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Welcome to the home of the Cry of a Goddess fan fiction saga, a 12-part story by Alex "Mystic" Soto, starring the Silver Surfer, Quasar, Thor, Adam Warlock, and Thanos of Titan!  If this looks familiar, it's because it used to be located in our archives, but we are re-releasing it with a more updated web page look to it, as compared to a text document.  Please feel free to send your comments at the bottom of each chapter.

Chapter 1: An Asgardian Stalker
(added May 9th) The epic opens up in this small chapter with the Enchantress musing over Thor on Earth. Little does she know somebody is following her. Who is her mysterious stalker and what does he want with her?

Chapter 2: Chance Encounter
(added May 9th) The Surfer meets some aliens with a ship that rivals Galactus' World Ship! Who are these aliens that seem to be on a mission, and what exactly is that mission?

Chapter 3: To Search For A Star
(added May 16th) What has the Asgardian so up and about and why has Thor been recalled from Midgard by Odin himself?

Chapter 4: A Paradox Returns
(added May 23rd) In this small chapter, a strange being returns to this Universe from a dimensional hole. But why is he here, and what are his cosmic senses telling him?

Chapter 5: Amora's Scroll
(added May 23rd) A jam packed chapter. Who is Amora's mysterious captor and what does he want with her...more importantly, what does he end up doing to her? Adam Warlock guest stars as he lands on the planet he sensed something from, but now, he senses a being different from all the rest. Who is this being, and why does he appear different to Adam? The Silver Surfer also learns a bit more from his new found friends.

Chapter 6: The Ancient Honor
(added May 30th) A call for help is given. Who responds to Amora's aid? Will they be in time to save her?

Chapter 7: Death vs. Life
(added June 6th) The heroes converge and learn of Thanos. They quickly begin to battle him, but can even they hope to prevail against the Titan? And just who is Mirabella and her connection to all this?

Chapter 8: the Ancient
(added June 13th) The being Adam sensed begins to threaten them all. Does even Mirabella have the power to save them all?

Chapter 9: The Secret of the Scrolls
(added June 20th) Amora reveals the secret of the scroll and what Thanos sought, but is it all over, or just beginning?

Chapter 10: Betrayal
(added June 20th) Mirabella makes a desperate plea as a Celestial being makes an entrance and a revelation.

Chapter 11: The Power of Love
(added June 27th) Kronos and the new being have a past...and are apparently not fond of each other. Who intercedes before they begin a new battle that could destroy time?

Chapter 12: Departure
(added June 27th) The wrap up conclusion chapter of the Cry of a Goddess.

Hope you enjoyed it!  Stay tuned for more from Alex "Mystic" Soto


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