Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 5: Out of the Frying Pan Into...

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Through the Cloud did he leap a leap of faith so to speak? T’orston was human, a human that became something else more than a thousand years ago! His God turned him into something else, renewed of sorts. His purpose then was to be Thors Link to Midgard… To be a Wanderer and keeper of Odins Word! He was made of Majiks and when he died, he continued to be something more. All his aspects became one for the man was made of Majiks, he could smell directions of the Realms of Beings greater than we?

So he took a leap of faith because he had faith in his God. Through the Cloud did he go into a place he knew instinctively? It was a place of conjunction, a continuum of sorts. From the continuum he could hear every thought, see every sight, and know every direction. In front of him and behind where doors to every realm of existence. He experimented for this place holds no respect for time! All the doors gave him access bar one! He knew where that door would take him and he knew this door would allow him access one day. He started to pace in a circle not knowing another had entered the continuum.

"How fairs thee Stone of my son, Carrier of the Word! Say the word and all will be well!"

Several things happened without his consent. First he turned around to see the Father of his God and second, Automatically he chanted the Words of the Scald, the Words of Odin himsel. With the Chants did Odin become a solid, Odin was renewed and full of vigor!

T’orston Didn’t kneel but he did show the sign of respect and he acknowledged Odin. "I fair well, Father of my God and you?"

"Time comes to us all eventually and ‘tis my time to move on to the next phase of my life, ‘tis though that door o’er there, the one and only door that thou art barred from… for now! Mayhap you will visit me someday, since you can go anywhere at will?"

It seemed the sky father was vexed for a moment that one of his son’s subjects could do this instinctively. Odin waived a hand and T’orston immediately went into a comatose state! Odin spoke the word, words that could not be heard by morals but the last few could be understood, they were "Remember what I have said and you will know the time to use them! Tell my son that I am proud of him, Aye proud I am for he did exceed all my expectations, more so he is a Son that I have loved. No father is prouder than I, tell him when you see him."

At the final word T’orston came out of it ands said without commotion "I will Aud father, So you have said so shall it be! At the appropriate time shall the essence that once was "You" shalt go to your son and Heir! So I have said so shall it be!"

Odin Nodded "On that note shall I follow my purpose, I’ll take my leave of you, the Stone that once was Thors’! Fair thee well for I sense your purpose lies in that direction." Odin pointed to his right, T’orstons’ eyes followed where the hand pointed and nodded in agreement. Before leaving Odin Smiled he muttered to himself, "faith is the realm of the humans, who do the Gods have faith in? Mayhap I will find out, may he who looks down upon me give me a favorable moment." With that he followed his purpose.


T’orston had a moment of reflection remembering everything that Odin did to him when he was held against his will. T’orston was disappointed with Odin, for he would gladly have done it with his own free will, he would have volunteered the task that Odin had for him. Mayhap Odin was desperate! Therefore his actions were rash, he did want to think the best of Thors father, thinking of him in a good light, rather than the Manipulator he was supposed to be!

Little did T’orston realize that Odin has probably saved his life, mayhap the events will unfold as they should, then and only then will know what Odin has done!

So he went to the Door that would take him elsewhere. He recognized the smell; the sulphurous smell is distinctive, nowhere in the nine worlds could smell like this! The temperature suddenly got hot, very hot indeed!

Continued in Chapter 6: When in Rome...

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