Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 7: ...Do As The Romans

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

The fishing wasn’t the same since Jormungand Left! For four Hours they drank beers and caught fish that some fishermen would think as excellent catches! Naturally they returned the fishes to the sea but it was pathetic to watch the two men act this way from a fisherman’s perspective that is, but Thor and Thorolf were else where!

They didn’t have the heart for the fishing, that much was evident! The Worm had brought confirmation (to Thor at least) of bad tidings. Thor was lost in thought, though he did share those thoughts with Thorolf. Every image Thor Conjured Thorolf got a "ringside seat" with explanations!

Sutur, is the eldest living (?) elemental! Since the creation of time there was always "Fire and Ice!" Ymir and Sutur were elements that could not be controlled. Ymir played his Fate and paid for the consequences, Odin, Ville and Ve were the consequences. Out of Ymir’s body did the young Gods created the heavens and Midgard.

Little did Ymir know that he was supposed to be the "fodder" of creation for heaven and Earth? Sutur was another matter! Sutur knew his fate, he was/is destined to destroy "All" that was created! In causing that destruction he too will be used as "fodder" to create anew!

The Entity that created Ymir and Sutur knew of these things, he didn’t care how long the cycle of creation and destruction lasted, for the cycle Will be completed eventually; it is the nature of things! The length of the Cycle was up to the Gods and Men to determine how long the cycle would last or to be completed! He gave the Gods the "Will" and in so doing gave it to Man! Everything has to have a purpose, the entity saw to that! For Man and Gods too have a purpose; he created "faith" and destiny." The End would come eventually; it all depended on the will of Gods and Man!

When Thor passed on the Mantle to the "Son of the Three" did he learn of this! This was how it was deemed in the beginning, so doing it is how it will end! The "End" has been postponed several times in the passed because of Thor’s Indomitable will, can he do it again for the sake of the universe?

Yes, Thor has fought Sutur in the past but that was with the Assistance of his Father’s and Mother’s might, will he be able to do so again? Thor’s visions of his past battles past by very quickly as his thoughts concentrated the "Son of the three."

Since the "Son of the Three was the Ascendant God he was privy to the information, as Thor was in a different Era. Jesus knew of the possibility of his failure to continue as the Ascendant God, so he didn’t mind the Thunder Gods involvement: planning and scheming to "Try and correct things." What was interesting was the fact that no "fallen God" could effect "the matters of the present" but know one had factored for the Thunder Gods will! Did this have implications? Is the end of the Cycle at hand? Was the entity allowing a final "chance for continuance?"

Thor mussed, was it because the "Son of the three" had little experience in the art of War?

Thor brought his thought to the "Here and now" and returned to Sutur? Sutur resurgence was well timed, his hatred for Thor was paramount, could Sutur win for he has nothing to loose? The Olden Gods are gone, save himself and his mother. All the barriers have gone; there Is nothing to hold Sutur back save himsel!


Thor knew of his father passing. He knew he had left Asgard, going whom knew where? He knew the "Odin power" hadn’t passed on to himsel, for this he was concerned. ‘Twas Odin who could forestall the machinations of Sutur. Odin was gone and only his Mother is left, the only problem was, she is using all her powers to correct the poisoning that Man has done. Aye Mother Earth is resilient but her powers only go so far, this much he knew because he talked with her recently! So again back to the "here and now!

The Revere was removed from both Thor and Thorolf when, from a distance they could here the "Whup-Whup-Whup of a Helicopter, the Cataphony was gaining in intensity! One thing for sure was it was getting closer.

Thor took his leave and used the sun to his advantage; he used the glare of the Sun to hide his removal from the Boat. Thor contacted Thorolf in his mind saying that he would talk to him in due course! ‘Twas a sight to see as the God of Thunder Whirled the Mighty Mjolnir at the sky and Thor trailing after it!

As Thor departed, he was replaced by a "Royal Blue Huey." The Huey hovered over the Hatteras and a Coiled ladder was released from the Helicopter. Even before the Ladder hit the deck of the Ship a man was descending the Ladder. The man was from the Military and his uniform earmarked him as a naval officer! As he took the Last step from the Ladder he turned around and saluted Thorolf with efficiency!

"Sir, my apologies for disturbing your vacation but you are recalled to Washington! Collect your belongings and get into the Helicopter, we have a jet on standby waiting for you in "West Palm."" Thorolf complied and handled his task with dispatch! Half way up the ladder Thorolf Turned and looked down at the Hatteras, he was thinking of those simple time he had on that ship, he sighed and said "Oh well" he continued upward into the Helicopter!

Continued in Chapter 8: "How Fares The Wailing Wall?"

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