Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 11: Theology 101?

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

In the Lava pits of Muspelheim, Surtur’s minions crowded around their master. They were waiting for the "word!" All were ready for the battle that would ensue. Considering that the minions have been killing each other for a Millennia, an excuse for killing others will be welcome, so the "squadies" are well motivated and Sutur knew this!

Sutur’s stance was both motivating and pathetic, why? Because he had his hands behind his back walking around, nodding and mumbling something or another until!

"Minions of Sut! Today we embark on an occasion that only happens once in the cycle of creation, that is, the End of the Cycle. For countless Eons have we been denied this outcome? In the Past was the opposition from the Olden Gods they were prepared for us and our victory was denied!

"This time "Old Man Thor" is alone, he doesn’t have his father to help; his mother is counteracting the poison that is being injected into Midgard! "Old Man Thor" is alone and this time he will fail! On the Day of the "Last All-thing" will I rip the Heart out of his Body and feed upon it? Once the Olden Warrior is vanquished, the "Lamb" will succumb after I Rent Jord asunder! Prepare the "Tools of War," for the Morrow we march!"

Sutur raises his right hand, pushing it up to the sky repeatedly and Starts to chant! "To the End of the cycle, to the end of the Cycle!" The Chorus of the minions gained in amplitude! The Frenzy was infectious like the Feeding frenzy that Sharks have at the right or wrong time, it depends if you are dinner or not!

Sutur was well satisfied; all the plans laid out, including dispatching a small group of the Sentinels to the Grove. Sutur relished the thought of destroying Thor’s "precious little Grove" he wants Thor to hurt before he dies!

Sutur called for the Bubble that held his captives, it landed in the outstretched palm of Sutur’s hand! He looked at the two Gods with contempt and it did show though with his tone of Voice! "On the Morrow shalt yea see the demise of your nephew and shortly thereafter the destruction of the Cosmos! What say you, pathetic ones?

Ve’s response was physical, he ran at the surface of the bubble intending to break free. ‘Twas to no avail Ve just bounced back into the Center of the bubble. Ve’s frustration showed!

Ville was more of thinking God; he would take action after thinking things though! All he said was "Why?"

‘Tis my Purpose, my job of sorts, I am the end of creation! Sutur was smug!

"Dost thou have to enjoy your "Job" so much?"

"Aye, to get the job done one has to be motivated! I am motivated because I wish it! I WANT it to happen, THIS IS MY DESTINEY." Sutur’s voice was getting louder ‘twas always the case when he talked about himself!

"Thou art truly beyond evil fire Daemon! Ville was disgusted because he was only holding onto Hope by a Fate’s thread! 

It’s been quite a while since Thorolfs motley crew were escorted into the Grove and starting their debate! Thorolf thought about the beginnings through too where he could not take it anymore!


I was walking next to Roksva as we passed through the first ring of Oaks, we were making idle conversation when I noticed in the Corner of my right eye that Roksva had twisted her wrist in a motion that indicated that she had cast a spell! I was correct because plumes of tiny little spores went past me! I looked around and my companions were breathing in the Spores! Almost immediately my companions were succumbing to the psychoactive compound. The conversation stopped, the Eyes lidded, their body movements became jerky almost automation like, ‘twas eerie to look at, seeing all these "very powerful people" following along, saying nothing! I asked Roksva why I wasn’t affected. 

"The Spores recognize you! They know you are the offspring of T’orston and they knew him well for since T’orstons change, becoming something different, Thor told the spores to stay away from him! So they are staying away from you, now!


So, we continued I followed Roksva through the Grove and my companions followed me, Yes it was eerie! The Grove was a maze and fortunately Roksva knew the way; my Father told me of the First time he went into the Grove and how he sat at the stunted "Oak," drinking mead whilst being taught the Words of Odin. The Words of Odin included "The Will, Word and the Way" and the Words of the Scald! From that time my Father had an intuitive grasp for the Words of Odin but I have inherited the Word, I inherited the Instinct, the Word come naturally, thank goodness it has because it has saved my bacon many a time!

We came to the Center of the Grove, ‘twas a sight I didn’t count on! The Stunted Oak was larger than it should have been (nine meters in diameter) and there were as many Goblets of Mead as there were people! Little stumps acted as chairs for my companions and my companions complied with Roksva when told to sit!

The effects of the psychoactive compound had changed; the companions were coming out of their stupor! The Eyes showed that the brain was thinking again, the Expression on their faces showed the Shock of "where the Hell are we" and they were moving their heads and talking, in a fashion! The Psychoactive now only controlled the Bodies from the neck down except for one arm.

The Pope was first to realize this as he grabbed for the Goblet of mead; he looked into the Goblet then smelt its odor, finally he took a tentative sip! The Pope nodded and polished of the entire contents, which brought a smile upon his face, the rest of the companions followed suit! Before the Pope put his Goblet down he looked at it again and to his surprise it was full again! He put the goblet down with a very happy expression!

It was funny to me at least seeing these people acting in such a fashion, babbling to themselves pausing and taking a drink of mead but that show was pretty much over since Roksva called everybody to order!

"At the behest of a boon, you are alive today! ‘ ‘Twould seem there are people on Midgard who wants this meeting to fail! If it wasn’t for Thorolf you would all be dead! This meeting is very important, actually it is crucial because Mankind cannot continue without having a conclusion to this meeting! So, I’ll ask a question to the Venerable Rabbi and I’ll expect you all to answer the Question in a adult manner!

The Rabbi was put on the spot; he thought about it, coughed a nervous cough, and waited for the question?

Roksva knew the Answer but she had to go though the preamble! "Sir, pray tell what are the fundament aspects to your teaching and religion!" She emphasized the Fundamental.

Very quickly she got an answer!

"To be one with God, one with the World and one with yourself!" The Rabbi had a satisfied look once he scoped his surroundings noting that he got a general consensus!

Roksva was pleased until…

"But that is a simplistic overview!" The Calvinist shouted out. It went down hill from there! Roksva rolled her Eyes and Thorolf Left the center of the Grove!

Continued in Chapter 12: If The Sun Rises, It Will Set, Won't It?

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