Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 13: Men Can Be Gods, Can't They?

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

The Lord of lightning disappeared as T’orston materialized next to Hildskjalf! The Wandered paid his respects to the Son of the Three and the mistress of the Harvest. The response to his greeting was hurried from the Mistress of the Harvest and one of warning from the Lamb!

 "Hlorridi has gone to battle Sutur! Be warned that you shall not pass on the "Odin power" until you are told! Should you do so, It will have dire consequences with the outcome! Peace on you Wanderer for the road(s) that you travel will not end soon!" The Son of the three disappeared before T’orston could bring forth a rebuttal!

 T’orston took note of the statement, even though he was bewildered and paid his attention to his Mistress!

 "Wanderer, yon timing is perfect as usual, I have a task for thee! Take me to Bilskirnir, I need to have an audience with the Peoples of Thor. Handle it with dispatch conjure the doors that you have, time is of the essence on the Mortal plane!"

 Without recourse he opened a door into the main Hol of Hlorridi! Thialfi was going about his business when his mistress got his ear! She told Thors second to get everyone’s attention, and too assemble in the Great hall. She made her motion perfectly clear; get everybody here at soonest!

 The peoples of Thor assembled in a moment of time, most of them wearing their battle armor; waiting for their mistress to speak!

 "Peoples of Thor, for the oldest of you my Husband and your Lord has given you house and home for over two thousand years, as the Mortals see it! In that time he has given you a purpose for living after death! I wish yea to grant me a boon for the good life you have had! The Boon is this; your lord has asked me to supervise you! I promised my Husband that I would not leave you! So the Boon is this, if I cannot leave you alone, yea all whilst have to follow me! That said, I wish to be with my husband in the Hour of his need! For that yea all whilst have to come with me My husband whilst surely needs our help cause he is to forestall destiny’s child so that the mortals, your descendants can survive and progress. What say you, are you with me… or not?"

 The Hol reverberated with Ayes, the people who didn’t come with their battle armor, left the Hol briskly to get theirs and their steeds. Within a few moments they were back in the Hol dressed for the battle to come!

 Sif told Thialfi to stay with a few warriors, that said; he gave the Wanderer a look that could kill. T’orston told himself that he would have to clear the animosity between them after the confrontation.

 "Wanderer, make a door, times a waistin!" He complied, for the Peoples of Thor wishes to be near their master! The Wolves left with their mistress gnashing their teeth! It seemed as if they were looking forward to this battle!"


Eternity placed his Knight, Three and Two from Odins King. "Check" was all he said! His face showed via the smile that he was enjoying this game! Eternity stamped the clock and said your move, Lord of the Hosts!

Odin was agitated; He got up from his chair walked away from the Table, Flexing his fingers in a repetitive way! He walked in a circle then sat down and made his move!

 "Clever, Odin! Mayhap the Cosmos will survive? All you have to do is beat me!"

 Odin looked at the table, trying to anticipate Eternities next move he wasn’t looking forward to it, for his brow had sweat on it!

 Thorolf looked at his watch, twenty-nine minutes and counting! O’er head The Storm was gathering; Cumulus sprang forth from nothing as the sun started to rise! In the Distance he saw, no he heard an "LCAC." The LCAC turned out to be an old SRN6 Hovercraft coming in his direction at full speed. It seemed as if it was being chased and indeed it was! Lances of fire struck the Hull!

 Thorolf walked away from the Grove, he couldn’t see the adversary or the adversaries, and he quickened his pace forgetting the storm that was brewing! His only thought was of the fire-lances not hitting the cushion. The cushion is a delicate fabric that allowed the Hovercraft to move!

 His worst fears came true as a lance breached the fabric. The Hovercraft listed to the portside, slowing and coming to a halt. The main door lifted up from the center-front of the machine, before the door was fully open his men came rushing out. Two of his men took defensive positions and started firing their M16’s at the now visible foes.

 Sutur’s Sentinels fanned out in front of the Hovercraft; they got into position ready for the assault that was about to happen. From Thorolfs point of view he saw what the Sentinels were and was aghast! The shear Numbers of these Fire daemons were astounding! Based on his military training he juxtaposed a number, he wasn’t far off since there was 10 thousand of them!

 All he thought was, is this my Kodak moment?

