged me for all he was worth, very much like the father who hasn’t seen his son for an age! Roksva on the other hand was more gracious; gentler like as if receiving a long lost friend. "So the Stone has returned, Thorolf said."

 "Aye that I have and better for it, I am."

 "If you are here "Stone of Thor" does that mean there is another?" Roksva said inquisitively!

 "Aye that be true, My son has the words of the Skald and all my peculiarities to boot!" Thought it should please you his Name-day was, Thorolf!"

Thorolf swelled with pride and a tear threatened to let go from his left. Roksva gave a measured response.

"Does that mean that you have been relieved to pursue a new Course? Since Hlorridi has another stone, he can be attached or linked with his Mother, is that not the case?"

"Aye on both counts, I have a feeling of what I am required to do, as for my son again I have a measure of what is required!" I feel it is up to me to find out what I need to do so that I can help my Son!"

"Up to you! Has Hlorridi given you free reign?" Roksva’s retort was stating the incredulous!

"Nay, from the time of the Change no Mark has been put upon me, it seems I know what I have to do but I don’t know the details yet!"

"In that case I hope your journey comes to an End?" Roksva loved to leave "openings" like as if she was teaching her students!

The rest of the time passed with small talk until Thialfi summonsed me from my two nearest friends!

‘ll show you your "place of staying," make yourself at home then see Hlorridi himsel! T’orston was now I’m brought out of "dreaming-days" to the present, alone in his apartment thinking why he’s alone and not sharing the room with anybody!


Thiafi’s message didn’t carry any weight but I thought I should take heed and see my master at soonest. With that in mind I made myself at home, then departed for Thors apartments.

As T’orston entered Thors study Hlorridi’s reverence for the fire was disrupted. Thors left eye was alight with sparks of lightning. He looked momentarily in T’orstons direction and said. "One gets used to the fire, One takes it for granted, you think you have it under control then one case of misadventure and the fire controls you! The fire always reminds me of my old enemy Sutur, he is like that!"

When you least expect it, he will rear his ugly head and cause great amounts of Mayhem!"

"Why are you still linked to Earth? Why haven’t you gone the way of the Olden Gods?" It was a question T’orston wanted to ask his master for as long as he has been here and Before? He expected an answer from Thor, he was like that! Whether the response was an answer to question, now that was another matter!

"When I passed the Mantle to the Son of the Three, it was agreed that I would have some link to Earth because the Fates foretold of a time when I would be needed to defend my mother."

Suddenly around them the air was filled with "Quiet screams" and near the Entrance of the Study the Air had a gash in it, man sized and a man walked though from some where else! It seemed nature was screaming at the un-natural act! Thor seemed to know what was happening as he looked at the Wall. Mjolnir leaped off the wall and moved to the Gash! A large man with slicked back hair wearing a black suit came through the gash. He took one step, as he tried to take the next, Mjolnir hit him on the chest forcing the "man" off the ground, moving the "Man" twenty feet and holding him there, against the wall. The "Mans" feet were two feet off the ground; he was squirming, trying to break free of the Hammer. No matter how hard he tried, the Hammer kept him in place.

Thor was out of his chair moving toward his target, gesturing for T’orston not to move: the Gash in the air winked out of existence. Another silent command and Mjolnir released the "Man" returning to her Masters hand!

The "Man" Waved his hands and floated slowly to the floor. He adjusted himself and removed any ruffles the Hammer may have caused. By this time Thor had reached his target waiting for what may happen.

"Is this a way to treat a Guest? I thought the Norse were famed for inviting an enemy too a meal before the Battle."

"Aye, mayhap if the enemy announces his intentions." "Are you an Enemy? Thor said."

"Possible Adversaries; What I want to know is! What does the Old Man Thor want with today’s times, since you are a relic, a God of the Past…? Hmm…

Thor smiled, not a laughter smile but a smile a Great white would have thinking about dinner. Thor turned his back to the "Man" walking to his chair taking a seat with a seeming comfortable posture: still smiling!

Continued in Chapter 3: Gone Fishing?

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