Chapter 9: The Secret of the Scroll
Written by Alex Soto

"In my youthful days, I met a creature who walked through time and reality as though it were distance. I was fascinated by him. I made his acquaintance and he showed me wonders I had never seen before, and wonders of what could and might be. Intoxicated, I found myself spending more and more time with him. Eventually, I turned my attention to him. He told me he had another love and that we could never be. The rejection inflamed my ego to no end. How could one reject a beautiful Asgardian wonder like me? I devised a way to get back at him. Though I didn't want to hurt him, I knew that his life span was at least as large as that of an Asgardian. I therefore created a spell and used his trust on me against him to throw him into a mediocre life for centuries until his current love had died. He would have no memory until I brought him out. At the casting of the spell, he somehow realized what I was doing and tried to fight me. It was too late, but a monkey wrench had been thrown in and my spell did not complete as I planned. It sent him off into the unknown reaches of the universe and lost to me also." Amora paused, as she made lines on the sand below. A tear fell from her eye. "I searched for many, many centuries hoping I would find him. At last I gave up. Realizing the error of my ways, I created a scroll that I may always remember the terrible thing that I did, and I swore on Odin's name, that I would never tell another soul lest it be him."

"MY TIME HAS OME!" echoed the voice from the Ancient. "I AM THE LAST OF THE TIME RIDERS!" the echoing voice continued adjusting to his former body.

"Veerok..." Mirabella whispered opening her eyes with her hands out

"MirabeLLa," he said quieter, looking at her. "ALL ihnolned ih this erisode wiLL ray."

"Please," Mirabella requested. "I do not have much time," she said as she gasped for air. Both Serafin and Stare showed signs of death as the tether to their mother began vanishing. "Save our...children."

"They are om?" Veerok said surprised. Immediately, he raised his hand and formed a static shield around them, placing them in suspended animation via a time freeze.

"I've thought a lot about what it would be like to find you," Mirabella said straining to speak. She tried to smile for him but the pain didn't allow her. She continued, "Please promise me you'll let them go."

"Ater what they'ne both dohe?" Veerok answered.

"She was a child back then. She didn't know what she was getting involved in. I sense she regrets what she has done." This time a smile did creep up on her face. "Don't forget, I'm empathic."

"Ahd what o the rerle Creatmre?"

"I attacked him too. We are both to blame. I don't want any deaths to occur because of me." With the last strains of force, Mirabella took Veerok's hand in hers. "We will always be one." Her hair turned white several seconds later, initiating the last phase of her life.

"Look wVat yom'ne dohe!" Veerok turned to Amora.

Her eyes watered as she turned her gaze down unable to answer his gaze.

Warlock turned to his right and looked up.

A Watcher floated there observing all. Sensing someone looking at him, the Watcher turned and looked at Warlock.

"It bothers me that you have not left yet, Watcher. It means you sense there will be more to record."

The Watcher turned his gaze back to Veerok, not wanting to answer Warlock.

Continued in Chapter 10: Betrayal

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