Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey


Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

"I have one task for thee, Stone that once was mine! Take the remains of Sutur to his father, for the last door will be open to you now! From that time forward shall you have no master! Though you was a man made more, henceforth shalt you be responsible for thine own actions, thine own road is long and long!"

"My thanxs Ving-Thor, but I too have a last task! I am too pass on the "Odin power" too you, its rightful Heir!"

"I say thee nay, son that once was mine. Return the power to its rightful owner, methinks my father will have need of it! Fare yea well, may your journey be a short one!"

Thor used Mjolnir to reduce every body that was large, including himsel back to their normal size, including the dead Sutur! The Thunderer ran too the lady Sif.

The Mistress of the Harvest and the female wolf still embraced each other, consoling each other as Thor came nearer!

Sif was gladdened of Thors hands cupping her face looking at her, then kissing her!

"How fares thee, Milady?"

"Quite well heart of my heart considering?"

"Considering? Thou looks fine, no worse for wear since your battle? Thor was confused, but he did know Sif, when Sif answers a question with a question he knew there was a surprise in the Air?

"As Freki is with cubs so am I with Child," as the Harvest is reaped thou whilst have a girl child!"

Thor wavered as if he was felled by one of Sutur’s blows! Like all males, Thor became stupid with joy… All his senses left him, asking if there was anything he could do? Sif had to push him away and chastise him!

"Dost thou think me a waif, Husband o’ mine? Get thee gone, thou still have work to do! The Wander can take us back before he continues his Journey! Return to me as soon as thou canst!

"Yea unto him to tries to stop me from returning to mine own wife and Daughter Thrud!"

"Thrud, we shall see about her naming day whence thou returns! Get thee gone!

Thor waited as the wanderer created the portal that returned them to whence thou wert, before using his own form of transportation! "To the Grove Mjolnir!

"For the life of me thou art stubborn." Roksva said to the delegation, they had moved away from the "Oldest Oak" the resting-place of Thorolf! She was too continue but she was interrupted as a bolt of lightning stuck the Oak and Thorolf!

The Oak was undamaged but Thorolf was gone, only to be replaced with a pile of ashes! Thor landed next to the oak, took in his surroundings nodded to Roksva and the queen, then placed his attention on Thorolf!

Thor cut his finger with a paring knife and let a drop of blood fall onto the ashes. He waved the sacred hammer over the ashes whist saying a few incomprehensible words.

As with his father before him Thorolf was reanimated, all that was left was for Thorolf to receive was the breath of life!

Thor was about to Thump Thorolfs chest and give him life, when a hand was placed on Thors shoulder! Thor looked around and saw that all the ascendant Gods were present.

Thor looked to the "Son of the thee." No words were uttered but Thor nodded, he moved away slightly as the Gods touched Thorolfs' forehead in turn, each saying.

"A life given, a life returned!"

The delegation went to there knees as their Gods passed by Thorolf! Each God said the same thing; they went to their respective "Child" placing their hands on the "Child’s" forehead, muttering something that only they could hear! The respective Gods disappeared into their own realms except the Son of the Three!

Thor brought forth the Breath of Life as he thumped the Chest of Thorolf! Thorolf took his first breath, the breath that marked him as the same but different!

Thorolf was conscious again! He got up seeing where he was! All he said was…

"I see you were successful, my lord!" Thorolf smiled

"Aye that I was and glad am I of your return. Take note son O’ stone, ne’er presume to exalt thy station, Aye thou art special ‘mongst men, but a God thou art not… Yet, that is! Get thee gone son O’ mine this journey has ended, though there are many yet to come, take thy charge return these peoples to their respective Countries."

"Aye that I will, My thanxs for what thou hast done, I think?" He took the delegation out of the grove!

"What say you Roksva… will it work?" Thor said.

"Mayhap Ving-Thor! Within them is the seed of understanding, mayhap indeed!"

Good, then get thee gone! Your Husband awaits for thee In Asgard! She disappeared without a moment’s thought!

Jesus and Thor were all that were left in the Grove.

"My thanks to you Thor!" Jesus said.

"Thou art worth it, son of the three! In the days henceforth yours and mine own peoples will progress! Thou art good for the peoples of Midgard, let us make sure ‘twill be that way for long and Long!"

 Jesus nodded as they clasped forearms in the traditional manner and asked one more question.

 "Are you still planning to go fishing with me tomorrow?"

 "Does a Silver pike catch the beams of the morning Sun? Aye I will be there, nothing canst stop a good bout of fishing!"

 Again Jesus nodded before he left! Thor left the Grove hopefully to the open arms of his comely wife, whilst outside the grove…

 Thorolf gave over the responsibility for the delegation to the chief. The chief had made the arrangements for the transportation of the religious heads also keeping at bay the media! Thorolf nodded and smiled at his chief for he was glad to see him again.

 They did have their moment of solitude and that conversation was private. At the 49th pace the "Eagle who sees all" was waiting for Thorolf…

 Within the hour the Grove was silent again!

 T’orston opened the last door that was barred to him, he passed into the Hol of Eternity carrying destinies child, he received his welcome from Eternity and Odin as they were Re-stacking the chess pieces!


"Ah! Good the Fodder of creation is here; the new universe can be created now! What are the stakes now Odin? No wait, think on this for I have a little task that I have too attend too, I’ll be back in a moment!"

 Odin, frowned as Eternity left the hall, he looked at the spinning wheel, he thought he saw a black thread being woven into the weave of life! He could have been mistaken though! Well there is plenty of time to see what will go on! Odin placed his attention on the Wanderer!

 "What say you, he who was Thors stone?"

 "I have come to return what was given! Your Son thought it best considering what may yet happen! He spoke the word and Odin received his gift!"

 Eternity walked down a dark and dingy hallway, after a moment he stopped at a door and unlocked it! In the room was a form that was crouched in a fetal position, the form looked at Eternity and spoke!

 "Hasn’t my punishment been enough? Are you not satisfied with the punishment given, is that why you have to come here personally?"

 "Would you like to leave?" Eternity said!

 "To what purpose." The form said.

 "Balance, creation needs a balance that’s all!" Eternity walked out of the room leaving the Door open.

 Loki, Laufreys Son wasted no time. He left his dungeon that was called oblivion, without looking back!


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