 His "boys" had reached him now, his chief looked at him as if to say, "Now is the time to do that weird shit that you do!"

 Thorolf knew that look; he had seen it before back in 77 when they were at the Iranian embassy in London, held as a hostage, the chief and he were getting visa’s when the terrorists made their move! The British SAS got the credit for dispatching the Terrorists but it was actually Thorolf that dispatched some of them. It was the first time he had used the "Will, Word and the Way! A terrorist was about to rape a comely girl form Encino! Thorolf lost his temper and said a few incomprehensible words, the terrorist burst into flames, and shortly thereafter the SAS crashed through the windows. Thorolf got into action dispatching five more before the SAS got the other 7. That was the first time Thorolf and the Chief had met, yet it would take another twelve years for the Chief to work with Thorolf, but that look he gave him then is the same as now!

 He gathered the "Will, Word and the Way" as he saw the two operatives being vaporized by the fire daemons. Thorolf features became as "Cold as ice" and he thought; for every one of mine that dies a thousand of you shalt perish! He released the spell… Nothing happened!

 The Hoards came closer!

 Thorolf was a fast thinker; he was still in the boundaries of the Grove. The Majik of the Grove negated his own Majik! The lightning stuck at random targets, bolt after bolt shattered the Sentinels. The problem was the strikes were random, without direction, reducing the devastating blows or impacts to the hoard!

 John the chief looked at his friend as if to say well what’s keeping you annihilate these schlubs! Nothing happened for the moment until Thorolf put his hands in the Air and started talking to the Storm!

 "Here yea, oh wrathful Storm, Here yea, oh vengeful lightning! Come hither know a comrade of yours, we are the Servants of Hlorridi. Feel me, touch me and smell me see what I am saying is the truth!"

 Three lightning bolts struck Thorolf; they didn’t kill him but lifted him into the Sky! The storm caressed Thorolf; it lifted Thorolf out of the boundaries, he used the ‘Word’ to talk to the elements.

 He told them of his purpose, and they complied. He became focused again; his eyes shone pure red. Where he looked became the focus of the Storm. Bolts of lightning emitted from his eyes, scorching the ground and anything between it! He saw the Hoards movements, where they advanced he struck! This continued for what seemed an eternity!

 He could take it no more, yes he was special, but he was a mortal! No one can be the Catalyst for the storm except Hlorridi himsel!

 He wasn’t strong enough; a mortal can only do so much. The very action that was saving lives was killing him, but he continued. His eyesight was the last thing to go and with it he verified the Hoards were vanquished! At this sight he made piece with his maker. He had a smile on his face!

 The Storm and his brother knew that Thors servant had perished for they didn’t sense his purity, gently they laid him down to rest next to his comrades!

John the Chief, clasped Thorolf body putting the Head in the nape of his neck, he rocked the body of his Boss and Friend whilst crying out loud. All the operatives had a tear in their eyes. He was a good person; his men loved him!

 John lifted his head... He scanned the area. He was appalled at seeing all the bodies that were charred and disemboweled! The chief made a decision… Go to the grove and bring Thorolf with them!

 They got though the maze of oaks after the spores investigated what was happening, they decided to leave them be since they were carrying the Stones Get!

 The Discussion was interrupted as the operatives came into the center of the Grove. The religious heads saw a solemn group of people carrying Thorolf. The faces reflected sorrow but with grim determination; no one was going to mess with these guys!

 The chief was in no mood for pleasantries; he got to the point about as subtle as a rapist would! Move… Get away from that tree… Move your fat asses… Now! The delegates moved away from the stunted tree as his men gently laid Thorolf to rest on the oldest Oak known to man or God!

 "OK! Now you can sit! They did! I have a Question to ask of you? ARE we worth this! As he pointed to Thorolf! This man was very special, he was gifted and what did he do, he died for us!" Tears were streaming down his face as he was speaking. "Was it worth it… Look at you all, arguing with each other to show who is the most important… Whose God is more Important… Look about you, look at this man, he died so that you could live! If he thought we were worth it, can’t you at least listen to each other, and find some common ground?"

 "AH, why am I bothering "ll be protecting your sorry asses at the perimeter!"

Continiued in Chapter 14: A Sword Can Die, Can't It?

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