Hlorridi's Gamble
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter 8: "You’re a better Man than I"… "Oblivion has no responsibilities!"

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Shaitan looked at the Sleeping babe! That babe was sleeping on the Throne of Odin, the babe had no care in the world because the way T’orston was sleeping reflected his current state of mind! Shaitan came here to destroy T’orston but he paused because there was an inner conflict with the Loki persona! Loki’s persona told him to dispatch T’orston immediately but Shaitans Vanity won the Battle, he wanted T’orston to Know who dispatched him! Loki went back into the recesses of Shaitans mind shaking his head and calling him a fool!

 Shaitan coughed into a balled fist! T’orston woke up quickly and on guard.

"You are a distraction! I know not what your intentions are but I cannot have distractions, so Good-bye! Where you are going there is no return, only oblivion! Say Good-bye too what you know because there will be no "You," where you are going!

With a twist of Shaitans wrist he cast the Spell!

T’orston gathered the "Will, Word and the Way" instinctively, the shield was produced with no time to spare!

T’orstons shield wasn’t impervious to the "Blackness" that wrapped around him! The "Blackness" leeched though his shield, so doing it went though his body to his very soul!

T’orston knew nothing for in the beginning he had no sensory input, that only lasted a second because the onslaught started! The despair, hopelessness, and Anguish started their assault. T’orston sensed the danger and responded in like kind!

From the Outside Shaitan observed as the spell gained momentum. The Sheet gathered around T’orston, He saw the man fight, ‘twas a good fight indeed! Most people only lasted seconds; they gave in to the Hopelessness! They all succumb in the end! However the fighting stopped for a moment…

T’orston fought valiantly, but the "Blackness" confidence was gaining because every time T’orston made his counter attack he lost ground to his own hopelessness! He knew he was loosing the Battle, he called out to the "Blackness." "Wait" he said! "Show me what there will be if I give up!" ‘Twas a ruse, T’orston was stalling for time!

The "Blackness" complied! It gave a masterful performance, as good as Olivier! It would have won an Oscar if this had anything to do with Films!

T’orston watched in Ernest as the images took hold! There was a mighty battle that was for sure! Thor was lying on the Ground with a hole in his chest going through the "Throws of a Gods Death!" There was Sutur holding Thor’s Heart examining it at first then eating it! Once sated, Sutur held out his hand and pointed his Thumb at the ground. With a flowing movement he turned his wrist though 180 degrees whilst raising his hand to the Sky! With that hand signal the ground split asunder and magma flowed out of the Rent with a purpose! T’orston was physically lifted from the ground into the sky and the images got smaller. As he passed Sutur’s head, the Elemental looked at him and laughed! Eventually the magma covered the Earth, destroying everything in its wake.

The animal kingdom became extinct along with its top predator… Mankind!

The Images lost their cohesiveness and the "Blackness" took its Place, so doing it called to T’orston. "That is the way it will be, this is how destiny will play its course! What is the point of continuing? Why you have had a long life and a short death! Why don’t you go to Sleep, It’s better this way, for the other way is more painful!"

The "Stone of Thor" considered it! Within the very core of his being he willed the inevitable for oblivion has no responsibilities! The Door way of Oblivion was opened, he started to walk though but out of the "nothing" came a single white light! He was distracted and so was the "Blackness." The Thoughts were pure, of hope and determination! His soul was renewed; he had a purpose, the incentive to live; for life, whatever life you had was precious! He saw what the "Blackness was: an Illusion, the antithesis of life itself!

The blackness recoiled from the onslaught, it shied away from the first light and more so from the Light emanating from T’orstons Soul, a very bright light indeed!

T’orston saw the opportunity and Gathered the "Will, Word and the Way" directing it to the Very core of the "Blackness." The filth peeled away from his body in one clean movement!

Shaitan knew the time had come, the Wanderer had given up hope, T’orstons self doubt had caused his demise. The "Blackness and T’orston were passing through the door of Oblivion, only moments now!

From an observers point of view the "two" were becoming translucent becoming nothing in this world! Just before the point of intangible the "Two" became solid again, within the center of T’orston came a bright light it intensified. The "light" ripped the "Blackness" off T’orstons body causing the "blackness" to be a puddle of Goo on the ground, midway between the opponents!

Shaitan was in shock, this had never happened before! The shock was only for a moment, Shaitan tried to make the next move, but he couldn’t. All he could do was look at his hands. His hands, then his body had a golden Halo around it, he knew what was happening and looked to his left. His assumption was correct because the "Son of the three" was right there next to him.

T’orstons sense came to him, first the Olfactory, then sight and last of all his hearing! He gathered the "Will, word and the way" but he didn’t release because the Son of the Three had the Daemon bound! He relaxed a little!

"Lucifer, accept what you are and you can go home" Jesus said!

Shaitan screamed, "Don’t call me that! I am not what I was not now, not ever!"

"But you can, let me show you the way and you can be what you once were! Jesus was very compelling! "That being is still within you, accept what you are and you can go home for we miss you!"

Shaitan started to remember what he was so doing his body started to change. He contorted, he feet became hooves, his Mandibles protruded, the process continued!

He looked at himself and saw the changes that were happening, back to the way he once was; he almost accepted. He screamed he couldn’t accept what he was; the process stopped.

T’orston realized what Shaitan was, Shaitans vanity could not accept what he was so he changed into what he thought he should be! An Illusion, that’s what the Daemon was, a sham! The Wanderer released the "Will, Word and the Way" to complete the Change/reversion in the Daemon.

Jesus gave T’orston a scornful look but didn’t interfere!

Shaitan looked to the Wanderer because he knew his former master would not be so cruel. He gave a look to the wanderer that said he would not accept what he once was, for his vanity would not let him, ‘Twas his Illusion, he doubted what he could become!

The "Blackness was nearly dead, if you could call it that but it sensed self doubt in the immediate vacinity. Like a leopard that was starving and knew that this would be its last hunt before it perished, the "Blackness" leaped onto Shaitan, so doing it gained strength with a rapidity it never knew before! The "Blackness" opened the door to oblivion and Shaitan walked though willingly. The Daemon had three thoughts, two his own and the Other was not, they were.


"Oblivion has no responsibilities!" Loki’s persona took a more animated nature; "You fool, You Wooly headed Miscreant! My doddering Nephew has Won, Faugh! Mayhap thou art incorrect, dissembling one! Shaitan became one with Oblivion!

Jesus was angry with T’orston, the tone of voice said it all! "I showed you the "Way" and you used it to the fullest extent. He was a lost Soul and lost souls should be rescued. He needed to accept what he was, only then would he have come home!"

"I questioned intervening; what say you? Should I intervene in the future?

"Nay, oh Holy one! ‘ ‘twould seem to go against your principals, inasmuch leave it be! Let the Fates decide after all we do have the right of self-determination! We all have too be responsible for our actions, let it be and judge us accordingly! Think me not as a callous miscreant for I thank thee for yon actions! Fare yea well "Son of the Three" for you are a better "Man" than I."

Jesus nodded, he understood but didn’t agree though he let it be! Before leaving he replied to the Wanderer. "Fare yea well, thou art responsible for thine own actions, so have you said, so shall it be! ‘ ‘Twas and Old Norse saying!

T’orston replied as Jesus became a point of light. "Let mine own soul be judged by my actions for I will be the man that I am!"

Out of nowhere came the Word "Precisely!" T’orston didn’t know how to answer that.

Continued in Chapter 9: "How Fares The Wailing Wall?"

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