Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 14: A Sword Can Die, Can't It?

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Being Destiny’s child Sutur had a measure of Majiks, he was proficient in sensing the Use of; and using it himsel! Sutur wanted to make a grand entrance, he asked for a boon, and was granted one! He asked that the Sun in all the realms would rise late this day.

 The fact that the sun didn’t rise "on time" had different meanings to different people. The people of Earth knew that the Apocalypse was about to happen, many peoples went to their home making peace with their loved ones, and their God or Gods! The Baser creatures went on a looting rampage, causing the governments to enact Martial law, imposing curfews trying to control their citizens!

 To Hlorridi it would mark the beginnings of the Battle!

 To Eternity and Odin, two very nervous combatants in the Game of Chess, it will indicate that their game is nearing an End!

 Destiny’s child called to the Sun; "thou canst move the planets now… My thanks for granting the Boon… My time hath come, ‘tis time for Destiny’s child to play his hand."

 With a thought Sutur created a portal between Muspelheim and Earth! His minions went though, splitting off in two groups. One going to the grove and the other to follow wherever Sutur decreed!

 Long Beach, California. A City with a history! A city based on oil; at one time Old man "Bixby" owned most of the land from Wilmington to Seal Beach! Oil derricks, and the promontory, Signal hill, dominated its landscape! Over the years Long Beach has had it’s hey day, going into decline and now its resurgence with massive capital Investments!

 Downtown Long Beach is only a couple of blocks from the Sea, and less than a mile as the "Crow flies" from the Queen Mary and the Dome that held the "Spruce Goose."

 This morning after the Sun rose a Portal was opened bringing with it a very prominent smell of Sulfur reminiscent of rotten eggs!

 Sutur crushed the Dome and the Queen Mary because they were in the way!

 As seen from various Tele-casts, a huge creature stepped out of the Portal looking like a fire demon from Hell! The creature looks around; he was dissatisfied with what he surveyed! He raised his hand too shoulder level, then he swung his arm, finger pointing though an arc. The finger pointed at the boundaries of San Pedro. As his finger made the Arc fire emitted from its tip, the Vincent Thomas Bridge, Terminal Island, and what had been the Naval base became molten Slag; leveled flat with a mirrored sheen that happens when you melt Metal! Surtur’s finger continued its arc, Wrigley succumbed to the Heat, shortly thereafter Bixby Knolls, Cal Heights, the Boeing complex, Lakewood, and Veterans stadium suffered the same consequences. After a few moments Sutur finished his arc, the consequences were that millions of people ceased to exist!

 Sutur brought forth the Bubble that held the two Gods and commanded it to rest on the promontory that was formerly Signal Hill!

 Sutur looked around, well satisfied was he! He made his proclamation!

 "Denizens of Midgard! Look upon your destruction, ‘tis I, Destinies child, Sutur, Lord of Muspelheim! As of the Morrow shall I cause an ending to your sorrow and longing? I Am the Child of destiny, to destroy what was and create anew! Peoples of Midgard be one with the Gods that you believe in, for as of the Morrow your Gods too shall perish! So have I said so shalt it Be!"

 Sutur looked to the Skies noticing a storm was brewing! From his point of view he saw the Cumulus that came from nowhere to expand to such a size that the whole of Southern California was in it’s "Shade!"

 The storm brought rain! Which was needed, for there were fires at the boundaries of the "Slag." Sutur ordered the minions to fan out because the Thunder God was about to arrive! All Sutur thought about was destroying his Nemesis, the self proclaimed Defender of Asgard and Midgard!

 As if on cue the Thunder God came out of the cloud, on his entrance he viewed what Sutur had done! He was aghast that the Daemon could have so little care and compassion for Life! Thor hovered just below the Storm and called out to his servants!

 "Here yea brothers of the Storm, surrender thy charge. Let, I Hlorridi your lord and master become the Focus of what is yet to come." The thunder and lightning complied! From the Very perimeter of the Cumulus, Lightning issued from the periphery every forty-five degrees, terminating at the center of the Maelstrom!

 From its Center this cloud, cast one huge arc of lightning that hit the rotating hammer of Thor. The clap of Thunder that was released caused a sonic boom: that eventually will be heard around the globe!

 Mjolnir absorbed the Godly power that it received, as such the Hammer glowed White-hot. Thor looked to the Minions of Sut; they needed to be dispatched with rapidity!

