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Chapter 6: The Ancient Honor
Written by Alex Soto

The Silver Surfer smiled as he prepared to leave the Esmeralda. "These are good people," he thought to himself. "They are on a quest to find a lost love of the captain. It is refreshing to meet people who are not looking to conquer a universe or subjugate another race." He felt good about himself and knew that part of the reason he did was due to the empathic nature of the Captain. She had let him know that she was empathic and that occasionally, she might unintentionally overflow emotions into another. If she felt good, all around her would feel good. She felt it was her duty to warn new people about it. Her strong feelings towards her quest reminded him that he did indeed have a quest. His was to experience the freedom that the universe provided and stamp out evil so others may be free also. Freedom was something he valued so strongly, he would be willing to die for it. He thought it strange that one comment by someone he just met, could enlighten an internal view of his to realize that he indeed does have an unspoken quest to follow.

As he began leaving the field of gravity generated by the ship, his senses were blasted by what he could only describe as a scream. He did not understand how or from who it came from, but he knew it was a call for help and without a second thought tracked the origin of the call. Less than a second passed before the Silver Surfer warped himself at full speed in the same direction.


"Captain! We're picking up something on our sensors," Ranadar shouted not moving her eyes from the scanners. Everyone scrambled as the red alert system had activated.

"What is it?" Mirabella answered entering the bridge.

"It's...a modulated wave of air pressure traversing through sub space and time?" she ended querying her own findings. "Sound?"

"On speaker," Mirabella commanded. A puzzling frown fell across her face.

An unidentifiable sound was heard throughout the ship. Mirabella stood up from her captain's chair. "Track it."

"Done," answered Ranadar, "But what is it?"

A brief hesitation occurred as Mirabella appeared to lose herself in her own thoughts. She then stood up, "All engines online. Full power ahead!" she said.

"What is it?" Ranadar asked again as the ship took off at maximum warp speed.

"It is the ancient call for help," replied Mirabella. She sat back down and closed her eyes.

Ranadar knew better than to speak to her now. But she wanted to. She wanted to know why she had abandoned their mission so casually. Especially when they had just recently activated the time winds.

These questions she knew she would not get an answer to. She knew Mirabella well enough by now to know that her mind was made up and that she would remain silent. She always seemed to do so when something was about to happen. Ranadar decided to use Mirabella's advanced warning to prepare herself for battle - just in case.


"It's so quiet out here," Quasar thought to himself as he flew pass the eye of Orion. "No worries about having to protect Earth," he continued. "After the way I botched my role of not being able to protect Eon, better for me to stay out here." Quasar stopped as his bands began to flare. "Great. Just when I was beginning to relax," he said pretending to be annoyed. "Hmmm...must be some type of SOS," Quasar said analyzing the energy pattern. "Quasar to Epoch. I have an energy signature of something traversing subspace. Any ideas what it is?" Without stopping for an answer, he continued, "It has an energy pattern that repeats itself, and..."

"Did you call me to ask me what it is, or to tell me?" Epoch answered.

"Oh, sorry. Guess I've been out here so long, I'm a bit talkative when I get a chance to talk to another - besides myself that is," Quasar said almost without taking a breather.

"It's an ancient call for help when honor was abound and plenty in the universe," Epoch said almost sarcastically. "Why don't you go investigate? I think you could use the company of others!"

"Uh, maybe I have been brooding a bit," he said. "Okay, I'll check it out," he quickly continued and instantly quantum jumped away.


Thor traversed space towards Earth following the remnant trail of Amora's teleportation spell she left behind from Asgard. It angered him that someone would kidnap Amora, but it also worried him. Amora may have been mischievous as Lord Odin had put it, but she was no child and could take care of herself. Anyone having taken her must be very powerful, very crafty or both. Hidden from Odin's senses seem to confirm this. Mjolnir suddenly stopped as though hitting a wall. An energy glow emanated from Mjolnir and surrounded Thor. An audible scream reverberated about him piercing his very soul. "Amora?!" Thor lashed out as he spun Mjolnir about him. A brilliant vortex of swimming dimensional energy appeared and surrounded the Asgardian. In a matter of two seconds, he was gone.

Continued in Chapter 7: Death vs. Life

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