Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 3: Gone Fishing?

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

The Man, God or Daemon whatever he was stood there doing a good job of hiding his concern. The concern was Thor himself; here was a God, massive! A God in his prime is looking in human terms as if he was in his thirty’s. Of all the accounts that he had studied of this God was or is contrary to what he sees before him now!

This God who stands before him is "Old" hence the way he used the "Old man Thor" reference. Most of the early accounts were passed hand to mouth and he had to drag it out of the dead, the information that is! Because all that was written after the Viking period was written by Christians and he had little faith in their writings since they wanted to show the "Last God" of the period in a bad light. Of the dead who believed in Thor they are now within his palace but there were a few who came in contact with him. Though they didn’t worship him they did have the greatest respect for Thor! The Man, God or Daemon absorbed their essence, gaining knowledge from them and Throwing out the rest. The dead who was absorbed was removed from the continuance, prevented from continuing to carryout their tasks! This would be a crime that would be punished if "He" had noticed! This he did learn though, since he had to rip out the secrets a difficult task at best, was that Thor Loved and protected his peoples, he had a concern for the "Monkey’s." That made him dangerous! He took an interest in Thor when his presence was noticed after "the Passing of the Mantle" to the Lamb! Why was he still here and why did he keep his presents so covert? But his greatest concern was of his dual Identity, for his last absorption was that of Loki, Thors’ uncle the Mischief-maker, evil doer so to speak.

Oh yes Laufreys’ son (Loki) was dead all right! He came to an abrupt end by none other than Thor himself. The Man, God, or whatever remembered Lokis’ death; it pains him to his very core, since he doesn’t have a soul! What bothered Shaitan was how Loki gave up his essence without a fight, he gave it up too quickly and Shaitan should have been wary of this but too late now for Laufreys son was part of him. Loki is trying to gain ascendance to assert his will, it is a constant battle to keep Loki under control though certain mannerisms do come though and THAT WAS THE MAIN CONCERN! Would Thor recognize what he has become?

"Why should I tell thee a stranger? Old Mayhap, a relic yea thinks I am? This is for naught since I am still Loved and worshipped!" ‘Tis all I’ll tell since the rest is for me and mine, begone from whence thou wert for thou shall find me and mine poor company!"

Shaitan made another gash, in doing so the voices of the Nether world screamed again. Shaitan turned to his side never completely showing his back to Thor as he passed between the worlds. Before he was completely through Thor said "In yon passing from worlds to another make an Acquaintance of Laufreys’ Son. It doth seem too mine own eyes that the pair of you would make good company!" For a moment Shaitans' guard dropped to the extent that he looked surprised! He quickly passed though and let the gash go!

T’orston was curious about the world on the other side of the gash, he could smell it. When the Gash closed he could still sense/smell the otherworlds direction! He put that aside for now.

Thor talks as if he is talking to thin air! "’Tis alright father, the Daemon has left? You can reveal your intent, mayhap thou wilt have ease and pleasure in the presence of your Son!"

In the Moment of no time Odin, Hlorridi’s father passed though the apartments walls. His form didn’t go solid; he was translucent as if he was loosing some part of him.

"The pleasure is all mine my son." Thor and Odin embraced in the traditional way; clasping forearms.

"Pray tell father O’ mine, what did the all-seeing just see?" It seemed always to be the case that Thor would defer to his father when he was around!

"‘Twould seem the Daemon has the aspect of Laufreys’ Son. If not then the "two" are bothers of yore!" Thor nodded in agreement but his eyes showed he wanted to ask a question!

Odin Continued. "I know not how the Daemon did it, few of us, my self included have the power to talk to the dead. Mayhap he has the power, if he does, I wish him the worst cause Laufreys’ son is a whilley one, Aye I wish him the Worst!"

"Father ‘Twould seem that your time comes soon?"

"Aye, ‘tis my time, my time will be over soon, my life all for naught ‘twould seem?"

"To better things and mayhap Frigga!" Thor looked concerned, Thor has been "his own Man" for Eons but he loved his father and for him to be gone ‘twould never be the same! Thor had no idea where his father would go and to think positive would require Faith and that is the realm of Humans.

"I’ll advise you where I can and for as long as I’m able?"

"Father I crave a boon? ‘Twould seem I have need of Hildskijalf. ‘Twould seem time has passed faster than I thought. Young Thorolf has matured and his aging has slowed. He has found his peers. I’ll need to look upon him again!"

"Thou hast not to ask son O’ mine. Mine own passage to the next realm will give you all the aspects that I once was with all that I had, Hildskijalf ET all! Consider it yours only one thing, hospice Geri and Freki for me as Hunin and Munin will go with me, the Wolves will need a purpose! The Two Wolves passed through the apartment wall though unlike their former master their bodies became solid. They nudged Odin to say goodbye and he responded in kind.