 Before the Minions of Sut could get to the "Boundaries of mayhem" thus causing lesser bouts of destruction, the Lord of the Storm released his will. Hundred of minions at a time exploded as each bolt of lightning hit its searing mark!

 As before Sutur observed the destruction of his Minion’s. He wasn’t about to let this continue any further. He raised his hand, and brought forth his power!

 Mjolnir was spinning rapidly thus creating a barrier that protected Thor from Sutur’s blast! The Energy did have some effects on the Master of Mjolnir, for the force repelled Thor away from the Storm, right into the Base of Signal hill; the link between the storm and Hlorridi was temporarily broken!

 After a few seconds of shaking his head and getting to his feet, Thor summoned Sutur!

 "Hear Yea Destroyer of what is! Aye, mayhap Thor is alone but I shalt prevail e’en if it costs me my very life, thou art doomed to fail!"

 "Ha" was the only word that came from the lord of Muspelheim!

 "I say thee Nay Sutur! Thou shalt surely fail; the will of creation wants to live! Not to perish!"

 "Oh really Godling! As we speak my father and yours have a battle of there own!"

 Look to the skies, see for yourself, and see if I talk with falsehood!


A vision of Eternity and Odin were playing the "game of chess," it was very clear who was winning!

 Thor looked to the skies and he knew the vision was true! All he could say was "Father."

 Whilst Thor was distracted for a moment. He received a blow of full force from Sutur!


From the Vision in the Skies one could see that Eternity was making his last move! As if tomorrow would ne’er come, he lifted his queen to make the Checkmate…

Thor was a hurtin! He regained consciousness in the water! The blast knocked him into "Mary’s channel" the channel to the sea from whence that regal old ship made its last journey! He breached the water. Immediately Thor flew out of the water to his adversary!

 Thor flew in a wide arc around Sutur; he wanted Sutur to have his back to the sea! Flying over Signal Hill he noticed the bubble perched atop and the two Gods within. He couldn’t dwell upon the two for now. If he got Sutur’s attention, then they would be safe enough, for the time being that is?

 Sutur looked to the skies. Seeing Thor still inaction he sent another fire-blast at the God of Thunder!

 Thor dodged the Blast with ease and prepared for his own assault. Thor has been on the Defensive for sometime!

 Never had Mjolnir sung so loud as it did now, the whirring that Thor caused was the song for Life. He released the hallowed hammer!

 Mjolnir hit its mark, as she always does! Surtur cried out in pain as he was knocked off his feet, being dragged to the every edge of the sea, he cried out again!

 "That Damnable hammer! Thor is far to dangerous with that mallet!"

Already Mjolnir was returning to Thor’s hand. Sutur knew he could not stop the hammer from returning but he could deflect the Hammer and he did!

 The hammer was deflected and inadvertently passed into the bubble! The Sacred hammer wasn’t allowed to exit. Now there were three captives!

 "Mjolnir to my hand" Thor called, some might say with Desperation. For he looked upon the Bubble. Inside the bubble the Hammer’s actions were frantic in response to summons! The Hammer was beating at the sphere repeatedly failing with its effort!

 Thor knew now that he would have to fight Sutur alone, so he did just that. He turned to face his foe! "The Will ‘gainst insurmountable odds indeed!


The slow motion vision of Eternity placing his queen was half way though!

 Jord looked upon as she watched her son advanced towards Sutur. As only a mother could fathom she could tell that the odds were stacked ‘gainst him. Yet he prevailed for the sake of continuance. His exterior features showed the God having a purpose, but she knew her son, he was having doubts and that could be fatal!

 All of her powers were being used to prevent mankind from damaging her! She considered to what purpose this would be if Thor failed? She allowed a small portion of her power to leach to the surface that Thor walked on.

 As Thor walked he felt a shaking in the ground at his feet. He stopped.

 In doing so he could feel his mothers’ powers augmenting his own! He started to grow and become of a size to that of Sutur! Quietly he thanked his mother!

 He faced his Enemy!

 The two combatants faced each other for what seemed a lifetime, no words, no taunting. Just Good, looking at Evil and visa versa!

 Thor made the first move, he feigned an attack to the right but went left. Thor’s left hand caught Sutur right on the chin causing the Behemoth to topple over, crashing into the ground! Thor flinched in pain because as he punched the fire Daemon his hand was burnt badly!

