Chapter 8: The Ancient
Written by Alex Soto

A Watcher appeared as a light show from Mirabella gained everyone's attention. She began singing and moving in a slow, rhythmic movement. None had ever seen this display before, but all deep inside related it to a Song of Death. It was her sign that soon she would be no longer. Empathic as she was, she visually communicated this to everyone in a stunning fashion. All showed morbid respect but Thanos who found the Song of Death beautiful and smiled in appreciation of the art form she generated.

DeAnchent, stirred by the Song of Death, began changing within the crowd as he picked up and held the amulet. The amulet flashed as though it recognized his touch. Physically, he began regenerating a whole new body with each step he took towards Mirabella. His eyes flashed with anger. Somehow, the amulet was connecting to him and feeding him.

The Silver Surfer, Thor and Quasar approached now that the mystical chair had stopped attacking them. Thanos had recalled it and was mounting on it, beginning to wonder if his theory of Mirabella knowing what the power source was wrong. Quickly, he used the chair to scan the vicinity of the area.

The creature's cell structure had regenerated, as anger flashed across his eyes. The amulet had embedded itself onto his chest as though it were a part of him. An enormous energy concentration was building within him, enough to destroy an entire sector of space. Mirabella looked up surprised at what she saw. Instant recognition shown in her eyes, as her body became temporarily paralyzed at the new realization. All the years searching had finally come to an end. The time winds had worked much quicker than she anticipated. They had brought her to her love. It was too bad that time would soon be the least thing she had.

The build up of energy continued to grow. Even to the untrained eye, it was virtually impossible not to tell. Mirabella knew she only had a little energy left. She looked toward her children. With a sad expression she stood up and leaped into the air, her fist extended outward. It was something she must do, though it would place her children's existence in jeopardy. Only twice before had she needed to do this, and never while she was this depleted and hurt. Extreme peril demanded extreme measures, and this was part of her job.

The buildup on the alien was part of a metamorphosis the creature would go through to reach his true form. It would involve breaking the fabric of reality to access an energy source known only to him, and it was Mirabella's job to protect against just such an occurrence from causing any damage to the time-space continuum.

At the peak of her jump, she stretched her hands out and began glowing a light pink. "Time Protect!" she yelled as the pink aura around her extended past herself. A small pink glaze covered every piece of reality in the sector she was in. Traveling faster than light, the mysterious energy covered each and every component within the entire sector.

Immediately following, an implosion, then explosion, occurred within the creature. Reality broke like shattered glass. Shards of reality, bounced around, hitting other fragments and decomposing further.

Screams were abound, but no medium existed for sound to travel except within the shards generating the screams themselves. As though a nightmare had been placed into reverse, in an instant, each broken shard returned to its original location, and Mirabella fell to the ground exhausted and completely depleted.

Quasar fell to the ground dizzied and harrowed by the experience as did Ranadar and Elita, the twins cried as the experience was incomprehensible to them. Thor held his head as though slightly dizzied by the experience. Warlock and Thanos seemed the least affected, having experienced different versions of reality themselves.

"Leaving so soon?" Warlock turned to Thanos.

"This is not what I expected to find from this scroll. I expected a power source, but it has become quite clear that it isn't. I do not care to make an acquaintance of another cosmic being." He pressed a button on the left arm of his chair and teleported away.

"Well, I'm confused," Quasar admitted.

"Aye. Amora, who be this new creature?" Thor added breaking the chains that surround her gently. The creature had now changed from humanoid form to one with feline attributes.

A sigh was let go by Amora as she walked over and sat down next to Mirabella. Amora caressed her hair as it slowly turned lighter, and eyes remained closed. "It was all so, so long ago!"

Continued in Chapter 9: The Secret of the Scroll

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