Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey


Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

T’orston died in Nineteen Sixty-two, or so he thought! On his release from the Mortal plane Thor took his spirit to the "place he knew so well," it was no exaggeration that the palace far exceeds his fathers. Even the Aud-father himsel said it was so!

 The "change" as is it known has different meanings to the people who have passed through. One thing is common though, what you did in your physical life you will continue to do in the "Place he knew so well." What was not too common was how you dealt with the change. T’orstons’ life was well documented by the "Other" but It seemed to him his long life was a precursor to the life that is yet to come, for he was the possessor of the Will, Word and the Way, a Skald, an observer and a helper when the situation demanded!

 For T’orston the change renewed him, gave him that purpose in life that he lost in the last of his days. From the First Hol he entered to the five hundred and fortieth, he had an intuitive grasp of what was needed. Each room had a purpose, each room distinctly different from the others. The smithies, the farmers, the Laborers, all working with a purpose to a common goal they knew not. His grasp was Intuitive not instinctive so he had work to do and for that the First step was to see Hlorridi himsel.

 He knew where to go. Steadfast was he, he had a purpose and he knew that he would be allowed to do so! The Doors were massive though not guarded. He pushed and was amazed how easy they where to open. Beyond the doors there were three rooms, the private quarters a lounge and a study. In the Lounge Was the Fair lady Sif, a Beautiful Woman, he corrected his thought, a Goddess was she! The stanzas that made reference to her and did her no justice, her long flowing hair to the rose bud lips was beyond what the Skalds could describe! The Stanzas made reference to her vacancy and vanity but one look into those Eyes told a story that it wasn’t so! She was sitting in a chair reading a manuscript; very intent on the words it seemed.

 "Welcome T’orston, Welcome to Bilskirnir, the Hol of Hlorridi himsel." "By thy thine own Visage thou hast come to this abode on a matter of Import?" "Are mine own assumptions correct, stone of Thor."

 "Yes Milady." His assessment was correct; nothing it seemed passed those Eyes. Her eyes moved in the Direction of the hallway to the right. Shortly thereafter T’orston heard footfall and then a muted conversation by two people. Thor entered the Room with Thialfi and the conversation was cut short. Thialfi was asked for relief and Thor nodded. Thialfi looked at T’orston as he walked by. T’orston couldn’t take a measure of the look so he put it aside.

"I bid thee welcome O’ stone O’ mine. Let us repair to mine own Study." It was a directive and T’orston complied, he did notice a look that passed between Thor and his Wife. ‘Twas a look of familiarity, one of love all-rolled-into-one. T’orston was embarrassed, he felt like a voyeur catching a tender moment.

 He walked into the "Study," low and behold it was full of books, he was surprised and it showed for he scanned the Room. On Thors desk was a small book called "Faster than light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics."

 Thor had a hearty laugh, he was laughing at T’orstons’ expense, he muttered something to the extent of (between the Laughing) "they always have the same reaction, they think they know there God so well" and then the continuance of the laughing. Thor settled down and asked, "is that how you see me, a Dullard, a thick witted wooly headed God?"

 "Nay Sire, not at all, though I was caught by surprise. ‘Tis strange indeed seeing a God doing human things."

 "Aye ‘twould seem an odd thing to do, mayhap thou are correct. Notwithstanding one can glean how the peoples of Midgard are progressing." ‘Twould that be the whole truth then this would all be for naught! The peoples of Midgard have so much potential yet they have become so destructive, Oh how I long for the Olden days of yore! He sighed. Their books say one thing and their actions state another! His mood changed immediately. Thor motioned for T’orston to take a seat at the bench nearest the fire! T’orston complied.

 It’s funny that T’orston saw the birth of Television and yet when he let his mind go the images that the Fire conjured were far beyond the images that the Television could produce. He was brought out of his trance when a bright white light started to grow to the Left of Thor and Coalesced into the shape of a man. He had seen this Vision before and his beliefs were confirmed when the "Son of the Three" recognized him after saying his formal greetings to Thor.

 "Blessed be the Stone of Thor!" T’orston nodded humbly. "If you will forgive my forced entrance but you will have to take your leave, for matters of great import must be discussed. T’orston looked at Thor and took his leave. As he walked out Sif Nodded as she passed by. In the Hallway he heard four Words and they were "What are you planning?" So he left to verify his intuition was correct, to learn and plan, for he knew from those four words something will yet happen.

Continued in Chapter 1: No Choice!

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