Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 12: If The Sun Rises, It Will Set, Won't It?

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

In the War room of Bilskirnir she put on the last vestige of her battle armor! There was a click it went as the left glove fused with the rest of the body armor. She was ready now and she called for her sword!

 Runding, to my hand!

 The Hallowed broadsword answered her request. It floated with rapidity to her hand, as she clasped the Hilt she made the broadsword go thought an arc cutting the apple without a thought!

 She started the dance and a dance it was! She flowed and parried cutting swaths though every obstacle in her way.

 Sif glistened, since women don’t sweat! She took a moment to look at Her sword; this was the sword that Beowulf had possession off in his day. She let his family have it for two centuries.

 They did well, but finally she asked for it back! Why, at the time she didn’t know. Her preferred weapon is the scythe and the scythe is a weapon of "Good times," a time of harvest, a time of plenty, definitely not a weapon of War! Runding was another matter though! The broadsword gave her comfort in the time of war, aye ‘twas a weapon of bloodshed but it was a comfort for all that! It protected her! Runding was her "third hand," it’s movements were natural, and at the time of dis-ease ‘twas a comfort to hold. She continued the dance until she was interrupted!

 The Doors opened; her Husband walked with concern on his face!

 "What say you, Heart of my Heart!"

 "As the good Woman that I am, I’m making reparations!"

 "What reparations would that be? Thor quizzed?"

 "Behind every good-man there is a good-woman to continue the battle from whence the battle raged!"

"I laud you for yon actions though it might be said that should I prevail naught will happen. There will be no recourse! Consider the Guardianship of Bilskirnir, my people will need guidance should this be for naught!"

 "What is this negative prattling husband of mine; ‘twas foretold of this day, ‘tis your day of reckoning, the Will ‘gainst the insurmountable odds, for that I have faith but it would be negligent of I if I didn’t think of the worst case and make amends!"

 "Aye what thou sayest is true!" Today is the day for the sun to rise with a synchronicity, rising as one in all the Plains of reality! This last sunrise will be the signal for the "Last day?"

 "Today is a good day to die, for and in the name of justice!" Come Heart of my heart, lets see the Sun rise together, mayhap it could be the last!"

 "Aye Ving-Thor, it pleases me to be escorted by my heart of hearts, ‘tis the last day if the Destiny’s child has his way. Should he prevail the day after today will be the start of a new cycle. Faugh, this melancholy thou hast, carries contagion, and is irritating! Thou wilt do thine own best, think naught ’pon the negative aspect, at the days end thou wilt see victory, husband of mine! "

 "Aye this Sunrise will be a sight for sore eyes, too me my lady fair Hildskijalf beacons to us! The Goddess of the Harvest complied she snuggled into his arm. The looked at each other, he bent down to kiss her on the lips. Doing so he also swung Mjolnir to take flight!"


Eternity takes Odins "Knight," lifting it off the chessboard did he Smile! All that Odin did was to furrow his brow!

 Thorolf hadn’t realized that he stayed awake all night long but that is what he did! He was still leaning against that Oak tree, arms folded across his chest. He was brought out of his trance when his communicator cracked, fizzled, and popped, the weather around the grove effected the communicator’s performance, but dialog could be heard.

 "Ops to the Prodigal son, comeback over!"

 Thorolf berated himsel again, he should have checked in Hours ago but the chief knew that if the communications were not established he would start communicating himself and if necessary form a rescue party!

 "What say you chief, is everything OK?"

 "Yes, no and Not really!"

 "What is that supposed to mean?"

 "Well… I did as you said… We leaked info to CNN regarding the safety of the Delegation, everybody picked up on that, and the powers that be are doing their best job to keep the peoples temperament in check! There is something strange that’s happening though, which is agitating everybody!

 "Oh, what’s that!" Thorolf replied.

 "What time do you have, and what date is it?"

 "4.57am GMT –1, Local time in Iceland, and it’s December 31, 1999! Why!

 "You should have had Sunrise 3 minutes ago, heck Los Angles should have had Sunrise 7 Hours ago! Let me restate this all over the World there has been no! Sunrise!

"What!" Thorolf looked around and found where the Sun should have risen! The Sky had the red hue before Sunrise but there was no sun!

 "We continuing all the Nations are trying to calm their peoples, Everybody is going hysterical, quoting the End of the World and all such Nonsense!

 Thorolf smiled to himself, he knew that everybody had the right to think the End of the World was coming because it was! Here was the chief though still calm and going about his business. Thorolf thought, when or if this mission is accomplished he would nominate that The Chief gets his own cell to operate! That was for the future, if there is one! I will have to deal with that later, so he focused on the Now!

 "Chief… John, where are you know?"

 "Over the British Isles, the boys and I are in an X-211, we thought you will need some help!"

 Thorolf smiled! "OK! Make sure you do not fly over the Grove, I’ve told you what might happen if you do! Disembark at the "LOCK" you’re only two miles away from the Grove at that point! I estimate you will land in thirty! When you get close to the Grove look for a stone about a meter high with a Tilde and three lines under it! This denoted the 49th pace to the Grove! Don’t pass that mark, when I see you I’ll meet you there! Get here as fast as you can!"

 "Will do, over and out!"


The X-211 was a prototype for the HOTOL project, The Hypersonic, high altitude vehicle that goes into "Low space" before reentering the atmosphere! The "211" can react 3500 mph right now and can achieve "Low space Attitude" for brief moments. This vehicle is top secret Thorolf wondered how the chief had pulled it off, I’ll ask him when he gets here, he thought!

From Hildskijalf Thor and Sif looked over the Nine Worlds. Their faces Reflected what was going on! The Whole of creation was waiting, with baited breath for the next sunrise! That moment will signal the Beginning of the End, for as the sun rises that will be the signal of Sutur’s Return, and that will be the signal for Thor to battle the fire giant!

Thor took this moment for his last embrace, Sif melted in Thors arms, and they kissed as if it would be their last for it was a passionate kiss! The now familiar white light emanated sixteen feet from the couple, the white light manifested into the "Son of the Three!"

The Couple stopped kissing and turned to see the Son of God!

I greet thee, mistress of the Harvest and Hlorridi, master of the Storm, Lord of lightning! Out of respect for the Thunder God and his wife Jesus spoke the formal greeting! The Couple nodded!

"I came to wish you well and good tidings Thunder God, for in you rests the very continuance of creation! Though I wish you well for my own reasons and very continuance but also for many a year have we known each other, and in that I have become very fond of you! Have a care and don’t get your self killed!"

"Indeed, as thou hast sayest, as I believe the same of you! ‘ ‘Twas foretold of this very day and in that, Mayhap ‘ll prevail I have to go fishing again with my comrade in arms!" Thor smiled for he had the purpose but did the smile portray his conviction?

"Anon, the time has come to take my leave!" He clasped the "Lambs" arm in the tradition manner then turned to his wife.

"For the Nonce ‘tis my last request that you be the Master of Asgard in my absence. My peoples will need a strong arm and guide. Say naught buts follow my wishes, come Sunset our troubles will be over, one way, or another! What say you Heart of My Heart, wilt thou follow my orders?

"Yea, though it saddens me ‘ll carry out your instructions. ‘ ll be with the peoples for till the time that you return! Fare yea well husband O mine, return to mine own embrace at the end!"

The Sun started to rise! The whole of creation knew it; was it a curse or a blessing no one knew!

His enchanted hammer pulled the Lord of lightning off the Hallowed Throne into a cloud that was over Southern California!

Continiued in Chapter 13: "Men Can Be God's, Can't They?"

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