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Chapter 1: An Asgardian Stalker
Written by Alex Soto

"Midgard is so mundane", the Enchantress casually said as she walked about the night at Niagara Falls close to the US/Canadian border. "Even this spectacle compares not with the beauty Asgard possesses. I may ne'er understand what Thor sees in such a place." She stopped and turned around. The feeling that someone was watching her overtook her momentary thoughts. She looked around moving her eyes slowly from area to area, her ears straining to hear the slightest sound. The early morning hours allowed for quietness. Only the sound of the waterfalls and minor traffic was heard. She remained motionless for minutes. At last she concluded it was her imagination and turned around to continue her journey about the area. A bus parked close by on a side street caught her eye. The mighty Thor was shown on one of the sides with a slogan reading, Stay in school and you too can achieve greatness. "One of the more humanitarian acts of the Prince of Asgard. I suppose it is nice to be looked up at," she thought to herself. "Though we no longer be gods to this world, still the admiration and adoration doth stir us." Instinctively, she reached out to touch the face of the god of thunder. The entire bus began to glow as she traced the outline of Thor's face. Her hand became immobilized and was sucked in to the frame of the bus as the glow became brighter. Realizing something was wrong, she began trying to pull free. A rustle occurred in the bushes behind her. Before she could turn her head around, she was struck on the back of her neck with a club, falling to the ground unconscious immediately.

"We have her," a gruffly voice spoke to the com unit at the side of the bus.

"Excellent! Transport her here immediately," a voice returned.

Two shadowy figures carried the lifeless body into the bus. A chameleon circuit was disconnected. The bus hologram disappeared revealing a small space ship. Rocket thrusters fired as the ship launched itself into space and disappeared out of sight.

Continued in Chapter 2: Chance Encounter

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