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Chapter 2: Chance Encounter
Written by Alex Soto

The sentinel of the spaceways soared across the cosmos as he ever loved to do. Something about the exhilaration of the speed, the beauty of the lights, the new adventures - they all called to him. "Life in the universe was never dull", he thought. Seeing a new galaxy being born, a star about to go nova, the emissions of a quasar - all was so fascinating. As a scientist, he could appreciate the complex principles that were taking place, all requiring such precision of circumstances. Yet as the Silver Surfer, how much more he enjoyed it. Who else but him could see the dancing lights of a supernova a million million miles away? Or soar into the very heart of the phenomena? Or even view and analyze the very reactions taking place? Life for him had changed dramatically since his encounter with Galactus. He had been made a pawn, condemning millions of innocent lives to their deaths. Despite that horror which ate at him every day, he had never regretted becoming the Silver Surfer. Now he had the power to choose and judge his own actions, and he would never again be another's pawn.

Off the side of his eyes, he caught the view of a spaceship. So far away it was, yet his senses could see it clearly. Except for a few isolated planets, there was not much in this sector of space. It surprised him to see a ship traversing this section. His curiosity peaked, Norrin quickly altered course to intercept the ship. As he came closer, the ship slowed down as if it were also curious about the traveler before it. Norrin remained quiet as he approached it. It surprised him to see a ship as large as a solar system, rivaling Galactus' World Ship. Like World Ship, this ship had several planets and moons orbiting the central and rear sections of the ship. The design was grand and he wondered for a second if Galactus had a new ship. The notion was dismissed immediately, as he could not sense Galactus. No, there were hundreds, maybe thousands of lives within. The ship did not hesitate to open communications. Modulated signals flared out of the ship in different frequencies hoping to be understood. The Silver Surfer could see and even hear all of them. He decided to answer with simple radio waves.

"Hello to you too. I am the Silver Surfer. Who are you?"

"This is Captain Mirabella," a soft voice answered different from the standard computer directed salutation. "We mean you no harm, rather we are interested in knowing who and what you are. Would you care to join us? We were about to have dinner..."

"I do not require sustenance. However, I will be glad to join you and meet the makers of such a craft," he said with genuine curiosity in his voice.

"Very well then. Proceed forward." A light appeared shining on a panel in front of the Surfer's location. As he drew closer, the panel opened and a robot with a female humanoid appearance greeted the Surfer.

The robot had the appearance of an older lady. She wore a black & white maid like outfit with an apron around her hip, possibly to appear more human to the crew of the ship.

The Surfer followed her into the ship, dismounting off his board and stepping onto the conveyor belt that she had just walked on. The conveyor belt activated and sent him at an incredible speed across many corridors. The Surfer opened his eyes wide as the sudden acceleration caught him by surprise. A second was all he needed to react and adjust to the high speeds that he was traveling.

"Physical contact momentum absorbers," he thought. It was the same concept he used when anyone else traveled on his board. Only when he lost concentration could someone fall off his board. That hadn't happened in a long while. The last one to fall from his board was Genis. His concentration was so focused on reaching Galactus in time before the entity known as Tyrant could attack him that he hadn't even noticed for a good time that Genis had indeed fallen off. In any case, he was amused that others applied this concept as well. Now he knew the shock others felt at riding with him.


The belt came to a complete stop after two minutes. By his calculations, they had just traveled several hundred thousand miles. He followed the servant robot. After several corridor turns they arrived to a room with magnificent solid gold doors. The doors themselves were adorned with shapes and patterns that made it stand out and maximized the gleam of the gold. The robot opened the door and invited the Surfer in.

"Greetings, Silver Surfer," a figure stood up from a throne at the end of the table. I am Captain Mirabella and these are a small part of my crew.

The woman speaking had long, light brown hair stretching slightly pass her mid back. She possessed fine features including a slender, yet sturdy figure. She wore a dark navy blue outfit with a black cape behind her and a large pink amulet that glowed around her neck. Her smile made the Surfer feel welcome and he walked on in.

The table was large and made of a fine polyxantic material. The Surfer remembered seeing the raw element Xantium in several of his voyages, but the material was very rare.

Extending her hands throughout the table, the Captain proceeded to point to individuals. "This is Ranadar, my first officer and friend. Elita, right next to her is an unexpected new addition to our crew." She stopped, to explain. "We passed through a system full of pirates at war with the local planetary system. She was the sole survivor of her race and decided to come with us." Continuing her introductions, she pointed now to her left where two twin kids, a boy and a girl sat. "And these are Serafin and Stare, my offspring."

The Surfer smiled at the introduction of the kids who stared at him. He wondered if they stared because he was a stranger, or because of his silver skin. "I am honored to meet you. May I ask what your mission is?"

"We are looking for someone," blurted Elita. Her voice was like that of a child excited with a new experience. Groomed with sophistication as though she were attending a fancy event, her long blond hair made her appear several years older than what she was.

"Quiet," Ranadar spoke grabbing her hand at the table. "We know nothing about him."

Mirabella looked at Ranadar and smiled. "We have no reason to be suspicious of our guest." Her gaze turned to the Surfer as she motioned for him to sit across at the other end of the table. "Please. Join us."

Continued in Chapter 3: To Search For A Star

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