The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter IV

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick


Thor looked over the Charred remains of the sender's body. The bones should have been calcified they were not however. The bones were picked clean, not a morsel of tendon left. A clump of ash was neatly placed to the right of center within the chest cavity. Red Beard laid a hand on the skeleton, his other hand held Mjolnir, he made a couple of passes over the body and muttered a chant that couldn't BE heard. The process was slow at first, the ash started to melt, in its place formed the vital parts of the body, Heart, lungs, pancreas, arteries, tendons, muscles, dermis and epidermis. Finally the hair and face formed the face was the same; the hair was not, a white blaze on the left side of his head. At this point the body was still exanimate.

Holding Mjolnir with his left the right hand thumped his chest. At that time Thor blew the breath of life into the Senders body. A single "bump thump" was heard from the body, a single spasm caught hold of the body AS It took in air. The rhythm of breathing and heartbeats became regular. After five minutes the sender opened his eyes.

Eventually the eyes became focused; the image he saw was of the "Thunder God." Thor reached for an arm and pulled the sender to his feet. The sender was unbalanced, It took time too regain his composure, Thor started to talk.

"Reborn anew AS thou art, the same ARE you yet different from whence thou wert." 'Tis a new name day and for that, shalt thou have a name. 'Tis T'orston, 'tis a good name for a man with a purpose. "Oh, and what is thy purpose, Vingthor, God of the skies T'orston said.

Thou shalt go forth, find "Erik's Son," attach thyself to himself. Thou shalt take a journey to a land of green and a land of plenty. At the Land of plenty shalt thou remain, sire sons with the natives and tell the words of the "Skald" to thy children."

"The words of the skald?" T'orston said. "Yea, but first you have to come to learn the language of mine own father, what has been passed from mine own father, so shall It BE passed to thine own self. At the last pace to the grove the spores released again, Thor waived his hands "begone, T'orston doth have no need of your dream makings any more."

They walked to the center of the grove 'tis a place of exclusivity, T'orston is the first. In the very center of the grove grew a stunted oak. It's branches and leaves matted to the SHAPE of a flat top. On the "table" two flagons of mead waited to BE consumed.

Time became confusing for T'orston again. Thor was talking and hypnotizing to boot! AS Thor talked parts of his mind started to fill in the gaps. He remembered every word AS if he had uttered these words all his life. The lessons continued and the flagons of mead refilled themselves, that was until a Bright flash of light fashioned itself next to Thor.

The image was obviously of a man, smaller in stature than Thor but his radiance permeated your ID. Peace and Tranquility flowed into your very bones. "Baldur, the shining one" T'orston said, Thor turned to T'orston and said "Thy thoughts ARE misplaced enow his bearing doth have a resemblance, No this is the "Son of the Three"." There was a tear in Thors' in each of his eyes because thoughts crashed though Thors' mind, reminding HIM of his best friend, Baldur the god of light.

The Son of the Three acknowledged T'orston "Blessed BE "Thors'-stone" please excuse yourself because time has come for the weather to follow its natural course, the Essence of time is upon us." Thor turns to T'orston and said "Keep thy thoughts to thyself 'tis council you want, call upon thee, 'tis all thou hast to do, know that for now."

"Take thy leave, repair thy stead for the task set upon you. T'orston took his leave, he didn't look back though he had many questions, many of those questions were based on what he had just learn'. Out of the grove did he go?"

Continued in Chapter V

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