Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 9: "How Fares The Wailing Wall?"

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Odin passed through the Door that wasn’t a door to the "last realm." The transition was short though the passage did cause confusion to the Eye. It took a little while for Odin to get his eye in focus but as he tried, he was called and welcomed.

 "Welcome, Giver of Victory, Welcome too the Lord of Hosts, Welcome to the "Last" realm."

 Odin recognized the voice, it was Eternity, and when the Eye became focused his sight confirmed it was so!

 "Thine Own timing is perfect Odin, for thine own Wife has caused me "Rack and Ruin," "Hell, hath no fury compared to a woman’s scorn!" The Entity known as Eternity chuckled, though he did amend the statement, at this point he wasn’t talking to anyone in particular though. "No replace the word Scorn, for Guile, yes that is more appropriate!"

 Odin surveyed his surroundings, though the Hall was grand, its furniture, and settings were modest. At the northwest corner of the Hall did the Fates spin their webs of life!

The Fates looked over at Odin, nodded to the ancient sky Father with familiarity, though they did have a smile on their faces.

Odin walked to Eternity with a measured pace; responding to the welcome he had received. "At the moment of my passing did I, Odin crave a boon! Little did I know that it would be you who gave me the "Moment?" Now that I now who granted the boon, it makes my heart sing with Joy! Hail to he who is one with the Cosmos!

Eternity did nod and produce the correct response but inside he sighed, he did think the Formality that was the very essence or core of the Asgardian was a bit much, mayhap he could change that!

The doors on the West Side of the Hall crashed open, a woman of mature years ran across the marbled floors running as if her years were being ripped away. Her arms were wide open and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She ran into the Arms of Odin wrapping her arms around Odin’s broad shoulders that were now solid, She tried to Bury her head into her husbands chest whilst crying silently!

"Stand Down, woman of my heart, we do have company! This behavior is inappropriate in front of the "great one." Odins words didn’t have merit; he was going though the formality that he thought was necessary, whereas his heart was filled with Joy!

That got Frigga’s back up! Odin knew he was in trouble now because she tensed, moved away from him, and put her hands on her hips with a combination of finger pointing!

"Stand down yourself you Woolly headed Sheep-herder, this is no way to treat the Heart of your Heart! Consider yourself chastised!

Eternity chuckled, he loved the interplay between Men and Women; Gods were no different!

Frigga grabbed Odins left hand as if her life depended on it, though she turned around to Address Eternity!

"I thank thee, he who is one with the cosmos for granting my boon. Mayhap you will excuse me and mine, for we have a Lot to catch up on! Will you grant our dismissal for the Nonce!" Frigga had a gleam in her Eye, one that captured memories of days long gone by!

"I grant thine own dismissal, but one thing Odin! Do you like chess? Eternities smile broadened, he knew what Frigga meant, and he did feel sorry for Odin!

‘Twould depend on the stakes M’llud! Odin knew he was going to enjoy his time here!

"Well think on those stakes for I have a hankering for a good game, your wife is vicious, she holds no quarter! Get thee Gone Odin; attend to your Wife’s ministrations. Prepare for the nonce cause the game will start anew!

Frigga pulled on Odins arm whilst saying, "Come you Wooly headed sheep herder, your flock needs attending too! Odin complied, he fained reluctance for the game, though in truth he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Frigga!

As the Door closed Eternity jumped off his Throne swinging a balled fist at that imaginary table, he cried out "Yes!" Cause he was going to enjoy the Next game of chess! Eternity was in a happy mood, finally he might have met his match if Frigga is anything to go by, and he does love a challenge!

The specially adapted Lear Jet attained an altitude of 40,000 ft. The plane had refueled mid-flight changing course for England! Thorolf mussed about the debriefing and how the meeting came about…

The pilot had confirmed that the Aircraft was at 40,000 ft. ‘Twas policy to communicate at or above this altitude, since there are only six "Ultra secure" satellites used for this type of communication. Thorolf turned on the Monitor and sat down at a chair closest to the Monitor.

The image focused!

The image was the "Bust" of President Clinton. Thorolf looked at the Man who had carried the scars of Ridicule and Censure from the Senate! His look didn’t look too bad considering! Thorolf thought of Clinton as a good warrior who plugged on against the odds!

"Ah, there you are!"

"Ready to serve, Mr. President!"

"Ever the Formal one, Eh Thorolf!"

"As the way it should be Mr. President!"

"So much for small talk? The President got down to business. When you get to London you are going to meet with a small delegation and take them on to Jerusalem! All the information is contained in a satchel within the Safe! Read, and digest the information!" Thorolf opened the safe removed the Satchel and looked back at the Monitor!

"Thorolf I cannot stress how important this meeting is and the necessity for top notch security! If anything happens there is a very good probability of global warfare, so be on you guard; trust no one! You have two weeks before the end of this millennia, use your "winning ways" to achieve a conclusion, you know what I mean, so make it happen, OK! I’ll talk to you on the first day of the new millennium! Good bye and good luck!

"I will do my very best Mr. President!"

"Make sure it is so!" You have 14 days to complete your task!

"So what are the stakes Odin?" Eternity said!

"A fourth and Thorolf. The winner decides!


Eternity was aghast! "A fourth you have to be kidding? An Eighth mayhap! You want a Quarter of my realm?

"Aye, when the stakes are that high, the game is better played! So how about a Sixth!

"Done!" Eternity didn’t know if he was relieved or not!

The game started anew, Eternity made a bold and even rash move, and Odin countered with a more controlled and devious move. Eternity put on his thinking cap, this wasn’t going to be easy?

Thorolf put his feet up on the Ottoman, opened the satchel, and started to read the Documents. One letter got his full attention it was one from the Queen of England to the President of the United States of America!


November 27th, 1999

Dear William,

I hope your health and misfortune is on the Mend these days, Phillip and I wish you the very best for the Future! As you know the New Millenium is around the corner because of this we should start it off in a good light and a progressive one at that!

I have contacted the Heads of each religious "house" (with the Exception of the "Houses’ in your country) in trying to resolve our Theological differences and to work on a common goal for the future of our world!

I would like to have your religious heads included in this meeting and making it a global affair. If you would agree I would like to ask one more favor. It has been decided that your State department should organize this meeting and have your deputy, Thorolf Torstonsen controlling the organization.

Please do not be offended that "we" have decided to do this without your initial assistance since secrecy has to be of the highest order! I know I don’t have to tell you of the implications if this gets out.

One other thing, to make this meeting happen, we have to have the Initial meeting in Jerusalem, the Arab nations wouldn’t accept being part of the meeting without this concession!

Please let me know at soonest so that I can let the other members know what your position is?

You may be asking yourself why I am coordinating this? Well, you may know that technically I am the head of the Church of England and that I have the Contacts to make this happen! I had no choice in the matter, so I better make the Most of it!

Pass on my regards to Hilary and Chelsea! I’m looking forward to their visit in February.


Elizabeth II, HRH.


"By the Bristling Beard of Odin, this sucks! How the hell am I going to get these people to agree? I can see it now,

The Pope and Queen at each other’s Throats, The Ayatollah, and the Jews spitting each other in the Eye! The Dali-Lama breaking up the Fight and the Evangelists causing the trouble in the First place! This Sucks! Oh well I’d best get the thinking cap on!

He made reparations for his delegation, which consisted mainly of security personnel! He is going to need more people that’s for sure!

How fairs the Wailing Wall indeed!

"Check," said Odin, he smiled but he wasn’t out of it yet! Eternity rubbed his forehead!

Continued in Chapter 10: The Wrapping Is Nice, But The Surprise is Something Else!

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