Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 1: No Choice!

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

I’ve just cremated my father, I’m eighteen years old and all I can think of is that I’m all-alone! My mother passed away when I was born, because of me! My Father has gone to the "place that Thor knows so well" but what of Thor? What did he mean "Come to the Grove at the Last All-thing, what does he want me to do?"

 My mood got darker like my room as the Time went by!

 I’m in my room though it is dark and the people of the tribe surround me, they will respect my mourning so why do I hear footfall at the other-side of the door?" There was a knock, muted but definitely a knock. The person didn’t wait for acknowledgement. The light shone through the Door allowing me to see who it was! The chief was standing there just looking at me, how ironic that his name means "the Eagle who sees all." In his hand was a parchment, he walked over Saying nothing but holding out his hand in a gesture for me to take it, so I did! The chief did two things, he affectionately put his hand on my head like a father would do with his own son and then he said. "Prepare yourself it is time for your wanderings to begin: come see me before you go, for as your Father ended his Quest in this world, yours is about to begin!" As he left with closing the door I was in total darkness again. Being stubborn I delayed my obvious reaction; to read the Letter my father had given me. A moment of time passed, a span of which I know not, I got off my Cot and opened the windows, Squinting as I did. With that he started to read the parchment, standing up but shortly thereafter he sat down because of a lump in his throat and his wobbling knees!

 "My son if you are reading this then I have passed on to "the place that Thor knows so well!" Where do I start my son? For an ending surely has a beginning, you know of my beginnings as surely you know of my ending (in this plain of reality) at least. But where do I start with your beginnings? Hlorridi himself told me to go to the Land of plenty with Ericson and from there I wandered though the Americas.

 In my long-lived Life I had many Sons and Ordinary they were, don’t get me wrong, they were all special too me! Every one of them were but they were not gifted like you or I. For years I thought my Lot in life was to produce someone special, someone who can continue my work. This thinking was flawed for as I got older there was a purpose to my life a purpose that allowed me to observe many peoples and those people amassed in this great country that you live in now but I digress lets get to your beginnings.

You have been borne for a purpose, as was I. In this I will advise you. This time you are now in requires more than Intuition or instinct, in that you have both but you need more. Be one with your peers, your peers are the Leaders of this World. Learn their laws, become prominent be close to those leaders, there you will have access to do what is necessary, For there is a necessity! In this I will tell you for what I have gathered or guessed at. I was made to be Thors Link between his realm and his Mother "Earth." Hence my name "Thors Stone. You might ask why? Though out mans history there have been many Gods and for a period of time they become ascendant because of the peoples that believe in those Gods. As time goes by or as the peoples themselves change, so do the Gods. The Gods are replace by new God(s) and the Mantle is passed. At he end of the last millennia, or just before Thor passed on the Mantle to Christ, the "Son of the Three", at that moment Hlorridi should have gone to Bilskirnir and have no influence on this Earth to live for time immemorial in the place he knows so well. It didn’t happen that way, Thorolf and Roksva helped with the conversion of the "Heathens" to Christianity, and Man has progressed rapidly under the guidance of the "Son of the Three." Yet why was I made or remade? I should have died at the Grove, I did die but I was remade to what purpose I thought! Thor needed to have a link as I have said but why that link? Why must Thor still be around when the "Son of the Three" is doing a Good job? Why as yet I do not know but in the Future, mayhap! One thing is certain, the second Millennia is around the corner and what ever problem arises, as surely as my ashes were scattered to the winds, will this problem be linked to the Last All-thing.

 So now starts your journey, Leave the tribe and start your new education. Go to the "Eagle, who sees all," he knows what to do. Lastly my son, I have never said it but I hope my actions have shown that I have loved you with all my heart. I will say it now; of all my sons I have had, I loved you the most, be steadfast my son, you will be tested for long and long, for in that I know you will do well. "Well met" my son, it is time for you to begin your journey!

 The boy didn’t cry when his father left him or when he was dust but now the parchment was wet. Where the drops of dew touched the paper the ink began run. It took him a while to realize the drops of dew was from himself, he smiled and said to himself "I love you dad," he said. He got up and looked around, taking a last look at the place of no import. His possessions were few and he had them on him. A moment of hesitation passed before the Match left his hand; it flew though the air and landed on the bed. The Kerosene took hold of the flame; the growing flame was like a magnet to the young man. He was pulled out of the trance when the "Eagle who sees all" put a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and wiped the streaks of tears away from his face.

 "Come" was all the man said,

They walked away as the tribesmen stood around the Flaming hut, they didn’t stop the hut from burning, however, and they prevented the flame from reaching the other huts.

A time for a new beginning was in the air; they could smell it and they respected that new beginning. The path of the Young warrior had begun and so the Chants had started what an eerie sound it was! The chief’s bivouac was spacious and the "eagle" gestured for the young man to be at ease. The young man didn’t; he respected the man too much, to stand was a sign of respect or so the young man thought. The Old man nodded and out of a chest he produced a sachet that he handed to the Young man.

"I knew your father from the time I was a little boy and from my father and my fathers father I was told stories about him, an extraordinary man! A good man was he! A man of purpose, and a man of compassion; he showed "US" the way to governing our selves. Of all the things that he stressed, the most fundamental was the right of self-determination. The "white–man" thinks he got the best of the Accords but we achieved our principal goal. We were left alone to follow the right of Self-determination.

When I became to the age of reason did he and I make arrangements for this day. In this sachet is all you need for the future, mark it well and be wise in the decisions you make. You have been raised with all that you need to start your future, from now on though it is up to you!"

"Be well Son of Stone, your journey begins. At the Journeys end will I be there to meet you again." It was a dismissal. Outside the Chiefs’ Bivouac the Tribesmen were chanting and walking toward him, a young girl handed him a package and quickly ran away saying naught. The tribesmen surrounded him; waves of people pushed the young man away from his village. As he moved, or forced, would be more appropriate; to the boundary of the village and in doing so each to a man fanned out in a circle around that Village. The impression was quite obvious, he could not return until his journey ended. So whether he wanted it or not the Journey had begun.

Continued in Chapter 2: Gateway from Another World

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