Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 6: When in Rome...

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Shaitan finally came to grips with his alternate personality, at first he fought Loki’s essence, but over time he came to respect the Guile of the old God of Mischief. Shaitan is something else now, something more, mayhap more powerful. His meeting with Sutur went as planned. He knew to be careful, if the Elemental knew of any misdirection then Shaitain’s life would be forfeit.

So the first phase was completed, the second phase will be that and more interesting. Oh, dealing with the Elemental was interesting but from a different point of view, his guile had to be paramount; otherwise his life would be over. The next phase is to deal and orchestrate future events though the act of Dissembling, this is what makes his life interesting making people carry out acts of evil though any means for he cares not for the process but only the outcome.

As he left the realm of Sutur he thought he sensed someone coming into Sutur’s realm, he didn’t have the time to investigate but he did remember for Sutur doesn’t have many guests!

As T’orston entered Muspelheim he recognized a scent that was leaving! He knew who the Daemon was and once, or if he got out of here he would investigate Shaitans hell but that is for the Future and this is the now. He scanned his surroundings, in the distance was a Large Promontory with gaseous plumes leeching out of its top. The distance wasn’t too great so he started walking, taking in the "look" of this environment.

The minions of Sut were varied and numerous, one such faction were the Sentinels, their purpose was to keep a watchful eye at the Boundaries of Muspelheim. Almost at the same time as the Daemon left did this man or what ever he was appeared. They were confused because this man had no covert actions, just a man who was taking stroll like he had all the time in the world. What to do, the man didn’t seem a threat? They called to their Masters for advice!

Though the Eyes of his minions did Sutur see what caused such confusion, for a moment Sutur himsel was confused. This is not an area for taking idle strolls. The confusion went and was replaced by curiosity, Sutur Told the Minions to leave him be since the wanderer was coming to Sutur’s’ den.

T’orston knew he was being watched he could sense the conversations the master had with his subjects. He had no real qualms, for he could leave at the blink of an eye! He thought the best action would be too fain ignorance and portray himself as a wanderer, which in fact he was! So doing T’orston was left alone to walk the many miles to the Promontory. As he started to climb he sensed the Sentinels were behind him, keeping a distance and staying out of sight. For some one who wasn’t corporeal T’orston was short of breath when he crested the Peak. He took in the sight before him. Five hundred feet below him in the center of the, what he considered was a volcano was a lake of molten Lava. Within that Lava pit is an immense creature that was hidden from the eye. He knew that it would be foolhardy to turn his back on the creature but he had to continue his guise. So he turned his back to the Lava pit and scanned his surroundings putting his hand to his brow as if looking into the distance.


"The Audacity thought the Elemental, surely this man cannot be so ignorant of the ways of this world? The elemental rose oh so slowly out of his lava pit, it took a while for Sutur to be at eye level with this man. One swipe of my hand and he would be done for but nay ‘twould be foolhardy I’m curious to see who this man is, I can have a snack later after I know everything there is to know!

T’orston knew there was a immense creature behind him, his instinct was screaming to get the "hell out of there" but he listened to the creatures thoughts and knew he wouldn’t be a snack just yet!


"What say you, stranger! What brings you to my kingdom and my very home?"

T’orston turned around as if he was shocked that someone was there! "Excuse me sire for I didn’t know! I saw this promontory from a long distance so I wanted to climb it!"

"Why dist thou climb my home?"

"Because it was there your majesty! For in my life was I a wanderer and so in death I continue to do so!"

"Ah! So you was a man of Midgard?"

"Excuse me sire for I have no understanding of this Midgard?" He lied convincingly!

"So you are a man of Earth? Yet you seem to be a man of Majiks is this not so?"

T’orston didn’t know he was slowly, oh so slowly being hypnotized. His eyes lidded his words slurred.

"Aye that be so! " ‘Twas told that in my families’ history that there were men who were gifted in the use of Majiks?"

Surtur scanned T’orstons mind he saw there was a block, a block that the man didn’t know about? Sutur was convinced there was no deceit, the man was a simple fool who liked to go a wandering, to see new things because they were there! This man has no merit thought Sutur; he was loosing interest all ready. Sutur turned off his hypnotic stare and soon enough the man was himself again.

Odin did his job well, the block was a façade. All it showed in the mans mind, for those who wanted to see, was a man who had the Genes for Majik but not able to use it! So today T’orstons' life was spared!

T’orston realized he was awake, within himself he was shocked how easy this fire-giant had hypnotized him. He read the Giants mind; he was calling to his minions to set upon the wanderer. T'orston was a few steps in front of the Minions and the Giant though. T’orston tensed gathered the Word, the Word was released, the Word gathered the will from T’orston and became the way. The way slammed into Sutur causing him to loose his footing slamming into the side of the crater forming a rent.

Surtur was shocked, for he recognized the "Will, Word and the Way!" They were the Majiks of his olden enemy "Odin." From his prone position Sutur sent forth a stream of fire from his hand at the man but before the fire could reach the target, the man was gone.

Surtur was denied his quarry and he had to be satisfied. In an arc did his hand go emitting the same fire but the minions were not lucky like the wanderer was, for before they were disintegrated they screamed a horrible death.

T’orston took a jump to the other side of the crater just by the rent. He saw and heard the screams from Sutur’s subjects. He wasn’t phased by their death but the screams will never leave his memory. He kept a watch!

Sutur was still furious, his anger needed to be sated, he stretched out his hand, and from the lava pit came a bubble floating to his hand! Within the Bubble were two men clad in battle armor. With Sutur’s Thumb and Forefinger he plucked out one of the men. The bubble floated to the crest of the volcano and took its rest near T’orston.

"Aye Ville, watch your brother be tormented again, this is your lot in life to be tormented till the end of time." Sutur Held the man by the arms now and started to pull apart. The arms of Ve left his body and yet he didn’t scream out. Ve was released plunging into the molten lava his skin burning off the bone, again he didn’t scream. Sutur put his hand under the lava and plucked the God out, He waved his hands and the God was reanimated. Now did the God scream for he knew this would happen again, again and again, till the end of time!

T’orston moved toward the bubble and Ville noticed the man coming toward him.

"So, you are the result of Sutur’s anger get thee gone Now! For there is nothing that you can do! Since you know the Word, you know Odin, say nothing about this for he has been tormented for long and long. He thinks we’re gone, so say naught for the sake of our brother. Get thee gone stranger Sutur’s anger will abate soon enough.

T’orston knew he was helpless so he complied. He left the realm of Surtur knowing that Odins brothers Ville and Ve were alive but not well. ‘Tis another think to tell Hlorridi when the time is right! For some reason he Re-entered the realm of Asgard right next to Hildskjalf, he looked around to see if anybody was watching him, for he was tired, he took a seat and fell asleep watching the images in the clouds float by!

Continued in Chapter 7: ...Do As The Romans

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