Chapter 12: Departure
Written by Alex Soto

"Well, I guess that about raps things up," Quasar commented. "So where are you going now, Surfer?" Quasar asked wishing for some company.

"To me my board," he said as he extended his arm out. "I go and contemplate the wonders of the universe as I ever do." Mounted on his board, he took off away from the planet.

"What about you Thor?" Quasar continued.

"My business is with Amora," he said as he walked over to her. "Odin be very worried," he told her as he took her in his arms.

For the first time in what seemed like forever to her, she smiled. "E'er the knight in shining armor…" she told him wrapping her hands around his neck.

Quasar turned to Warlock who in turn also looked at him. The look was enough to tell Quasar not to ask him anything. "Okay, I can take a hint." Slowly he took to the air and off into space.

Warlock did the same feeling there was nothing left here. As he took into the air, a blast was heard as Mjolnir spun at incredible velocity and transported Thor and Amora away.

"I see you still have Esmeralda," Veerok said as he took Mirabella's hand.

"She has helped a great deal in trying to locate you," Mirabella answered.

With the wave of a hand, both Serafin and Stare were removed from their suspended animation and placed within a static shield along with Mirabella and Veerok. Complete and together, they headed to Esmeralda with Ranadar and Elita accompanying them within a bubble Veerok had created.

The people dispersed finally, some feeling it was a dream. Others thinking it was an illusion or trickery of their devil. On the sands of the planet, an old man walked across, stopping upon Amora's scroll lying half dug into the sand. He picked it up and smiled as he turned his face around to speak into his watch. "Pick me up," he said.

A voice responded to his command, "Yes, Collector. Right away."


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