The Wolves looked at Thor smiling in their wolfish way, then they left and went into the other room. Sif was reading again curled up on a sofa warming her by the fire. The wolves came in and made themselves comfortable. Geri jumped up on the Sofa and put his head on Sifs’ lap. Freki placed herself at her feet. Somehow without looking up from the book she caressed both of the Wolves. It was a sight to see, for Thor, his Father, and T’orston watched it. A tear was in Odins’ eye for the moment as he said. "’Twould seem they knew their purpose all along." Now happy, Odin smiled as he said, "Ware my son, ne’er produce the wrath of the Wife because they will be her instrument!"

Though Thor smiled he thought this was another clue that his fathers time was short. Suddenly Sif got up, the Wolves at her side and she stood in front of Odin bowing with respect. With hand over her heart she made an oath to the Aud-Father!

"On my honor and as your Daughter "in-law," you have passed your charge unto me, as my Word is My Bond, So I have said so shall it be!" " I take this charge not out of responsibility but out of love for you, Father of my heart and the love for the Two. Fair yea well father of my Heart thine own journey will start anew though you shalt be with me in my heart." She was crying, having a hard time controlling her emotions for Odin was like a father to her, she turned away; she didn’t want to disrespect her Husband or his father.

Odin was the Aud-Father the principal Sky God, he was used to people coming to him and taking orders but there are times when the Father overrules the Liege; He walked over to Sif and embraced her.

"Fear not daughter! I have loved you with all my heart, be as thou art, be that light in the Darkness, be your Husbands love and council, for when the time comes he will need your support for his tasks will out perform mine own! He will need a strong arm. Remember stand with the Strong, defend the weak."

Now Odin was tearful, he released her and walked through the wall without looking back; he didn’t want to shame his son or so he thought!

For a moment all was quite but Thor had a purpose he had no time for sentiment. "Dear Heart ‘tis time to see young Thorolf so we shall take our leave of you." Thor grabbed T’orstons arm and dragged him out of the apartments.

Outside on a rampart Thor took T’orstons hand, with his left Mjolnir was swinging faster and faster, so fast eventually the eye could not see! They were in the air, fifty feet above the palace Thor created a rent in his World travelling to Hildskijalf.

The new World T’orston was getting acquainted with faded into nothingness.

Within the Void T’orston instantly knew its scent and knew that he could find this place again, if he had too! The realm of Odin started to take shape, they moved toward it. T’orston was thinking the void had a consciousness when the void collapsed into the realm of Odin, he filed that thought away for the future.

They were flying high in the air as vast promontory Loomed on the Horizon. Hildskijalf was the Only "Piece of Land" at this altitude because anything below it was covered by clouds, the clouds changed shape and color and T’orston thought he could see images though them.

It took a few minutes too get there so he asked Thor a Question hoping to get a Direct answer! Why does every place we have been or that people have come from have a distinctive scent?

"Majik" Thor said! T’orston was hoping for a greater or Fuller explanation but Thor carried on. "Everyone has a purpose, even the Gods, it the nature of things. As thou wert a wanderer in your mortal life so you are now! Your way of "Smelling" or recognizing places is different to mine; this is part of your aspect. This is something you will have to learn and to control, there are other aspects too you that you will have to learn for yourself because if I teach you (that way) I will corrupt you and your Majiks. Say no more of it, for it is something you will have to find on your own!

Hildskijalf as stated was a vast promontory, at the peak there was the Throne itself. They landed and Thor took a seat. He waved his hand on front of the Throne, as he did the psychedelic clouds formed a vision.

The vision was that of a boat and a lone fisherman. T’orston was privy to the image also, he recognized the fisherman, it was his son; older but definitely his son. He knew he was looking at Earth’s future beyond the mortal realm time was different and he knew it. His gift told him it was so!

Thor was smiling at the image and said. "This is where I take my leave of you! ‘ ‘Tis time for me to rekindle my relationship with your son! What a way of a Re-introduction aye I have fond memories of fishing." Thor looked excited to do some simple fishing, a simple pastime to allow you to relax! Thor hurled the Hammer at the image and followed behind Mjolnir.

Before Thor disappeared in the image he talked to T’orston inside his head. "Find your purpose, stone that once was mine!"

So he did! From Hildskijalf not only could he see the Nine Worlds. He could see all of creation. With seeing all of creation he could smell the scent and thus recognize them all. He looked for that distinctive scent and took a leap of faith, for this was the realm of the Humans and he had faith in his God! He looked at a particular Cloud and leaped off Hildskijalf, accepting is Fate.

Continued in Chapter 4: Baiting The Worm!

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