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Chapter 3: To Search For A Star
Written by Alex Soto

The Grand Vizier heard the commotion in the grand hall and knew the Prince of Asgard had returned. He walked slowly to meet and talk to Thor before Odin could hear the noise. Reaching the side entrance, the Grand Vizier saw Thor angrily yelling about while Balder and the Lady Sif attempted to calm him down. He listened as he walked over.

"Why must I e'er return to Asgard when Midgard needeth me!" he yelled to his companions.

Sif tried futile to calm him down by taking his hand and placing it in hers. "Beloved, thou art needed here as well."

Balder equally tried comforting the Prince of Asgard. "Surely there be good reason for your return."

"Nay. There can not be reason sufficient for me to leave Midgard unprotected," Thor says still venting his anger.

"Silence," the Grand Vizier said half whispering, half shouting. "Lord Odin has deemed it important you be here. Yet like a child, you fling your arms as though throwing a tantrum," the Vizier continued angrily.

Thor turned to look at him. Bags under his eyes showed he had not slept for days, and his hunched over posture visualized his exhaustion. "Why am I here?" Thor asked in a much calmer voice now, showing more respect to the elder of the group.

"Amora is missing," a booming voice answered from the altar.

All eyes turn as Lord Odin walked in and sat on his throne. Like the Grand Vizier, he looked exhausted also. Everyone bowed, and although Thor hesitated at first, he too bowed to Lord Odin.

"My son, we have searched endlessly these past couple of days for her. Though she be mischievous at times, she is good at heart. My instinct tells me she be in great peril, yet some force doth hide her from my eyes. Not e'en the far seeing eyes of Heimdall have found her whereabouts. I have summoned you to find her. Neither in Asgard, nor in the surrounding worlds she be."

"Father, surely Asgard is not without warriors that..." Thor began but was interrupted.

"YOU will find her. We must look after our own and Amora is Asgardian," Odin said standing up. He turned around to look at the sky through a nearby window. "Somewhere out there, she is in danger.

Find her soon," he said with a sad voice.

He walked away leaving no time for argument or contestion of his command. Thor knew he must obey. He walked out grabbing Mjolnir from his hand without even saying goodbye to Sif, or the others. Angry though he was, he did feel a twinge of compassion for Amora. Many times had she tried to seduce him or bend him to her will. Yet in all those occurrences, not once could Thor condemn her to any torment.

She was more like a child unknowingly playing with her powers, thought Thor. Never could he wish her any harm. And so, as a warrior must do, Thor spun Mjolnir and lifted to the sky, passing Heimdall and traversing the rainbow bridge back to the regular universe.

Continued in Chapter 4: A Paradox Returns

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