 Thor was thinking whilst he made his next move. "For every advantage I have has been taken away. How can I fight Sutur when mine own blows hurt me?" His warrior code told him to continue and he did just that!

 He grappled with the monster getting its neck into a position for breaking. The Fourth vertebra was vulnerable in this position, but touching the Fire Lord burnt both hands this time plus his forearm. Thor instinctively pulled away; this gave Sutur an opportunity to knock the feet from under Thor!

 With the practice of the warrior borne Thor protected his hands and rolled away!

 Sutur on the other hand (no pun intended) was no match for the fighting skills of his foe. What he lacked as a brawler was made up for with his use of Majiks. He was very pleased to have changed the composition of his skin that is likened to pouring sulfuric acid upon your own hand!

 Sutur took the advantage by leaping on top of Thor, his right hand only inches away from Thor’s heart. Thor on the other hand was blocking Sutur’s movements with his own hands, burning them as he did! Thor desperately tried to shake off his opponent but he was too strong, and as time went by Thor was getting weaker…


Eternity’s queen hit its mark; he looked at Odin and smiled whilst saying "Check Mate," He took his hand off the Queen! Only then did Odin Smile, for what Eternity thought of, as Odins queen turned out to be a pawn, as the vision had melted! Eternity looked at the Table and watched as the true Queen appeared. With a moment of recognition Eternity knew what Odin had done!

"You cheated" Eternity shouted out in anger!" "When you used your Majik to pick up your queen you changed her appearance!" Eternity’s temper was quick to rouse but also quick to dissipate! Eternity started to Laugh whilst saying, "Do you really want this creation to continue?"

Aye that I did, but cheating if you want to call it that, I did not! I was counting on what your subconscious wanted. You only saw what you wanted to see! So if thou doesn’t mind, I whilst call your checkmate for mine own! I whilst take the win anyway I canst, thou defeated oneself!"

Eternity laughed, a moment of time passed… then, Odin looked perplexed, that made Eternity laugh even harder saying that Odin didn’t get it! Odin did but he wasn’t going to let on!

The two Gods watched from their vantagepoint as Sutur was trying to rip the very heart from Thor, It looked like Sutur would win in the next moment or two.

"Well Ville ‘tis time to make the Choice, a choice we have talked about for Eons, for if the "Crusher" (Mjolnir) cannot break free this will be for naught! I do give up my right to live and upon my death decree that the Crusher here is the recipient of my essence, say naught Brother and friend! ‘Tis the Logical choice since thou whilst have to give assistance to our nephew!"

"Nay Brother surely it must be me for your strength is what will be needed!"

"Nay ‘tis you who are wrong! Remember in the days of yore as the Thunder God was but a child. The Fates degreed that Hlorridi would be stronger than us all. ‘Twould be sheer folly to give up your mind when Thor has the Strength in abundance!"

The decision is made Ville, Brother of mine! Say naught, but think of me from time to time. Mayhap, then I truly will be immortal! They clasped hands in the traditional manner then went their own way!

Ville walked to the Other side of the sphere whilst Ve walked to Mjolnir. Ve tried to grasp the Handle of the Enchanted Hammer, but the hammer had another idea. Mjolnir whacked Ve on the chest sending him to the other side of the sphere! Ve dusted himself off then walked back to the still pummeling Hammer!

"Mjolnir too Me! Sense the Brother of Odin; sense the single purpose we have! The Hammer stopped pounding the Sphere and moved close to the God. Ve wasted no time he grabbed the handle. As he did he started to dematerialize as his godly essence oozes into the Hammer! He gazed upon his brother and said, "Fare Ye Well Brother O’ mine…

A little while earlier, the door opened onto the realm of Midgard. T’orston, Sif and the Other Citizens of Asgard entered this world on the back face of "Signal Hill. Quickly they emerged because with the exception of Sif, T’orston and the Wolves the Citizens of Asgard were little spheres of white light floating in the air!

They rounded the hill watching the Battle intently. From Sif’s point of view, she could see that her husband was the better fighter but every time he made an offensive move, he was beaten back because as he struck at Sutur, Thor would be burnt, in some ways Thor was beating himself! Sif was getting worried, as each attack commenced Thor became defensive, in the process he was loosing!

