Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 10: The wrapping is nice but the Surprise is something Else!

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

"Sir we have a problem!" Thorolf turns around and looks at the young Security Officer!

"Oh, how so Lieutenant Petersen!"

"Perhaps you should go to the monitor and check for yourself!"

Thorolf knew it was trouble, these last ten days were a nightmare it truly was a disaster, all the heads of the respective religions were trying to convert each other! The worst were the Evangelists! Talk about instigators, they were down right "Shit Stirrers enough to drive Christ off the cross!" They wound up everybody with their "Holier than Thou" attitude, even the Pope was an angel compared to the Evangelists! The problem seemed to be that they didn’t want to find commonality, they kept reverting back to the detailed aspects of there own religion!

Talk about being difficult!

The walk to the "Communications room" was a short one! Especially since Thorolf controlled the Pace. His legs were long and his pace was measured, the Lieutenant was shorter by a head and he was almost running!

"OK Chief, show me what the problem is," as Thorolf and the officer passed though the Door of the COM’s Room! The chief knew there was no room for preamble so he spooled up the "Video" and the Images spoke for themselves!

His eyes didn’t miss a thing though his jaw dropped showing how Shocked Thorolf was! Thirty seconds into the broadcast, Thorolf had seen enough!

"When did this happen? Is this a live feed? Where is the Focus of transmission?" Thorolf was pissed! The Subordinates had never seen Thorolf this angry!

The Chief got to the point! Five minutes ago… It was a Live feed to Los Angeles being transmitted from the "Foyer" of this hotel!


"Check Mate!" The Victor had smiled on the Inside; he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of his opponent! The game of Chess was invigorating!

"God Dam-it… Petersen you are Ops. Get a detail to the Foyer… Detain the Miscreant… Chief you’re with me!"

The Chief and Thorolf were running down the hallway to the Elevator. "You know what chief, I knew Robertson was Dangerous, but a fool?" The Chief was smart enough not to reply.

Inside Thorolfs mind he started to go over where he made the Mistake and Kept on berating himself.


How the Hell did this happen? I got a hold of the Israeli Secret Service and they made the arrangements for the Venue! You have to give them their due they are professionals! They have a hotel on the West Side of town that’s basically a façade, it’s a functioning Hotel all right, but the Guests are oblivious to the "Goings On" in the Hotel. How the Hel did the security become so passe?

They were in the Elevator,

"Chief, I want an answer, get to the bottom of this!"

"I’m on it!" The earpiece of his communicator was working... It seems one of our own security… Jamison was bribed to turn a blind eye when checking Robertson’s baggage… He’s in the brig!

"Good, at least it’s a start." Though Thorolf wasn’t satisfied.

The Elevator doors opened and both men exited in cadence. Thorolfs eyes scanned the foyer and found his target! He thought of Robertson as a vulture, praying on the dead! Replace the Word dead for non-thinking peoples and you have "nailed it on the head."

Thorolf grabbed Robertson by the Tricep of his left arm! Thorolf is a strong man, as he lifted the "Vulture" off the ground he pinched the Tricep harder than necessary. The Vulture screamed but Thorolf didn’t care, Thorolf carried him that way for about twenty feet, next to the steps of the driveway.

Robertson tried to protest but Thorolf squeezed a little harder. "Do you realize what you have done!" Robertson started to talk, looking very nervous but Thorolf didn’t hear a word because in his minds eye a mature man in Viking war armor spoke to him!

"Look to the Skies, Son of Stone! Be well and take charge!"

 Thorolf didn’t have time to respond; though the eyes of Odin watched what was yet to happen!

Thorolfs talent differed from his Fathers inasmuch that his talent was both intuitive and instinctive. Without thought he brought to life, the "Will, Word and the Way. His senses could see that little-aircraft-looking-missile that was going to "land" on the Hotel in a few minutes because it didn’t take a straight path! This confirmed that it was a Cruise missile!

Still holding on to a squirming Robertson, he called out for the Chief. It seemed that the Chief wanted to speak to Thorolf!

"Sir, we have an incoming, and its one of Ours!"

"Affirmative." Thorolf said with certainty!


The Chief wasn’t Surprised, since he has worked with Thorolf for the last ten years. In that time he has seen his Boss do some "weird shit"… Nothing new here!

"How long, exactly!"

"Four minutes at best, two at worst!"

"Low yield Nuke?" Thorolf asked.

"Can’t tell, probably not, probably high explosives!"

