The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter I

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

On a "high-top" overlooking the Atlantic stands a figure facing into the storm that's yet to come. Contemplative is her stance: Staring out over the ocean as if, seeing beyond the horizon, knowing no seeing what is yet to come.


It is Thorsday in the year of 948AD (as the Christians count). Sixty years ago did the settlers flee from Olaf and Harold. Flee did they from religious persecution and oppression of their king and his son. The king's Son who became king, Harald was his name, a covetous king was he, his property that is what he saw them as; and property lost can be regained, so doing he did follow and a battle ensued. Iceland became part of the Danish Empire with one proviso; independent governorship and the governors were the "Law-Givers," Twelve in number and the Laws introduced or amended was during the "All thing."

That was then and this was now because another threat looms over the Horizon. Over the Years the "Oirish have settled in this land and for the most part they have been quiet, they have settled and obeyed our laws. To this point comes the concern, Christian missionaries are coming to take what is theirs. The "Oirish like ourselves are called "Heathens" the missionaries are coming to save these poor demented peoples, will the minions of Christ try to save us, the "Lander's of Ice."

These were the thoughts Roksva had. Deep in thought was she when she was interrupted by the "Sender," a young man whose whole purpose was to pass information from one "Law-giver to another." She knows what he is going to say regarding Thorolf and the preparation of the "All-Thing." Thorolf is the Lawgivers, Lawgiver and Roksva his wife, his "witch wife a seeress a woman of measure.

The young man sees his quarry, he waits for her to acknowledge him, and it's best that way for it is ill advised to anger her. She is a woman of powerful Majiks and high renown. Her manner is as changeable as the weather itself and since his wrath is god given from Hlorridi (Thor) himself It is best not to provoke her, just deliver his message and begone.

"I see you, Sender" Roksva said. "If you are to advise me of the All-thing, I'm well aware, if so, leave me to my deliberation."

"Yes in part that is my message but Seeress be under advisement the Law-givers are under council regarding a Christian abbot arriving at a shores with a conclave of minions."

The latter brought shock to her countenance. "So soon?" she asked.

He nodded and continued.

"Like the settlers, the 'Oirish' are hunted as we were. The Law-givers are under council debating, will the conclave of minions stay and try to convert us to their beliefs? Apparently the Dane king has given permission to land at our home."

In her dreams Hlorridi appeared many seasons ago, saying this would happen, a battle would ensue, "be prepared Roksva," Thor said. That was all no direction, just a statement. From that time henceforth she has kept her vigil.

She recounted her dream whist she had her senses. It was well known ploy "'mongst the wise" to pause before answering at least It made you seem to be wise. She turned her attention to the young man.

"I'll need a consort to cover the travails to the Grove." The Senders' face went white; all the blood went to his feet thinking about the Grove.


Thorolf himself brought the acorns and logs to make the temple and grow the Grove. The acorns after many years took hold and grew only in the grove! Nowhere else did the 'corns take hold, this is Thors' sanctuary and since that time only Thorolf and the Seeress can gain entrance to the grove.

Since that time the grove was known as "Thors' blessing" because they didn't grow anywhere else, oaks are not indiginus to Iceland. Only at times of import did Thorolf seek sanctuary at the grove, Roksva however came here all the time for what nobody knows. Since the time of Olaf "the good" sacrilege of destroying the temple of Uppsala and other temples, anybody not pure of heart will be struck by the "Thunderers" wrath. Streaks of fire pass from Asgard to Midgard killing anybody within fifty paces of the grove.

A Rune stone marks the first pace. What does she intend to do he wondered? Concern for himself showed via his comportment, she realized.

"It is time you realize your weyrd, son of Anar, son of Erik, son of Birth (Bjorn)." Roksva said.

"By the bristling Beard of Thor, I whilst do as thou wishes, perchance my life will have meaning, a boon is it not?"

"Or a Bane" with that she smiled as his countenance worsened. For five leagues did she walk? Would not she ride aback the beast of burden, so he was compelled to walk apace with her.

At the rune of forty-nine paces she made the sign of his; that is Thors' rune, "the embodiment of that power from the past to the present." as they walked lightning hit the ground not ten paces from him.

At this point did the Sender take her arm? The lightning continued and his hair continued to rise above his head. Roksva was untouched, he felt his skin tingle and become animated all by itself.

Within the grove a presence was noticed, the bird were quiet, no wind sang forth though the trees. He looked around; an Erie place was this he thought. At the bottom of each tree did Toadstools grow and large were they.

Now did the wind pickup ruffling the stools and the spores were in the air. He knew not how his head became light, he knew not how he saw flecks in his eyes, he knew not how his ears became to buzz; his last thought was of how Roksva would punish people this way, yet she had done nothing as he started to rage too berserk, not in control of his emotions was he.

His eyes saw a bur at the edge of sight, the blur became a man albeit a large one, a giant, a man of prime with a red Beard, a winged helmet and a "War hammer" hanging at his waist. Thrice did things happen, his rage abated, he questioned himself, he questioned his sanity, and at once he was at peace.

The young man's inner self knew peace. This was good because for all his desires he couldn't move as the giant put his hand on Roksva forehead. He held the War hammer at arms length.


Was this Mjolnir the thought?

Roksva held out her hands and placed them on the War Hammer. The gesture was ceremonial as she kissed the Hammer. Roksva and the "Man" he thought was Thor were talking; he heard naught. He noted or so he thought his perception of time was corrupted did a minute pass or an hour he knew not.

The conversation Roksva had with Thor disturbed her, all he said was the confrontation would be brief and a surprising outcome. All she thought of was, what the surprise will be.

Time passed "Anew" Thor turned and paid his attention to the sender as he said.

"as of the morrow thou shalt return, bring naught thy weapon only thyself and thy vestige. Ask not thy questions; vault them instead till the morrow for thy questions will be answered henceforth.

Continued in Chapter II

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