Sif turned to T’orston… "Make me and mine the size of Sutur, do it now, yield and ask no questions your mistress commands thee!" T’orston complied, he let the Will, the Word and the way flow from his mouth. Sir and the Wolves ran towards the Adversaries, getting bigger by the Pace…


Sutur’s Fingers melted through Thors garb, only a millimeter of air stood between Thors skin, and Sutur’s fingers. Both adversaries looked to their right as they both heard a swoosh implying that some thing was slicing through the air. They saw a woman of regal majesty brandishing a broadsword half way though it’s down stoke.

"Take thy hand off mine own husband you, who art less than a dung dropping of a beast of burden!" The last words were spoken as Sutur’s forearm is sliced through, hand and forearm flying into the distance!


The fire lord screamed in agony as he instinctively struck out with a bolt of force at the Mistress of the Harvest!

As the bolt of force stuck Sif she instinctively released the Sword from her hand. The sword dropped cutting into the ground so that it was hilt up, she was flung back from whence she came; at least she knew that before passing out!

As if on cue the Two wolves circled the wounded fire daemon. The Male Geri took the lead and the female followed; they attacked in concert. The wolves leaped at the chest of the child of destiny, knocking him off balance and like the tallest tree, ‘twas a hard fall. The wolves moved out of the way then continued the attack, meanwhile…

Thor rolled over having a hard time getting up, he was exhausted and his burnt hands didn’t help, ‘twas a sheer force of will that allowed Thor to stand! He looked to his wife; she was unconscious but no real harm done! He turned to the promontory looking at all these little white spheres of light coming to him, he sensed that the spheres were his own peoples!

Indeed they were for leading this unusual group of metaphysical beings was Thorolf, Roksva’s husband! The sphere passed through Thors chest passing through his body leaving Thors body less than complete! In Thors minds eye he heard Thorolf say "Thor, in whom men trust;" the sphere left his body going in an arc finally resting next to the unconscious Sif!

Thor was now barraged with the spheres, they were going through his body; again the spheres left a little of them-selves. Leaving, the spheres followed Thorolfs way; the spheres collected them-selves around Sif as if they were forming a protective Barrier.

The very passage of the "peoples of Thor through their master invigorated him, he willed his flesh to heal, he willed the Strength to return to his limbs, the only thing that was missing was his Hammer, he looked again to the promontory.

"Mjolnir, come hither, too your Masters hand as thou hast done for Eons as thou shalt for e’er more; he put his will behind the command!

Aye Ville was a thinking man alright, for he lay down and put his hands to his ears, Mjolnir was going berserk battering the sphere causing small fissures in its surface. Ville was watching this as the hammer stopped, turning in the direction of Thor, the hammer moved back, as far as it could go.

 The hammer started to rotate, slow at first but increasing its revolutions exponentially. The hammer became a blur as small streaks of lightning emitted from the hammer striking the surface of the sphere. In one Momentous movement the "Crusher" smashed its way out of the Sphere creating a thunderclap that was heard around the world…

 People would talk about this thunderclap because they thought they heard a Sigh!

 Sutur was having a hard time with the Wolves, he couldn’t connect. He used his force blast to no effect as the wolves ducked and avoided the blasts.

 During the fight with the wolves Sutur was able to meet his severed arm, he reacquainted himself with the arm! Within a moment he got the use of it again, now he was ready. He took a quick look at Thor seeing that he was recovering Sutur got to business!

The male made his first and last mistake; he tried to change in Mid-direction trying to mislead the Giant. The Wolf slipped and Sutur caught the wolf by the neck!

The female responded out of Love, she knew her mate that was about to die, for the male had stopped struggling! She anchored her razor sharp teeth on his newly aquainted arm trying to give her mate some respite, or at least die together!

Geri with his own sheer force of will distended his neck clamping his Jaws around the forearm of Sutur.

"Ah, Sutur shouted out in pain! Die Dog of Odin" as Sutur forced his will thought his hand! The male that was Geri diffused from this reality. The female released its hold on the Fire Daemon, she knew her pack mate had sacrificed himself.

Wolves are a pragmatic sort, she would mourn later, she retreated running too her mistress, she did what she could for her former Masters son now it was time to protect her mistress…


"It would seem that both of us have tempted fate, in doing so we have done nothing but forestall what may come! Odin let us remove our machinations, let the Fates decide!"

"Aye that I will, if thou let the destiny’s child be as he was!"

"As you would say Odin, ‘so you have said so shalt it be!’ Fates let the spinning wheel weave!"