"Ok Chief, Get as many of the Hotel personnel and guests out! I’ll look after our hosts. Run interference with the Media; tell them everything is fine and that the Hosts are safe in a secret location! When I’m established I’ll call you on 847, keep that band open, Ok chief get too it!"

The chief nodded, he understood what Thorolf wanted. Thorolf wanted the "perps" to think the Hosts are dead, too give him time to deal with the Media and at least keep them at bay! He started the evacuation process with efficiency!

"Are you coming Robertson?" Thorolf gave him no choice; he physically dragged the "Vulture" into the meeting room! At one point Robertson squirmed as if his life depended on it but he couldn’t break the hold, so he gave up and prayed to his God!


This is ef-fing amazing, I left this room for fifteen minutes, and nothing has changed… Why me? Thorolf put a hand to his brow and shook his head!

"May I have your attention please!" The room went quiet. "We have to leave! We are under attack from a guided missile, so please pay attention, and do as you are told and say nothing!


If I had a Camera now, the look on their faces really was a "Kodak" moment. It’s amazing that when their lives are on the line they do become cooperative!

"Please form a line, I’m going to leave you for a moment but I will be back. Ma’am would you please control the party whilst I’m away?

She nodded, in a way as only one of the "blood" would!

Via the "Will, Word and the Way he conjured a door and stepped though! In the, what he considered what was a "continuum" he looked for the door that would take him to the "Grove." He found the Door, "marked it, turned around and went back to the "Meeting room." He paused at the "door’" and watched the crowd being Chastised by the queen; it was funny to see leaders in their own right acting like scolded children. Shit! Another Kodak moment!

"OK people!" He didn’t have time for the formal address. "Hold hands with the person in front of you and behind you, don’t let go! If you do, you will die! Thorolf took hold of the Popes hand after the Pope made the sign of the Cross! He took them through the doors that will take them to the Rune of the forty-ninth step from the Grove!

When he reached the second door, he told the Pope not to pass beyond the rune at the 49th step and make sure no one else does either! He stopped by the second door and helped the religious leaders through. By the look on their faces it seemed they have had a spiritual Moment!


Another Kodak moment more like! The Queen took up the rear and as she passed by Thorolf she quietly said…

"Hlorridi says Hi!" she put her finger to her lips as if to say, "say nothing!"


The cruise missile had final "Target lock," it started its descent! 10 seconds, 9…

Thorolf went back to the First door, As he started to close the door, the meeting room Exploded! Instinctively, Thorolf shied away from the explosion, ‘twas a human reaction but in the realm of the Meta-physical it didn’t matter, he wasn’t harmed. The door closed, he turned around and finally walked though the last door to the "Grove."

Thorolf and the Group got their bearings. He had to explain what had happened to them, this led to one question then another, and another… So with the final question he had pretty much explained what had happened to the Olden God and the Ascendant Gods!

The one question that was difficult to explain was that for their safety, the Group would have to journey to the Grove! He explained about being Pure of heart and carrying out actions that are for the best intentions, if you were at fault you would not make it to the "Grove." This caused quite a consternation. The religious heads ruffled their feathers because they were reluctant to make the 49th pace to the "Grove." This was a human reaction after all, one that Thorolf suffered from. He remembered how his father was struck down.

It seemed only the Daly-Lama was free of doubt!

The group took the 49th pace together; Robertson was forced since he was held on both sides between the Ayatollah and the Calvinist. Robertson didn’t even make the 48th he was struck down by lightning in Mid-step. The Ayatollah and the Calvinist looked at each other and simultaneously dropped the charred remains.

Each step closer to the Grove was the Burden of faith!

‘Twas a good sign when every other member of the group reached the 1st , they were safe now! ‘Twas time to continue into the Grove but a translucent apparition barred the way!

"Blessed be Son O’ Stone, thy companions have done well, your journey is almost at an end! I will be your guide and accept the asylum of Hlorridi!"

"I’m honored that my Namesakes wife is my guide to the Sanctuary of Thor! Lead on Roksva, daughter of Thor!

So the Motley crew disappeared into the Grove!


In the Last realm, Odin and Eternity were Re-stacking the Chess pieces!

Odin asked a question. "So what are the stakes for the next Game?"

"The End… And your Son!" Eternity waited for Odins reaction! It wasn’t long.

Odin dropped his Queen on the floor! He used a little Majik to levitate the piece onto the chessboard! Eternity was pleased!

Continued in Chapter 11: Theology 101?

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