The Fates nodded as the wheel began to weave! There wasn’t much twine left too weave!

"Kraka-Thoom!" Mjolnir broke through the sphere causing the sonic boom that felled every body in its wake save Thor and Sutur!

Sutur knew his temporary advantage was gone! He took this time to look for a weapon! Runding was still in the ground; Sutur made moves on it with stealth as Thor was in the throws of ecstasy because his hammer was returning to him!

Sutur placed his hands on the Sword of fable! The sword glowed white-hot realizing that the "would-be" user was evil at heart! The sword tried to burn the hand of Sutur, but how can a fire daemon be burnt?

"Well sword that is more than a sword, as valiant as thou art I do make thee in mine own image!"

The sword that was Runding became something else, as it’s essence was removed from its self. Runding died of a sort as its shiny pewter look was replaced by an oily black sheen, its form changed as well into that of Twilight, the fabled sword of destiny! Sutur looked at his old friend with glee, he felt whole again!

"Welcome home old friend, today is our day of destiny!" Sutur turned as the Hammer of Thor reached Thors hand! They faced each other!"

"‘Twould seem the Fates still weave the wheel Thunderer! ‘ ‘Twould seem the machinations of our fathers were for Naught, Oh well so be it! As before weapon for weapon, too the Victor goes the decision of creation!"

"I say thee nay, Daemon! Today Mjolnir shalt rest", as he puts Mjolnir though his belt loop! "Today shalt I fight you with my bare hands? Today shalt I vanquish the Scourge of creation?" In his minds eye he summons the Storm!

He created the Link! The Lightning and Thunder became one with their master, One single bolt of lightning hit Thor. Thor was infused with all the power than he had to command!

"’Tis Foolhardy to leave thyself defenseless Thunderer!" As Sutur focused his will through the sword!

"Have at thee, Sutur! Make it thine own best for as I get my hands on thee, thou shalt perish this day!

So he did, Sutur gave a continuous blast of Force through his sword; the fire engulfed Thor, but Thor moved on towards his foe; slowly at first but gaining momentum!

"Nay ‘tis impossible, no man or God can withstand the force of destiny?"

Yet Thor continued. The force blast Stopped as Thor punched Sutur in Mid-section. Sutur countered using Twilight in the traditional manner, raising the sword making an arc with a devastating down force… The Sword didn’t connect… Thor grabbed the fighting arm of Sutur, twisting it in a way that snapped the Limb! Twilight was released from Sutur’s hand, falling lifeless to the ground!

Only now did Sutur come to fear the Thunderer! He was disarmed; looking at the Thunderer his left eye was Bright red as if he was containing all of this world’s storm! He fought bravely but he was no match for the fighting skill of the Thunderer!

Every attack from the Lord of Muspelheim was countered easily, blocking and connecting. Sutur became merely a punching bag until Thor lifted Sutur o’er his head. Thor looked to the Skies…

"Hear yea destiny’s Father! All those Eons ago you gave Creation a purpose, dost thou think creation would give up? Just because you said so! I say thee Nay! Creation has it purpose, it has a will to live, let it be so! For the nonce shalt you have your child returned to you!

Thor arced his hands forward at the same time moved into a salutary position, one knee on the ground as the other jutted forward; by the shear force of momentum did Sutur’s back fold as he was stopped by Thors knee. There was a loud "CRACK" as Sutur’s back snapped!

All that Sutur could say before the life left him was "Damn you, Old man Thor!"


In the realm of Eternity, the adversaries watched, one smiled with pride and one was aghast!

 "My God what have I created?"

 "Eternity, thou hast done your job too well! Look at my son and see what you have created. Look upon his eyes and see his determination, for men placed their trust in Thor! Like then as now, that trust created the purpose for Thor, he needed to be believed in, again! In that moment did you loose!"

 "Aye eternity, one I hope to call "Friend," Thou dist thy job too well!"

 Odin looked to the Fates; the Wheel was full again. He smiled as the Fates winked at Odin! What an enigma they were!

 Thor looked to the Skies and called the Brothers of the Storm. "Yea have done well this day, for the Nonce rest till I command thee again." The brothers complied, they dissipated into nothing, but before they did, they told Hlorridi of the demise of the "Son of Stone." Thor was saddened by the news! He called for the Wanderer!

Concluded in Epliogue

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